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Scilly Walk Kinsale: Map + Trail Guide

Scilly Walk Kinsale: Map + Trail Guide

The Scilly Walk in Kinsale is a 6km trail that offers magnificent harbour views.

One of the more popular things to in Kinsale (especially when the sun’s shining!), it starts from the town and follows a trail to Charles fort.

Below, you’ll find a map of the Scilly Walk along with where to stop for a bite (or pint) along the way!

Some quick need-to-knows about the Scilly Walk in Kinsale

Scilly Walk

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The Scilly Walk in Kinsale is a nice and straightforward trail, but there are a handful of need-to-knows that’ll make your ramble that bit more enjoyable.

1. How long it takes

At around 6 km there and back, it’s possible to complete the walk in as little as 30 minutes each way. However, you’ll want to allow some more time for taking it slow when the views start to emerge. Allow even longer if you plan on stopping at Charles Fort (the end of the trail).

2. Where it starts

You’ll want to head for The Spaniard (one of the best pubs in Kinsale) and Man Friday. Both are in the town, and its from here that the trail officially starts.

3. Looped vs linear

The Scilly walks is fairly well signposted but there comes a point where you need to decide if you want to do the looped walk or a liner-style-there-and-back-trail. There’s pros and cons to the loop, as you’ll see below.


The best way to tackle the Scilly Walk

Regardless of where you’re staying in Kinsale, you’ll want to point your nose in the direction of the Spaniard Pub.

You’ll know you’ve reached it when you see its bright yellow exterior come into view. If you haven’t had breakfast (or coffee) you could always nip in here to refuel. 

Starting the walk

From here, you’ll want to aim for ‘Lower Road’ — it’s easy to find from the Spaniard. From here, head straight on, and you’ll pass ‘Man Friday’!

Follow the road downhill and you’ll see signs for the walk, which runs along the water’s edge, offering great views of the town, as well as both James and Charles forts.


The climb to ‘High Road’

Once the road runs out, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a fairly steep hill. Climb up it and continue along the road until you reach the bright orange Bulman Bar.

The Bulman is another solid spot for a bite to eat. From here, you have two options: head back the way you came or continue on to Charles Fort.

I’d recommend extending the Scilly Walk to take it Charles Fort, as it’s only a 6-minute stroll from the Bulman and it’s well worth a visit (here’s everything you need to know about the fort)


The walk back to Kinsale

When it comes to making your way back to Kinsale, you’ve two options: you can retrace your steps or you can take the High Road (the road you climbed up onto).

The High Road offers some brilliant views out over Kinsale, but there’s no paths to walk on for a good chunk of the stroll back.

If you do decide to take the High Road, please be careful and make sure to stay tight into the side of the road and listen out for oncoming vehicles.


Things to do after the Scilly Walk

When you finish up the Scilly Walk, you can either chill for the day or spend some time soaking up some more of the area.

Below, you’ll find some things to see and do after you’ve conquered the Scilly Walk. 

1. Food


Photos via O’Herlihys on FB

All that walking surely worked up an appetite, so why not treat yourself and grab a slap-up meal at one of many great restaurants in Kinsale.

Along the Scilly Walk you’re spoiled for choice, with The Bulman and Man Friday offering up gourmet dishes, while the Spaniard dishes up high quality pub grub.


2. Pubs

Treat yourself to a post-stroll sip in one of Kinsale’s many mighty pubs.

If you’re doing the Scilly Walk, the Bulman is the handiest option as you’ll stroll past it.


3. More Kinsale walks

Old Head of Kinsale

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There’s plenty of other things to do in Kinsale, from a visit to Charles Fort to a stroll along Kinsale Beach, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. 

There’s also the Old Head of Kinsale Loop and there’s plenty of beaches near Kinsale if you fancy getting your toes wet!


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Jen Westcott

Sunday 24th of October 2021

Would this be a good running path? I'll be staying in Kinsale for a few days next September and would love to find an easily accessible running path. Thanks!

Keith O'Hara

Monday 25th of October 2021

Hi Jen! If you do it early in the morning, before the walkers get to it, it'll be a good spot for a run. The views in sections of it are incredible.

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