This Aerial Video Of Whales And Dolphins In Cork Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Week

This is incredibly special

This video, taken by the folks at the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is special.

Immensely special.

On Saturday 20th April 2019 WhaleTrack Ireland (see for more info) embarked upon a journey to find humpback whales from Reen Pier in West Cork.

On their journey, the team came across six stunning humpback whales that were feeding and socialising.

Whales and dolphins

In the video below you’ll see four of these magnificent creatures interacting with each other as dolphins mill around in the water next to them.

The drone footage offers an incredible perspective on what’s taking place in the icy water below.

If you enjoyed this, check out the photos of the killer whales that were spotted in Dublin last year!

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