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10 Places Pouring The Best Cocktails In Galway In 2024

10 Places Pouring The Best Cocktails In Galway In 2024

The topic of the best cocktails in Galway City causes a fair bit of debate online. And for good reason.

While we spend most of our time on this focusing on the various trad pubs in Galway, the city’s cocktail scene has gone from strength-to-strength in the last 10 years.

And, we recent additions like the excellent Galway City Distillery now in full swing, there’s plenty of choice if you fancy a finely assembled drink.

Where to find the best cocktails in Galway

Hyde Bar Cocktail

Photos via Hyde Bar on FB

One or more of The Irish Road Trip Team have sampled the wares in each of the cocktail bars in Galway listed below.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from the brilliant Buddha Bar and the popular Hyde Bar to some of the newest spots for cocktails in Galway City.

1. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar

Photos via Buddha Bar on FB

Nestled on Mary St, amidst a host of popular eateries, Buddha Bar the perfect setting for a great night out.

Just next door to their partner, the Asian Tea House Restaurant, Buddha Bar is a more casual and relaxed joint for those seeking to mix classy drinks with tempting plates.

The friendly and knowledgeable in-house mixologists are happy to recommend a mouth-watering cocktail or two as you sit down at the bar or at one of the nearby tables.

Drink in the themed atmosphere with its ode to all things Asian; it’s not any one distinct region but encompasses the very best of Southeast Asian aesthetics.

This place does, in our opinion, the best cocktails in Galway, 

2. Galway City Distillery

Galway City Distillery

Photos via Galway City Distillery on FB

We visited Galway City recently and just happened to stumble upon Galway City Distillery on Merchants Rd one morning.

We grabbed coffee (which was excellent!) and decided to return later that evening to see what the fuss was all about.

Although they’re arguably best-known for their distillery and their tours, this place knocks up some very tasty cocktails.

The interior is big and spacious, with a bit of a warehouse-style feel to it, kind of like something you’d encounter in London or New York.

The service is top-notch (cheers to the lad with the beard!) and there’s plenty of seating. We’ll be returning here again.

3. Hyde Bar Galway

Hyde Bar Cocktail

Photos via Hyde Bar on FB

Foster Street’s Hyde Bar is arguably one of the best-known cocktail bars in Galway City, and they don’t just serve drinks; they brew them, too, with their in-house HYDE gin!

In this eclectically decorated venue, you’ll find plush blue velvet bar stools next to low-backed armchairs covered in botanical prints sat at long tables with illuminated plant pots.

Sample one of their regional gin flights from Ireland, Germany, Japan, or try an international selection.

You can head straight for the best cocktails, a glass of wine or your favourite beer. If you’re feeling peckish while sipping away on your Hot Lips or Jekyll cocktails, the good news is this bar also serves great food!

4. 1520 Bar

1520 cocktails

Photos via 1520 on FB

In the very heart of Galway on Quay St, 1520 takes serving great drinks in an authentic bar setting very seriously.

The vibe here is of a classic Irish bar; wooden bar stools and low seating, exposed brick walls, little nooks where you can chat privately, excellent live music, and plenty of warm ambient lighting. 

The bar’s fully stocked with every spirit you can imagine and everything needed to mix truly quaffable cocktails.

Wrap your laughing gear around a Bom-Bayviation to get yourself flying, or kick back and relax with a Boozy Ice Tea that turns the classic Long Island Tea on its head.

5. The Liquor Lounge

Liquor Lounge

Photos via Liquor Lounge on FB

Nearly at the end of Middle Street, the Liquor Lounge is right above the Dail Bar; you’ll know you’ve found it when the music hits you as you enter the bar’s golden glow.

Archway after archway of showcased liquors lit up like Christmas, their spirits menu is incredible extensive with a list of cocktails and drinks.

There’s also live music and plenty of sponsored evenings, so pull a pint or pour a shot, sip your wine or share a cocktail confession, the Liquor Lounge is a Galway cocktails night essential.


HARRY’S BAR galway

Photos via Harry’s on FB

Another of the more popular cocktail bars in Galway is Harry’s.

With plenty of high bar stools at private tables for two, or space at the impressive bar, you can always sit down at any one of the rows of tables for four, Harry’s packs ’em in, and that’s just fine. 

It’s a simple and classy joint, with reclaimed timber table tops and fabric-covered padded box stools, the lighting isn’t going to blind you, and with traditional music to drink to, you may never want to leave.



Photos via Massimo on FB

It’s here where Ireland meets Italy. Massimo’s is a tasteful blend of Italian highlights with a great Irish institution; the bar.

You’ll find traditional low stools and small intimate round tables, bench seating and cosy nooks where you can chat, exposed rustic brickwork with decorative lighting, and reclaimed timber tables where you can enjoy a bite to eat.  

With an impressive selection of wines, beers, ciders, gins, and whiskeys, there’s no shortage of something to wet your whistle.

Massimo’s does a changing cocktail menu, so there’s always a range of new and delicious cocktails to try throughout the drinking year!

8. Seven Bridgestreet

Seven Bridgestreet

Photos via Seven Bridgestreet on FB

Seven Bridgestreet is the kind of bar you’ll feel like you’ve been to before, even if it’s your first time there. It’s friendly and familiar, and just the kind of place you can relax in easily.  

There’s plenty of seating, with tables and chairs, booths and barstools, live music from a small stage, and most importantly, a well-stocked bar with a mixologist who knows what they’re doing!

There’s no shortage of food to enjoy with your drinks, with everything from burgers and fish and chips to salads and desserts. But what you mustn’t miss out on is their selection of cocktails!

9. Taylor’s Bar

Taylor's Bar 

Photos via Taylor’s Bar on FB

A bar with a beer garden, Taylor’s is popular year-round with locals and visitors alike.

Step on inside through the traditional Irish pub doors, and you’ll discover a drinking establishment that certainly knows what it’s doing; there’s Taylor’s branding everywhere with giftware you can take home to commemorate your night out.

Fantastic food is available, but first thing first, you’ll need your Taylor’s Vaccination, a deceptively delicious cocktail of spiced rum, raspberry, and pineapple, before you get busy with the rest of the menu, and it is a long one with plenty of Taylor’s thrown in for good measure!

10. The Front Door

Front Door Pub

Photos via The Front Door on FB

Step inside The Front Door, one of the livelier spots for cocktails in Galway, and you’ll discover classic styling and proper Irish pub appeal; luxuriously appointed bench seats with plush velvet chairs opposite, a huge bar that stocks every drink imaginable, and great service.

You’ll find this place is rammed most nights, and with great food and cocktails, it’s no great surprise.

Definitely grab yourself a cocktail, or a tasting flight of gin or whiskey, and be sure to stay for the great music.

What great cocktail bars in Galway have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant cocktail bars in Galway from the guide above.

If you have a place that think does the best cocktails in Galway, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

FAQs about the various Galway cocktail bars

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Which are the fanciest?’ to ‘Where’s the cheapest?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Where does the best cocktails in Galway?

In our opinion, the best cocktail bars in Galway are Buddha Bar, Galway City Distillery and the buzzy Hyde Bar.

What are some fancy cocktail bars in Galway?

Galway City Distillery has a luxurious feel to it although it’s arguably got more of a warehouse feel to it, albeit a very nice one! Hyde is another boutique-style bar. 

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