This Video of a Basking Shark in West Cork is just… it’s… Watch it and you’ll know what I mean

west cork basking shark
By Ireland’s Wildlife Tours

Have you ever watched a video that gives your body a little jolt?

It starts with a prickly sensation in your fingers and climaxes with your breathing becoming slightly more labored than usual.

This video jolted me. Multiple times 😮😮

The lads at Ireland’s Wildlife Tours caught the mesmerising footage below of a magnificent Basking Shark swimming off the coast of West Cork.

Hit play and take some time to appreciate the fact that these stunning creatures can be found in our waters.

Hold on – what actually is a Basking Shark?

In late spring and early summer, one of the largest sharks in the world visits Irish waters.

The Basking Shark is the second biggest shark in the world, falling in at second place behind the Whale Shark.

These sharks are completely harmless, and feed off the plankton that’s found along the Irish coast.

Go on – hit play again, you know you want to!