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3 Celtic Symbols For Strength And Inner Strength

3 Celtic Symbols For Strength And Inner Strength

There is no one single Celtic symbol for strength and inner strength.

There are in fact several ancient Celtic symbols that symbolise strength, whether it be the strength a person possesses or the strength of the bond between a family/two people.

In the guide below, we’ll take you through the most appropriate Celtic strength symbols, from the Dara Knot and Crann Bethadh to plenty more.

Some quick need-to-knows about the Celtic symbol for strength

celtic symbol for strength and courage

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Before we look at the different Celtic symbol for inner strength designs, it’s worth taking 20 seconds to read the points below:

1. Be careful where you source your information

Many Celtic symbols for strength (including the one in the photo above) are recent inventions and they were not  created by the Celts. These tend to be found on jewellery websites and in places that try to sell you Celtic strength tattoo designs.

2. The ancient oak tree plays a big part

The Celts saw the oak tree, which often lives for over 100 years during storms, seasons and human attack, as a symbol of strength, wisdom and spirituality. Below, you’ll find several Celtic symbols for strength that revolve around this mighty tree.

3. It all comes down to interpretation

How you interpret the various Celtic Knots and symbols is up to you. Below, we’ll show you several Celtic strength symbols and explain our interpretation of the meaning, but ultimately it all comes down to you.

The different Celtic symbols for strength and courage

celtic symbol for strength

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There are, in our opinion, three main Celtic symbol for inner strength – the Dara Knot, the Ailm and Crann Bethadh.

Below, you’ll get an insight into the origin, meaning and what each of the three Celtic symbols for strength and courage symbolise and why.

1. The Dara Knot

celtic shield knot

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The Dara Knot (AKA the Celtic Shield Knot) is the most notable Celtic symbol for strength and it’s intertwined with the ancient oak tree.

The word ‘Dara’ comes from the Gaelic word ‘Doire’, which translates to ‘Oak Tree’. The Celts saw the oak as a symbol of:

  • Wisdom: It can grow for over 100 years and they believed it amassed knowledge during this period
  • Strength: It stands proudly against storms and attack from both humans and animals
  • Immortality: The Celts believed that Celtic Gods were created from the saplings grown from fallen acorns

Many believe that this Celtic strength symbol is meant to depict the intricate root system of an oak. When you look at the symbols above, you’ll get a sense of why.

2. The Ailm

The Ailm

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The Ailm is one of the lesser-known Celtic symbols for inner strength and it comes from the ancient Ogham alphabet, which was a form of communication that is still found on stones across Ireland.

Many believe that this symbol represents the pine tree, which was another tree that the Celts revered and often associated with healing and inner peace.

It’s said that the Celts associated the pine, notably the Scots Pine, with healing and cleansing rituals. Pinecones and needles were used to purify and sanctify body and soul as well as the home.

It’s believed that the Celts would hang branches from the pine over where they slept to ward of sickness and to attract strength and vitality.

3. The Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic Tree of Life symbol

© The Irish Road Trip

Arguably one of the most impressive Celtic symbol for inner strength, the Celtic Tree of Life is another example of the Celt’s obsession with trees.

They believed in the connection between the earth and the next life and that specific trees held the spirits of their ancestors.

The oak was a symbol of strength, longevity and wisdom, and it was often planted at the center of new communities.

According to legend, the Celts believed that if they were able to cut down their enemy’s tree, it would lead to their victory.

Be vigilant when picking a Celtic symbol for strength tattoo

celtic symbol for strength and courage

© The Irish Road Trip

So, a word of warning – if you search for ‘Celtic symbol for strength tattoo’ or ‘Gaelic symbol for strength’ online you’ll find hundreds of very fancy looking designs.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that some of these websites claim that their Celtic symbol for strength tattoos are ‘ancient symbols’ that just isn’t the case.

What tends to happen is an artist with take a Celtic strength symbol and they’ll then modify it to make it look more appealing.

Remember, there is a finite number of Celtic symbols, so be careful when doing your research.

Celtic symbol of strength FAQs

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘What Celtic symbol of strength makes a good tattoo?’ to ‘Which inner strength Celtic symbols are the oldest?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What is the Celtic symbol for strength?

There are several inner strength Celtic symbols including the Dara Knot, the Ailm and the mighty Celtic Tree of Life symbol.

What Celtic symbols of strength are good tattoos?

This will be completely subjective. However, arguably the most visually impressive Celtic symbol of strength is the Crann Bethadh (aka the Tree of Life).

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Jim kenshalo

Sunday 28th of February 2021

If you where going to hand-carve a Irish knot on onto a stone. What knot design would you chose.

I live in Alaska, above the beaches of Clam Gulch. I am a novice at stone carving.

I would be interested in your suggestions.


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