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The chances are you’ve seen this place pop up on Facebook or Instagram over the last year, as photos of it tend to go viral the minute they’ve hit the social feeds.

cuilcagh boardwalk
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

The marvelous wooden boardwalk you’re currently devouring with your eyes sits on Cuilcagh, a Mountain that straddles the border between Fermanagh and Cavan.

Ireland’s Great Wall

The seemingly endless steps cover 1.6km of Cuilcagh Mountain, and you’ll often see them affectionately referred to across social media as “Ireland’s Great Wall.”

For those of you considering hiking it, Cuilcagh is a well-established location for hillwalkers with a set of trails that guide you in and around the Mountain Park.

cuilcagh mounran fermanagh
Photo by Matt Dean

How to get to Cuilcagh

Thinking about giving the hike a crack?

Here are some detailed directions from the folks at walkni, but you’ll also find it pinpointed on Google maps below.

Take the A4 Sligo Road from Enniskillen. Turn left onto the A32 Swanlinbar Road. Turn right onto the Marble Arch road. Turn left, still following the signs for the Marble Arch visitor centre.

Along this narrow road, there will be a sign on your left hand side for the Cuilcagh Mountain Park. This is where you should start your walk.

And, sure here’s one more snap, just to send wanderlust levels through the roof.

cuilcagh mountain walk
Photo by Jeff O’Driscoll
And that's a wrap!
Have you climbed Cuilcagh? Let me know how you found it in the comment section below.

If you’re living in Dublin, here’s a grand little guide that’ll get you there, to the top of the mountain, and back home in time for dinner!



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