The Library On Inch Island: One Of The Most Beautiful Rentals In Ireland

Cosy and classy from just €80 per night

the library airbnb inch island
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Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the Library on Inch Island. One of the most beautiful Airbnb’s in Donegal.

For those of you that love kicking back with a good book and fancy getting away from it all for a couple of days, keep on readin’.

Tucked away on Inch Island amist the waters of the beautiful Lough Swilly, the Library is arguably one of the most unique Airbnbs in Ireland.

Feb’ 2021 Update: The Library on Inch Island is no longer on Airbnb, but if you scroll to the end of this article, you’ll find plenty of Airbnbs in Donegal that are just as quirky.

Welcome to the Library on Inch Island

the library inch donegal
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That chair. A cup of tea. A book. And about 14 Hobnobs. A little bit of magic! The Library on Inch Island could go toe-to-toe with many of the best hotels in Donegal.

You’ll find The Library on the secluded Inch Island in Donegal. The house itself dates back to the 17th century and was beautifully renovated a couple of years back.

It’s since been kitted out with hotel furnishings and all of the features of a modern home, so you’ll be able to flake out in style and comfort during your stay.

A book lovers dream

inch island airbnb
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the library airbnb inch island
Photos via Airbnb

When I first saw ‘The Library’ I couldn’t help but think that it looked a little like a modern day version of Bilbo Baggin’s home from the Lord of the Rings series.

It’s small, homely and, unsurprisingly enough, gets its name from the seemingly endless number of books that can be found in every room.

There are an almost endless number of holiday cottages in Donegal, and this one trumps the rest from a uniqueness point-of-view!

A modern day hobbit hole

the library donegal
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airbnb on inch island
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While the books in this Airbnb are a big draw for me, the the beautiful bare brick walls and dark luxurious mahogany doors give it its X-Factor.

This place has charm by the bucket load and it’s causing me physical pain restraining myself from bashing the ‘Book now’ button.

How much a night will set you back

Feb’ 2021 Update: The Library on Inch Island is no longer on Airbnb, but if you scroll to the end of this article, you’ll find plenty of Airbnbs in Donegal that are just as quirky.

So, I popped in a Friday night in May to check the price for a night in the Library. Here’s what it works out at:

  • Total cost: €80
  • Per person: €40
  • See more of this place or check prices here
  • If you use the link above we’ll make a tiny commission that goes towards the running of this website and you won’t pay anything extra (cheers if you do – it’s appreciated!)

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  1. Hey we stayed in The Library for a couple of nights At the weekend and while the host was lovely and the place is charming it could do with a good clean and Is very damp. The bathroom and self catering facilities left a lot to be desired which was disappointing


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