“That’s Such A Load Of Boll*x” – Nope, There Is In Fact A Magic Road In Waterford (Watch The Video)

Say whaaaaaaaat?!

“That’s such a load of boll*x!”

It was early one morning on a rickety aul school bus during my first year in Malahide Community School in Dublin that I first heard tell of Waterford’s ‘Magic Road’.

Six of us were squished into the buses dusty and graffiti-riddled back seat, warily listening to a story that was being told by… lets call him ‘Tony’.

The story revolved around Tony’s family taking him on a weekend away to Waterford, where his Dad took him to a ‘Magic Road’ that pulled the car backwards up it.

“That’s such a load of boll*x! There was probably gas leaking into that heap of shit your Da drives which made you think, the bleedin’ thing was reversing up it”, exclaimed one of the lads.

Despite the disbelief, Waterford is home to a ‘Magic Road’

Sit back. Hit play. And have your mind blown

Ah heeeere – what’s this all about, pal?!

You’ll find Waterford’s Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains as you make your way towards Mahon Falls.

Thinking about exploring the area? Here’s a tonne of things to do in Waterford on a detailed 2-day road trip!

If you’re planning a visit, keep going until you reach the cattle grid in the road. Keep a look out for two stones inscribed with ‘Magic Road’, which you’ll see in the photo at the start of this article (photo source).

If it’s safe to do so, stop your car and stick it in neutral.

Your car will then, magically, start to roll backwards up the hill.

I’m sure there’s a logical reason behind why this happens, but I’d rather not know what it is. A little bit of mystery never did anyone any harm. 

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