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The Best Breakfast And Brunch In Galway: 15 Places That’ll Make Your Belly Happy

Wondering where to grab the best breakfast in Galway? Or where to find the finest brunch in Galway City? 

You’ve landed in the right place! Galway is home to heaps of places to grab a fine early morning (or early afternoon!) feed.

In the guide below, you’ll discover everything from the best breakfast Galway has to offer to where to grab brunch in Galway that’ll make your belly very happy altogether.

The best breakfast in Galway

best breakfast in galway

Photo via Dela

The first section of our guide tackles the best breakfast Galway has to offer, and there’s some fierce competition.

Below, you’ll find everything from casual places to nip into after a night spent in some of the best pubs in Galway, to more refined eateries for a feed with a difference.

Note from the editor: We’ve somehow managed to upload some very non-breakfasty photos for some of the spots below, so you may need to use your imagination! Cheers!

1. McCambridge’s of Galway

McCambridge's of Galway

Photos via McCambridge’s of Galway on Facebook

A true icon of Galway’s breakfast scene, McCambridge’s do pre-afternoon dining in this city better than anybody else. Downstairs, the deli sells everything from local cheeses to French wines and a small cafe serves up some of the best coffee in town.

The best of the action takes place upstairs, in McCambridge’s famous restaurant, and it’s here that you’ll grab some of the best breakfast in Galway City.

From the full works of an Irish breakfast complete with soda bread and white pudding to the somewhat lighter pancakes and french toast options.

2. 56 Central Restaurant Cafe (for a very fine breakfast in Galway!)

56 Central Restaurant Cafe

Photos via 56 Central Restaurant on Facebook

As the name suggests, this spot is located right in the centre of Galway. Offering up delicious sandwiches, plates and pastries, 56 Central is a cracking spot for hearty morning meals in the centre of town.

Highlights here include Belgian chocolate waffles, locally made puddings and the fried garlic potatoes, for which 56 Central is famous around these parts.

With a focus on local ingredients, friendly service and slick decor, 56 Central is without doubt one of the best spots for breakfast in Galway.

3. Temple Cafe

Temple Cafe breakfast galway

Photos via Café Temple on Facebook

Hailed as one of Galway’s best cafes, Temple Cafe emphasises charity and community with their business model.

A chunk of the profit made by this business is donated to charitable initiatives that are as wide-ranging as the menu, which many locals insists boasts the best breakfast Galway has to offer!

Highlights at Temple Cafe include the vegan breakfast option as well as the veggie breakfast, which features local eggs. There are also protein pancakes and many other breakfast treats that’ll make your belly happy.

4. Jungle Cafe Galway

Jungle Cafe Galway

Photo via Jungle Cafe Galway on Facebook

Known for quality breakfast options in a truly unique environment, Jungle Cafe serves up tasty treats including plates, sandwiches and much more.

With friendly staff and an all round convivial atmosphere, the regulars at Jungle Cafe keep coming back for a taste of both the food and the fun vibes.

Highlights on the menu at Jungle Cafe include smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, porridge and delicious homemade crepes as well as some of the finest coffee available in Galway.

5. Revive Cafe (one of the best places for a hearty breakfast in Galway)

Revive Cafe

Photos via Revive Café on Facebook

Revive Cafe is known and loved by locals and tourists alike, and for good reason – this place boasts some of the best breakfast Galway has to offer!

Without a doubt, the star of the show here is the Irish breakfast, which is packed with traditional flavours from beloved elements such as potato scones, soda bread, bacon, sausages, eggs and puddings.

Washed down with a cup of delicious tea or coffee, Revive Cafe is always going to be a top choice for those seeking a hearty breakfast in Galway City.

6. The Lighthouse Cafe

breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe

Photos via the Light House on Facebook

Offering up some of the very best vegetarian and vegan fayre in Galway, The Lighthouse is a delicious spot that serves tasty variations on classic Irish breakfasts.

Their weekday vegan breakfast is homemade ‘white pudding’, tofu scramble, roast tomato and toast, a heart beginning to any day! With other options including overnight oats, granola and fresh-baked fruit scones, The Lighthouse is a hub for meat-free cuisine in Galway.

The cakes here are also delicious, ideal to finish the breakfast off with a coffee. Think carrot cake, chocolate brownies and much more besides!

7. Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee galway

Photos via Esquires Coffee Ireland on Facebook

The name of the game at Esquires Coffee, a much-loved central spot in Galway, is hearty portions served by delightful staff in a convivial atmosphere.

Well-priced and with an emphasis on the traditional, the fayre here includes classic Irish breakfasts, smoked salmon with a variety of styles of egg and homemade cakes and tarts galore.

Throw in the fact that this spot offers up some seriously good coffee, tea and hot chocolates and it becomes clear that Esquires is one of the premier spots for pre-afternoon munchies in Galway.

The Best Brunch In Galway

Best Brunch In Galway

Photos via Gourmet Tart CO on Facebook

The first section of our guide tackles the best brunch Galway has to offer and, as was the case with the breakfast spots, there’s plenty of competition.

Below, you’ll find everything from casual places for brunch in Galway to places where you’ll need to book ahead of your visit.

1. Dela Restaurant

best restaurants galway

Photo via Dela

Arguably the best brunch in Galway, Dela Restaurant is known for offering delicious food served in oh so pretty ways.

From a classic Irish breakfasts to truly unique takes, Dela Restaurant is a paradise for foodies in Galway looking for a late morning or early afternoon feed.

Hearty frys ideal for fixing up hangovers or fruity creations that will sustain a long day’s shopping in the streets of Galway, Dela is one of our favourite restaurants in Galway.

2. Ard Bia at Nimmos

where to eat in Galway

Photo via Ard Bia at Nimmos

Nimmo’s is known and loved by locals and tourists alike, and for good reason – this place boasts some of the best brunch Galway has to offer!

Think very fluffy pancakes with berry compote, delicious homemade cakes and hearty chorizo hash. Yes. Chorizo. Hash!

This is far from your standard greasy spoon, with chic interior and well-trained staff that are sure to make a visit to Ard Bia at Nimmos one of the highlights of a trip to Galway.

3. Hyde Bar (one of the funkiest places for brunch in Galway)

Hyde pub galway

Photo via Hyde

Hyde Bar is a swish little spot in Galway that offers food and drink throughout the day. In terms of brunch, this place is all about eggs, serving up some of the silkiest, smoothest varieties in town.

From the delicious eggs royale with smoked salmon to delicious spicy baked eggs, the options at Hyde Bar are always extremely high-quality.

Hyde Bar is one of the best looking places for brunch in Galway, with stunning decor that makes for an ideal photo shoot for your social media followers!

Note from the editor: I thought this was one of the few places that did a bottomless brunch in Galway, but I can’t see it on the menu at the time of typing!

4. Gourmet Tart Company

Gourmet Tart Company

Photos via Gourmet Tart CO on Facebook

Another top spot for brunch in Galway, this place is known for their delicious frys, granola and other delicacies, all of which are freshly prepared and made from local produce where possible.

Of course, the cakes and pastries here are known throughout Galway as extremely high quality options.

Raspberry and custard, mixed fruit and chocolate pecan pie are just a few of the most popular creations on offer at what has become a beloved local spot.

There’s a reason the GFP ranked so high in our guide to the best restaurants in Salthill. This place is well worth a visit!

5. Kai Café + Restaurant

best restaurants in galway

Photos via Kai Galway

Known as one of Galway’s top restaurants, Kai is beloved among locals and tourists alike who come here in search of a sample of their unique approach to flavour.

In terms of brunch, Kai Cafe and Restaurant offer a range of delicious brunch dishes including lobster and poached eggs, frys and much more besides.

Throw in the fantastic cakes on offer at Kai Cafe and Restaurant that include Mississippi Mud Pie, Cookies and Cream and Lemon Cake and it is clear that this is a premier brunch spot.

6. Tribeton

Tribeton produces some of the best brunch in Galway (hit play above!), all in sleek surrounds with friendly staff on hand to tend to whatever you need.

Brunch favourites here include chicken burgers, steak burgers, club sandwiches, smashed avocado with poached egg, eggs benedict, lobster rolls, pancakes with maple syrup and more.

Bottomless prosecco makes Tribeton a popular spot with hen dos, who flock here at weekends to sip bubbles and celebrate amid the convivial ambience.

Other places to eat and drink in Galway City

pints in a pub in galway

Creamy pints from the 2018 markets

If you’re visiting Galway for a few nights and you fancy exploring the city’s attractions, pubs and restaurants, the guides below should prove useful:

FAQs about the tastiest brunch and the best breakfast in Galway

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from where to grab bottomless brunch in Galway to where to get the best fry,

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What is the best breakfast Galway has to offer?

Dela, McCambridge’s Of Galway, The Kitchen Galway and 56 Central Restaurant Cafe are great places for a tasty breakfast in Galway.

Where does the best brunch in Galway?

Dela, Hyde, Ard Bia at Nimmos and Gourmet Tart Company do a fine bit of brunch in Galway (see photos above).

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