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Guinness Tester Job: A Quick Update After The Madness

Guinness Tester Job: A Quick Update After The Madness

I‘m well aware that this will sound like clickbait. But it’s not. Promise.

We’re looking to pay someone to sample and review pints of Guinness for the Irish Road Trip.

The best part?

The pubs that the successful applicant will be visiting are ones known for pouring some of the finest drops in Dublin.

Update: Thursday, November 13th

Thanks a million to each of you that took the time to submit a valid application! It’s been a mad month.

Working through the applications has taken a lot longer than expected.

For transparency, here’s an insight into what’s happened over the past month:

  • 3,120+ valid applications reviewed…
  • 7,732…ish invalid applications sifted through
    • A good chunk of these were from people who thought this was a competition and that submitted ‘I’d like to enter’ type applications

We have a shortlist together and we’ll be in touch with these people in the coming days. 

I want to apologise to all of you that responded that didn’t get a direct response back. It would have been physically impossible to respond to each message. Thanks for taking the time to apply – it’s appreciated.

A recap on what the job involves

keoghs snug dublin

Some mighty Irish drinks by @DublinSnugs

The successful applicant will be provided with a ‘hit list’, of sorts (see below).

The list contains a handful of Dublin pubs that are known the island over for the quality of their pint.

The successful applicant will then be required to:

  • Visit each pub 
  • Order a pint
  • Consume said pint
  • Snap a photo
  • And write a 250-word review

It’s that simple.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants must be 18+ to apply
  • Deadline for applications: September 28th, 2019
  • Note: This is not a full-time role.
    • The successful applicant will review each of the above pubs over a 4 week period this winter (Nov 8th – Dec 6th)
    • An allocation of 2 hours (paid at €22 per hour) will be given to each pub
    • An allocation of 2 pints will be given for each pub
  • We don’t condone binge drinking – the successful applicant must review the pubs responsibly, in stages

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Craig Cannon

Monday 30th of September 2019

Saw this post on Instagram today so hoping it’s not too late! Link wouldn’t work for me so here is my review:

Seeing this a little late but worth the shot!

As I sat down in Merchants Arch, above the roar of the live music with a warm bowl of Beef Stew, I was greeted with a tall pint of Guinness draught. At first glance, the pint was filled to the brim with an inch of white cream amidst the head of the beer. It was cold and heavy. The first sip fills your mouth with notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted nuts. As I put my pint down and wiped my lip of the ever so delightful cream, I couldn’t help but smile. The room was filled with laughter, love, and memories to be made. The Guinness was perfectly fitting for a wonderful evening. My belly full, and my glass empty, I couldn’t help but order another. Cheers!

Elwanda Perry

Monday 30th of September 2019

Sounds like the perfect vacation that iv waited on my whole life and very much needed at this point in my life?.

Carmela loddo

Saturday 28th of September 2019

I' like to have a great experience both with the Creamy Guinnes and Husband! I know Ireland but he doesn't ,he only drinks Guinnes outside Ireland...everywhere...he deserves a Great Experience at the right Place, the pubs you selected will be a unique way!


Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Excellent opportunity for the best drink in Ireland

Alan J Evanoski

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I enjoy beer at 42° - retired Vietnam combat vet - enjoy guiness however a stronger ABV brew would be nice as long as the fine taste is not altered - Ireland Dublin 4 weeks - 14 hrs work over 7 days leaves me with 21 days plus 7 22hr days gives me ample time to socialize with the locals also to explore other ares of a beautiful country I would love to visit . thank you Alan J Evanoski Des Moines. Iowa

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