The Mourne Wall: A Hand-Built 22-Mile Wall That Snakes Through 15 Of Ireland’s Mountains

Welcome to Ireland's Great Wall

mourne wall walk
Photo by Ricky Bamford (Creative Commons)

In a land that inspired C.S Lewis, author of `The Chronicles of Narnia’, along with many others, stands a 22-mile long wall that traverses 15 different mountains.

You’ll find the Mourne Mountains in County Down, and it’s here that the Mourne Wall was painfully constructed over an 18 year period between 1904 and 1922.

For those of you that read our guide to 53 of the most unique things to do in Ireland, you’ll recognise the Mourne Wall already.

About the Mourne Wall

The Mourne Mountains have the knack of inspiring those that visit them.

We’ve already mentioned C.S. Lewis, but he wasn’t the only one overpowered by their mystical charm.

The filmmakers of the Game of Thrones and musician Percy French, among many others, are said to have taken inspiration from the highest and the most dramatic mountain range in Northern Ireland.

mourne wall walk
Photo by Ricky Bamford (Creative Commons)

It’s within this mountain range that lies an impressive feat of perseverance.

The Mourne Wall is a 22-mile long drystone wall that rises up impressively over the summits of fifteen mountains in the range.

15! Imagine the blood, sweat and tears that were poured into the construction of this wall..

mourn mountain
Photo by Rob Hurson (Creative Commons)

Why was it built?

The Mourne Wall was built to serve a pretty practical purpose.

Commissioned by the Irish Water Board, it keeps cows and sheep away from Silent Valley and Ben Croom, the two reservoirs which supply Belfast with fresh water.

It encloses a staggering 9,000 acres of mountainous terrain.

Walk along ‘Ireland’s Great Wall’ for charity

Fancy seeing it for yourself?

I first heard of the Mourne Wall when a friend took part in the Mourne Wall Challenge for charity a few years back.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Mourne Wall Challenge is a strenuous 30km, roughly 9 hour walking route that runs every July in aid of a charitable cause (here’s info on this years event).

Have you walked along the Mourne Wall? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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