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You + A Friend Can Rent This Amazing Cottage In Donegal For A Week For €261 Per Person

You + A Friend Can Rent This Amazing Cottage In Donegal For A Week For €261 Per Person

The Hideaway in Fintown is arguably one of my favourite Airbnbs in Donegal.

It’s unique, finely put together and, to top it all off, it boasts stunning views out towards Glenveagh National Park.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know if you fancy spending a night in this rural slice of paradise.

Welcome to the Hideaway in Donegal

glenveagh airbnb exterior

Photos via Airbnb

The Hideaway in Fintown is a beautifully handcrafted cabin that’s nestled on a slope with stunning views towards Glenveagh National Park. 

And, thanks to its views, cosy interior and location, it rivals some of the best hotels in Donegal, on both price and uniqueness.

All kinds of cosy

glenveagh airbnb fire

Photos via Airbnb

The Hideaway is a fine base for an adventure (especially if you try our Donegal road trip) both in winter and during the milder months in Ireland.

In the summer, you’ve an endless number of walks and hikes nearby. In the winter, you brave the chilly mornings and spend the evenings tucked away beside the stove.

Fully equipped for self-catering

glenveagh airbnb donegal

Photos via Airbnb

If you’re in search of Donegal holiday cottages that are equipped with everything from a kettle to a fully-decked out kitchen, the Hideaway should tickle your fancy.

When you enter the cabin, you’ll be greeted by a wood burning stove in the centre of the cabin, an comfy alcove double bed with curtains and blinds to the right and a small bathroom behind the bed.

The kitchen boasts evertyhing from an oven and a fridge to a microwave, a BBQ grill and much more.

A cosy place for a kip

the hideaway cabin

Photos via Airbnb

The Hideaway in Donegal sleeps two people comfortably in a very slick little sleeping area (see above) that makes the most of the cabins’ space.

Now, this kind of confined space may put some people off (if you’re one of those who fancies a large bed/room, hop into our guide to five star hotels in Donegal).

However, this is an ideal little place for a getaway if you’re looking for a night away with a difference that you’ll remember for many a years to come.

The patio area at the Hideaway is just something else

the hideaway fintown

Photos via Airbnb

For those of you that visit during the warmer months, or for those not bothered by the cold, the patio area at the Hideway is the business.

It’s from here that you’ll be treated to views out towards the mighty Glenveagh. A fine spot to welcome the morning with a coffee or to whittle away an evening with a beer.

How much a night will set you back

To suss out the price, I popped in a 7 night stay in June, 2021. For 2 people sharing, a week at the Hideaway works out at:

  • Total cost: €522
  • Per person: €261
  • Book a night or see more of the Hideaway here
  • Note: If you book a stay using the link above we’ll make a tiny commission that goes towards the running of this website and you won’t pay anything extra (cheers if you do – it’s appreciated!)
  • Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing. Visit the link below for up-to-date prices and availability

Discover more incredible places to stay in Donegal

donegal holiday cottages

Photos via Airbnb

We’ve written a fair few guides to unique accommodation in Donegal. Below, you’ll find some of the best:


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.