Last year was a pretty crazy year for me travel wise; I’m not exaggerating when I say I spent more time on the road exploring Ireland in 2016 than I did during the 27 years leading up to it.

So much time, in-fact, that my car is now completely banjaxed!

If you asked me at the tail-end of last year what my favourite place in Ireland was, I would have mentally imploded trying to narrow it down to one specific place.

If you asked me now, however, things would be totally different.

It all started with a road trip and wet socks

Back in January, I embarked on a mini solo road trip around West Cork and Kerry.

It was all pretty last minute, so I booked a handful of BnBs, chucked some gear into the car and hit the road, armed with a rough guide of what I wanted to check out.

driving in county kerry
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

On the third day of the trip, I chugged into the brilliant little town of Portmagee on a particularly manky afternoon with two things on my mind – coffee, and a ticket for the ferry to Valentia Island.

Geokaun Mountain and a whole load of mind blown

After getting absolutely saturated at the Kerry Cliffs, the coffee lifted my spirits.

What elated me even more was that my guide book from the 1980s was so outdated that they’d actually built a bridge to Valentia!

So, after gulping down the coffee, I hit the road and made it onto the island just at the sun was starting to set.

geokaun mountains ireland
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

Not totally sure what to expect, I kept driving until I was quite literally stunned to the point where I had to ram on the breaks and scarper out of the car.

geokaun mountains kerry
Image © The Irish Road Trip

Exploring Ireland is all about those stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks moments that you wish would stay emblazoned upon your mind forever.

They’re unpredictable, and they move you in a way that’s impossible to put into words.

This was one of those moments. Geokaun mountain is hands-down the most incredible place I’ve visited in Ireland.

valentia island kerry
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

I sat on the bonnet of my car for around 30 minutes staring at the scene above, until it was engulfed by darkness.

During this whole time, not one other person or car passed – I had this masterpiece all to myself.

And that's a wrap!
If you’re visiting Kerry and you’re near Portmagee, please check this place out. It’s over two months and this scene still pops into my mind every couple of days! Raw, unspoiled beauty at its finest. 


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