You Can Stay In An Old-School Ringfort In Wexford And It Looks Absolutely Class

A lovely unique little base for exploring Wexford

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Hearing the word ‘Ringfort’ automatically transports me back to first year in secondary school. 

Sat in an uncomfortably warm classroom with a big thick history book plonked down on the table in front of me.

10+ years later and I still haven’t got a clue about what a Ringfort actually is but sure look, you can spend a night in one in Wexford and it looks class.

A grand aul ring fort where you can get cosy with friends

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I really want to touch the roof of this thing… Moving swiftly on…

This Airbnb offers people the chance to stay in a Medieval Ringfort which was common in Ireland 1500 years ago.

You’ll be laying your head in ‘The Farmers house’ and it’s here that you’ll experience life as it would have been for our ancestors in the time of the Druids.

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It looks pretty damn cosy inside, to be fair

The ringfort has been constructed with authentic materials that our ancestors would have used back in the day, like oak and ash trees for the roof and stone for the walls.

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It gets better

The Ringfort is set in the beautiful grounds of the Irish National Heritage Park.

You’ll have full access to the 35 acre park after it closes to the public, so you can explore the other sites at your own pace and eat by the outdoor fire in the evenings.

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How much a night will set you back

I chucked in a Saturday night in March to check the price. For a group of six, it works out at:

  • Total cost: €346
  • Cost per person: €58
  • Book a night here
  • Nab €30 off your first Airbnb stay with this code

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