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A Guide To Lettergesh Beach In Galway

A Guide To Lettergesh Beach In Galway

Forget the Seychelles and get yeourself down to Lettergesh Beach on Ireland’s stunning west coast.

Although you may not get the weather, this is one of the best beaches in Galway, and well worth sauntering along.

Below, you’ll find info on everything from parking and swimming and what to see close by. Dive on in!

Some quick need-to-knows about Lettergesh Beach

Lettergesh Galway

Photo via Shutterstock

Before we hit the road, let’s get the basics of visiting Lettergesh Beach out of the way first (they’ll save you time in the long run):

1. Location

Lettergesh Beach is in the incredible Connemara region of County Galway. In fact, it sits on the edge of the Renvyle Peninsula, one of the most breathtaking coastal areas in Ireland. It’s about 1.5-hour drive from Galway City and around a 30-minute drive from Clifden.

2. Parking

Lettergesh Beach boasts a good-sized car park with room for plenty of vehicles (here on Google Maps). The surface is a little bumpy and the road down is fairly narrow, but otherwise, it does a great job. Bear in mind though, there aren’t any toilets or other facilities, just the pure beauty of the beach.

3. Good for those with limited mobility

Lettergesh is a great choice for visitors with limited mobility. The car park is right on the edge of the beach, with the soft golden sands just a short step or two away. Admittedly, there are some rocks, so it’s not ideal for wheelchairs. Having said that, you don’t even have to leave the car park to enjoy the incredible views, and it’s a great place for a picnic even if you can’t get onto the sands.

4. Swimming

So, we’ve done our best to find official information about swimming at Lettergesh Beach, we can’t find any. It does appear that this is a good spot for a swim, but we’d recommend that you check locally in advance of entering the water.

About Lettergesh Beach

Lettergesh Beach

Photos via Shutterstock

Lettergesh Beach really does look like it belongs in a postcard. The crystal clear Atlantic Ocean laps at the gorgeous golden sands, while Mweerlea Mountain looms in the background.

It’s an amazing, tranquil beach and on a fine day, it’s the best place to just sit down on the sands and lose yourself. Seldom busy, it truly is a hidden gem and you can often (not always!) find yourself alone, even on the finest days.

The grassy hinterland is home to a flock of sheep, bleating in the background, somewhat in juxtaposition to the gentle splashing of the sea and caws of sea birds.

A fairly sheltered bay, the cool, blue waters are tempting and many people do swim here. It is worth noting, however, that there’s no lifeguard service on the beach.

As the tide retreats, a long stretch of sand opens up, providing plenty of room for sunbathing or building sandcastles.

It’s a superb beach for walking on and admiring the views, and eventually you’ll reach some rocky sections that reveal rock pools.

Things to do at Lettergesh Beach

things to do at Lettergesh

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If you’ve got an artistic streak, you might well be tempted to pack an easel and palette, capturing the stunning beauty that surrounds you.

Otherwise, here are a few other ideas.

1. Head for a stroll on the sand and soak up the views

Lettergesh is a great beach for a saunter. There are fantastic views in every direction, with the imposing Benchoona and Garraun mountains behind you and the moody Mweelrea Mountain across the bay.

Looking out to sea on a clear day reveals views of numerous islands, including Inishturk, while looking west at sunset rewards you with a beautiful scene as the colours transform the landscape.

As the tide goes out, the beach extends out, revealing a second sandy bay that was tucked behind a small headland. Once the sand runs out, you can scramble among the rocks, exploring tide pools and seeking out caves.

2. Spend the night with Connemara Caravan and Camping Park

If you really want to spend some time soaking up the surrounding beauty, it’s well worth stopping over at Connemara Caravan and Camping Park – one of the more popular places to go camping in Galway.

It sits right on the edge of Lettergesh Beach and the Culfin River estuary, offering superb panoramic views of the surrounding bay and mountainous landscape.

A real paradise, it boasts excellent facilities, such as hot, powerful showers, washing machines, and a decent cooking area. There are pitches for tents, campers, and caravans, so there’s something for everyone.

Things to do near Lettergesh Beach

One of the beauties of Lettergesh is that it’s a short spin away from many of the best places to visit in Galway.

Below, you’ll find a handful of things to see and do a stone’s throw from Lettergesh!

1. Beaches galore (5-minute drive)

Renvyle Beach

Photos via Shutterstock

The beaches on the Renvyle Peninsula are all stunning. Lettergesh sits pretty much in the middle, so a five-minute drive in either direction will take you to another amazing beach, like Glassilaun and Renvyle Beach. Both offer up incredible walks, with equally impressive scenery to take in. 

2. Kylemore Abbey (15-minute drive)

Kylemore Abbey Galway

Photos via Shutterstock

This former Victorian Castle, complete with gorgeous walled gardens, is now home to a sisterhood of Benedictine nuns. Open to the public, visitors can learn all about the history of the Abbey and the nuns, while discovering the various crafts they indulge in.

3. The scenic drive to Leenane (20-minute drive)

killary fjord galway

Photo left: mark_gusev. Photo right: Kit Leong (Shutterstock)

If you’re at Lettergesh Beach, you’re pretty much at the start of one of the most scenic drives in Ireland. The road to the quaint village of Leenane is simply breathtaking. It passes through diverse landscapes that take in mountains, loughs, rivers, and the mighty Killary Fjord. From there, you can continue onto the Leenane to Louisburgh drive.

4. Diamond Hill (15-minute drive)

Diamond Hill Trail

Photos via Shutterstock

Diamond Hill is perfectly placed on the edge of Connemara National Park. It overlooks some of the best scenery in the country, offering panoramic views that will take your breath away. Best of all, the looped trail that climbs to the summit offers magnificent panaoramic views.

FAQs about Lettergesh

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Is there much parking?’ to ‘Is it worth visiting?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Is Lettergesh Beach worth visiting?

Yes! This is one of the more impressive beaches in the Connemara region and you’ll often have it, and its stunning views, all to yourself.

Can you swim at Lettergesh Beach?

We’ve tried and failed to find official information online stating whether or not it’s safe to swim here, so we’d recommend checking locally or avoiding the water.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.