“I wonder what there is to see around here?!”

If, like me, you’ve ever found yourself asking this question during a trip somewhere in Ireland, then you’re not alone.

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving in a place with a limited amount of time to explore it and being unsure of what there is around you to see and do.

It happened me recently after I visited West Cork and realised a week later that I was in a town that offered a shark watching tour 😭😭😭 (see below…)

west cork basking shark
By Ireland’s Wildlife Tours

The fear of missing out was real!

If you’re one of those hyper-organised people who plan out a trip in minute detail, then fair play to you – we’ve a tonne of hour-by-hour road trip guides that you’ll love here.

But if you’re like me and tend to drift off the main roads and drift down random lanes because something caught your eye, then this map is for you.

What you'll get from using the map
    • The best things to do in Ireland across every single county
    • Unique off-the-beaten-track sights that you won’t find in a lot of guidebooks
    • Places that myself, family and/or friends have been to and loved – a lot of these are random places that you’ll only hear about when chatting to a local.
    • Large tourist attractions that you’ll have heard of, but sure we’ve popped them on just in case

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How the map was created

Ahead of a recent Irish road trip, I asked the 200,000+ strong #IrishRoadTrip community for their recommendations of the best things to do in Ireland – thousands of people commented, emailed and DM’d.

I took these recommendations and combined them with personal experiences from my own travels along with recommendations from family and friends.

Yes, this guide has the main tourist attractions that you’ve heard of and plan on checking out, but its secret sauce is a tonne of off-the-beaten-track stop-off points that are less known, and harder to stumble across.

The Best Things to do in Ireland Nestled in your Pocket

The result?

An interactive Google map of Ireland packed with 600+ of the top things to do around our little island.All you need to do is bookmark this page, and when you arrive in a place, pluck your phone out of your pocket, zoom in on where you are and hey presto, loads of deadly things to do around you to choose from that you may have missed otherwise.

No more leaving a place and realising a day later that you missed seeing something amazing.

An ever-evolving guide to Ireland

The map above will continuously evolve over time (it’s already on it’s second edition).

When I hear about a place that comes highly recommended or if I visit somewhere that I know others will love, I’ll plot it on the map.

Naturally enough, you’ll have places to recommend that I’ve missed, so I’ve left the comments section below open for your suggestions.

Please do let me know if there’s something amazing that I need to add.

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the best things to do in ireland
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