This section is dedicated to making planning your trip stress-free (and enjoyable) 🍻

Planning a trip to Ireland can be a pain in the 🍑

It can. Especially if you've never been here before and you're struggling with things like mapping out your Ireland itinerary. There's a lot to see, after all! Below, you'll find everything you need to make planning your Irish adventure eaaaaasy!

Step 1: Things to know from the get-go 🎒

Before we get into the belly of planning a trip to Ireland, it's worth taking a few things into consideration.

Knowing when you're going to visit, what the weather in Ireland is like during the different seasons and where the various airports are will make step 2, the planning stage waaaay easier.

Take a few minutes to dip into the three guide below.

The best time to visit Ireland

The weather in Ireland by month

The best Airport in Ireland to fly into

How to get around Ireland

Step 2: Planning your trip 🗺️

OK, it's time to get planning. Whack open a spreadsheet or grab a notebook. This phase is going to take a while, but I've given you everything you need to plan your trip without the stress below.

An 11-step guide to planning your trip (without the stress)

How to map out the perfect itinerary without the hassle

Things to know before you visit (that'll save you time + money)

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Step 3: Tips for saving money

Ireland can be expensive... very expensive. But it doesn't have to be. Below, you'll find everything from doing Ireland on a budget and how to claim a VAT refund to the brilliant Heritage Card and the very handy Dublin Pass.

How to do Ireland on a budget

How to save big with a Heritage Card

How to get a VAT refund on some of your purchases

How to save big on Dublin's top attractions

Step 4: Useful things to know

Finally... says you! Some useful things to know before you visit. You'll find everything from guides to Irish culture and Irish traditions to tipping in Ireland and our drinking laws below!

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