This Rendition of ‘the Rattlin’ Bog’ Will Hit You Like a Tonne of Bricks [Listen]

This'll be on repeat for weeks

I came across a video of Clodagh McCarthy singing the Rattlin’ Bog 4 months ago and I’ve been playing it ever since.

It was a Saturday night and I was flicking through YouTube as a few of us sat around my living room, drinking, chatting and munching away.

We were taking turns at manning the music, and the torch had been thrust my way after a particularly painful playlist that was packed with Destiny’s Child and All Saints.

I was searching for a particular version of the song ‘the Rattlin’ Bog’ when I stumbled upon the one below…

Clodagh McCarthy and the Rattlin Bog wedding video that went viral

This is special.

The video was recorded in the early hours of the morning at an Irish wedding at Kilshane House, Co. Tipperary.

The rendition banged out Clodagh McCarthy is nothing short of mesmerising.

I’ve played this video around 40 times at this stage, and judging by the 50,000+ views it received when I popped it out on @InstaIreland, I’m not the only one tranxfixed by it.

Kick-back, hit play and bask in the brilliance of the video above.

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