You + 3 Friends Can Rent This Unusual Lodge In Wicklow For A Night In August For €39 P/P

outside view
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If you’ve spent any time in the where to stay section of this site you’ll know that we like odd/quirky/unique accommodation.

However, only a handful of the places that we’ve featured over the years have been as unusual as this lodge in Wicklow.

Few places have also been as friendly on the bank account (more on this below).

This place sleeps 4 and it’s a stone’s throw from many of Wicklow’s top attractions. The reviews (there’s currently 458 of them) are also insanely good!

A beautifully restored gate lodge in the Vale of Avoca

the outside of the lodge
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If you and a couple of friends are after a very unique getaway that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this place should tickle your fancy.

It works out at LESS THAN €40 per person per night (more on the price at the end) and places to stay rarely come as unique.

You’ll find this beautifully restored gate lodge/mini castle tucked away in the Vale of Avoca in County Wicklow.

It’s a handy 4km from the buzzy town of Avoca and just 3km from Avoca village. It’s also a nice base for those of you looking to explore Wicklow.

Cosy spaces to chill after a day spent exploring

inside the gatelodge
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gardens at the Avoca Gatelodge

Now, although the exterior of this Airbnb looks like something whipped from a land that time forgot (and I mean that in the best way possible), the interior is nice and comfy.

Some castles to rent in Ireland are medieval inside and out, which means you’ll be sat with your teeth chattering away in the evening as you try and dodge the cold.

This gate lodge looks nice and cosy on the inside. There’s even a lovely little wood-burning stove that you can fire up during the colder months.

If you rock up here when the weather is good, there’s a lovely, finely-manicured garden where you can kick back with a beer or a coffee.

Take a video tour of the lodge

This is very handy. The host has popped together a little video that shows what the inside of the lodge is like.

Bang the play button above if you fancy having a little nosey around inside (make sure to turn your volume right up, too!).

How much a night will set you back

I’ve popped in a Saturday night in August (available at the time of writing) for 5 friends sharing. Here’s how much it works out at:

  • Total: €157
  • Total per person: €39.25
  • See more or book a night here
  • If you use the link above we’ll make a tiny commission that goes towards the running of this website and you won’t pay anything extra (cheers if you do – it’s appreciated!)

See more unique accommodation in Ireland

view from the kitchen area

In the where to stay section of our site, you’ll find a heap of different places to stay in Ireland that’s suitable for a group of friends.

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