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7 Best Pubs In Westport (For Guinness + Music)

7 Best Pubs In Westport (For Guinness + Music)

The best pubs in Westport are, in my opinion, Toby’s and Moran’s. However, there’s plenty to choose from!

I’ve been going back to Toby’s for years as 1, it does a great pint of Guinness and 2, there always tends to be seats for 3+ people.

Moran’s is arguably the best example of a trad bar in the town, with an interior that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

In the guide below, you’ll find everything from bars in Westport with live music 7 nights a week to cosy pubs that tend to be missed by many. Cheers!

The best pubs in Westport


Take every guide to the best pubs in Westport with a pinch of salt (including this one!), as what’s ‘great’ is subjective.

This guide is filled with pubs I’ve been to on at least 7 occasions and that I’m confident you’ll enjoy after a day spent ticking off the various things to do in Westport.

1. Toby’s Bar


Photos left + bottom right: Google Maps. Other: The Irish Road Trip

You’ll find Toby’s Bar located on the Fairgreen in Westport, just outside of the lively town centre, where it’s a favourite among locals.

Unlike Matt Molloy’s and many of the other Westport pubs, Toby’s doesn’t tend to attract hoards of tourists so, on my many visits, I’ve never failed to nab a seat.

One of the oldest bars in Westport, it has been run by the Gibbons family since 1907.

If you arrive on a fine day, you’ll discover a handful of seats outside along with a pokey beer garden out back.

Why this is my go-to: With a spacious interior, plenty of seating, warm service and a great pint of Guinness, there’s a lot to like about Toby’s


2. Moran’s

The first thing that’ll strike you as you enter Moran’s Bar on Bridge Street is the grocer’s shop at the front – yep, this place is the epiphany of traditional Irish pub!

The second thing that’ll come apparent is the service – despite how busy it has been on every one of my visits here, the bar staff have always been nothing short than warm and welcoming.

Seems good to be true? Throw in the fact that Moran’s arguably pours the best pint of Guinness in Westport and you’ve the icing on the cake!

Tip: Seating here is very limited. If it’s free, try and nab the bench just inside the door.


3. Matt Molloy’s

Matt Molloys

Photos via Matt Molloys on FB

Easily the most famous of the Westport pubs, Matt Molloy’s is synonymous with live music.

This is thanks to the owner, Matt Molloy, who is the flutist in one of the more famous Irish bands, The Chieftans.

Unsurprisingly, Molloy’s is one of a few bars in Westport with live music running 7 nights of the week!

It gets jam-packed here on the weekends, so make sure you get in early if you want to nab a space in the pokey front bar.

Can’t find room? You’re not the only one! Luckily, the Porterhouse next door hosts live music, too!


4. Blouser’s Pub

Blouser’s Pub

Photos via Blouser’s Pub on FB

Blouser’s is another of my favourite pubs in Westport and you’ll find it a short stroll from the hustle and bustle on James St.

Saunter in here on a cold winters evening and you’ll discover a cosy interior along with a real fire ablaze.

During the summer months, the seats out front get the sun and provide a fine spot for watching Westport roll by.

It’s hard to bear a pint by the fire here as a reward after a long day spent cycling the Great Western Greenway or climbing Croagh Patrick

You’ll need cash: Based on my most recent visit in 2024, you’ll need cash to pay


5. The Old Grainstore

The Old Grainstore

Photos via The Old Grainstore on FB

Few Westport pubs boast an interior that compares to the Old Grainstore on Bridge Street.

Exposed brickwork meets wooden beams, old tiled floors and plenty of traditional pub memorabilia along with several nooks and crannys to tuck yourself away in.

It’s during the winter months that this place really delivers, with its dim lighting, open fires and stove adding to the cosy abiance.

The building dates back to the 1700s and, as the name suggests, it was once a grainstore and general merchants.

Whiskey fans rejoice: This is one of the only bars in Westport that do a whiskey tasting platter (there are over 50 whiskeys at the bar, too!)


6. The Porter House

the porterhouse westport

Photos via The Porter House on FB

I’ve spent a lot of time in Bridge Street’s Porter House over the years. Usually as a fall-back when Matt Molloy’s next door is full!

However, this place holds its own against its more famous neighbour, hosting live music 7 nights a week.

Inside, you’ll find wooden floors, low ceilings and a heated beer garden for those cooler evenings.

The setting here, in my opinion, feels a bit less manic than Matt’s – I’m not sure if that’s due to the ample seating or if it’s just less busy, but I’ve definitely had more luck getting standing space here over the years.

Afternoon sessions: During the summer months, the Porterhouse run additional live music during the afternoons from Friday to Sunday


7. McGing’s Bar

McGing’s Bar

Photos via McGing’s Bar on FB

Out of all the Westport pubs, one reigns supreme when it comes to heritage and that’s McGing’s on High Street!

At over 100 years old, McGing’s Bar is hard to miss, located a little up the hill past the Clock (you can’t miss its bright blue and yellow exterior).

The interior is dimly lit with beautiful green wooden panelling set against a stone floor while the back room has a fire roaring away during the colder evenings.

You’ll find live music here during the week and, as far as I know, it’s one of the only dog-friendly pubs in Westport.

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Things to do beyond the Westport pubs

While time spent kicking back in the Westport pubs above will be memorable, you need to explore beyond the pint!

There are plenty of things to do in Westport, like:


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Deirdre Whelan

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Danny's bar is fabulous, a welcome from everyone and even Kylie the dog.

Brian Morris

Thursday 29th of July 2021

Great list of pubs. Did you leave out the Helm because it's on the Quay? We love the Helm for it's friendly staff, great food/drink, and it's general welcoming/fun ambience. We've spent many a grand night in the Helm!

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