Hands down the most stressful part of any road trip for me is finding somewhere great to eat.

I love food and nothing frustrates me more than wasting time Googling ‘where to eat’ in a particular area, or just wandering in somewhere that looks good from the outside but that in hindsight, you’d avoid like the plague.

What the guide contains
    • The best places to eat in Ireland across every county
    • Pubs/restaurants/cafes/etc. that pop up in guidebooks along with those that don’t (but should)
    • Places that myself, family and/or friends have eaten in and loved 
the best places to eat in ireland
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

It was during a recent visit to West Cork (and a less than delightful roast dinner) that the idea for a map of Ireland that shows the best places to eat in every county was born.

Now, if you’re just in search of Michelin Star restaurants, this isn’t the what you’ll find below.

This map contains everything from great cafes right the way up to luxury restaurants, so there’s something in it to suit every budget and situation, from the shite-I-have-half-an-hour-and-need-to-grab-something-quick, to the more chilled out evening meals.

A map of the best places to eat in Ireland

I’m no foodie, but I’ve eaten all across Ireland, as have many of my family and friends.

In the map below I’ve included places that I’ve eaten in and loved along with recommendations from friends and family.

I’ve also scoured TripAdvisor for recommendations so you don’t have to.

WHAT THIS GUIDE ISN’T: A guide to the best places to eat in every single town in Ireland. This map covers places that have come highly recommended in each county.

If there’s an amazing place to eat that you’d recommend and that we’ve missed, pop it in the comments section below!

Naturally, this map of places to eat in Ireland has missed out on some great spots for a bite to eat – so I’ve left the comments section below open for your suggestions.

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