Wild Ireland: You Can See Brown Bears In Ireland For The First Time In Thousands Of Years

A very unique attraction

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Photo left: Canon Boy. Right: andamanec (shutterstock)

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see brown bears in Ireland, along with a whole host of other very unique animals, now’s your chance.

Wild Ireland, a newly opened animal sanctuary in Donegal, has given refuge to a number of animals that have been extinct in Ireland for centuries.

Visitors to the sanctuary can expect to find everything from bears and wolves to otters, wild boar and more.

In the guide below, you’ll find out everything you need to know if you fancy visiting, including tour info and how the animals ended up in this picturesque corner of Donegal.

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About Wild Ireland

You’ll find ‘Wild Ireland’ in Burnfoot in Donegal, a handy 15-minute drive from Derry City and less than an hour from the mighty Malin Head.

The sanctuary is one of Donegal’s newest tourist attractions, having only opened its doors to the public last year.

The newly opened and very unique attraction is now called home by a number of animals that have been extinct in Ireland for centuries.

It’s here that you’ll find an ancient woodland that’s inhabited by some very exotic wildlife, like brown bears, wolves, red deer, monkeys, wild boar and lynx.

How did bears and wolves end up in Donegal?

brown bears ireland
Photo by Canon Boy (Shutterstock)

If you’re worried about how the different animals at Wild Ireland came to arrive there, don’t be.

Many of the animals that call Wild Ireland ‘home’ were rescued from poor and cramped conditions across the world.

The three brown bears (a male and two females) were rescued from Lithuania where they were kept in a concrete cell.

The sanctuary worked with charities Bears in Mind and Natuurhulpcentrum to offer them a new home in Ireland.

Wild Ireland’s resident monkeys were rescued from a circus while the wolves and other animals on-site all have a similar and too familiar story.

Oliver Cromwell the last wolf in Ireland

When I was browsing the Wild Ireland website I came across the story behind the last wolf in Ireland for the first time.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Oliver Cromwell, he was an Englishman that left a wave of destruction across Ireland. If you’re unaware of his crimes in Ireland, I urge you to read more about him.

Interestingly enough, the Irish wolf was one of the many deaths that Cromwell was responsible for in Ireland.

Cromwell made an order on the 27th of April 1652 to prevent the export of the Irish Wolfhound from Ireland, as they were becoming scarce while wolves were becoming too common.

As a result, a bounty was placed on the head of the Wolf. The last wolf in Ireland is said to have been killed in 1786, near Mount Leinster in Carlow. 

A perfect place to take the family

If you’ve hard to amuse kids, Wild Ireland is just the job. After they’ve had a nosey at the bears and monkeys, you can take them out along the fairy trail through the forest.

They’ll hear tales of folklore and they’ll also have the opportunity to go legging it around a state of the art play park.

If all else fails, they can go otter-spotting at the lake. There’s also a cafe on-site for a post-adventure feed.

Have you visited Wild Ireland in Donegal? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

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