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The Best Burger In Dublin: 9 Places For A Mighty Feed

The Best Burger In Dublin: 9 Places For A Mighty Feed

The topic of where does the best burger in Dublin is one the stirs up a fine bit of debate online.

And the reason for this is due to the sheer volume of brilliant burger places Dublin has to offer (new ones seem to pop up by the week!).

From well-know chains, like Bunsen and Eddie Rockets, to outstanding steak and burger restaurants in Dublin, like Featherblade, there’s plenty to choose from.

In the guide below, you’ll find where we believe does the best burger in Dublin, with a mix of popular spots and hidden gems.

Where we think does the best burger in Dublin

burger places dublin

Photo via BuJo

The first section of our guide to the best burger places in Dublin tackles where we think does the best burger in Dublin City and beyond.

These are Dublin restaurants that we (one of the Irish Road Trip team) have munched away in at some point over the years. Dive on in!

1. Bunsen

Bunsen burger

Photo via Bunsen’s Facebook

Billing themselves as ‘Straight up burgers’, Bunsen’s menu is refreshingly sparse, simply asking the size of the burger you’d like and what toppings and the style of fries (if any).

Pair it up with a soda or a milkshake and you’ll be good to go. While they’ve got a few places around the city, head to their joint on Essex Street East to try their extraordinarily popular burgers that go down seriously well with a couple of beers.

Be prepared to wait, however, as Bunsen is often packed to the rafters. The wait is well worth it, though. This, in our opinion, is the best burger in Dublin City.

2. PHX Bistro

PHX Bistro

Photos via Phx Bistro on Facebook

So PHX isn’t exclusively a burger joint, but this European-style restaurant serves a seriously tasty burger! Find them down on Ellis Quay, take a seat inside their smart low-lit dining room and make sure to order the 8oz PHX beef burger. 

Slathered with Irish cheddar, pancetta bacon, jalapeño mayo and red onion jam, your succulent burger is also served alongside skinny-cut chips, pepper sauce & dressed mixed leaves.

If you still have room after this finest of burgers, then PHX also offer brownies, sorbets and crème brulées for dessert. This is arguably one of the most overlooked burger places in Dublin.

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3. BuJo – Burger Joint


Photo via BuJo

Located in a pleasant corner of Sandymount across the street from Sandymount Green, BuJo’s quality burgers are a nice addition to the neighbourhood (there aren’t enough neighbourhood burger joints if you ask me!). 

With their meat sourced from a custom blend of Irish family farms, Culinary Director Grainne O’Keefe makes sure that BuJo’s beef is of the highest quality and that’s clear when you take a bite.

As well as their sustainable credentials, they also offer a range of great ‘Beyond Meat’ vegetarian options, for those of you looking for vegan food in Dublin with a twist.

4. Featherblade

Featherblade restaurant dublin

Photos via Featherblade’s Facebook

From its handsome exterior to the quality produce served on your plate, Featherblade on Dawson St is a classy experience all around.

Since chef-owner Paul McVeigh opened the restaurant in 2015, it’s been a hit with locals and tourists alike, and their juicy pink meats with a nice smoky char on the outside have kept them coming back for more. 

Also, perhaps unusually for a steakhouse, they’ve also gained a reputation for cooking up some of the best burgers in Dublin!

Order the bacon cheeseburger or the truffle burger to see what all the fuss is about. They’re only a stone’s throw away from Trinity College too, so if you’ve spent an afternoon there then this is a great spot to come afterward.

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5. Eddie Rockets

burger restaurants dublin

Photos via Eddie Rockets on Facebook

Since there’s a ton of Eddie Rocket’s dotted around the city, I won’t tell you which joint to go to. All I will say though is that if you order the Smokestack, you won’t be disappointed!

Topped with smoked cheese, crispy bacon, rocket rings, Bick’s relish and Eddie Rocket’s secret sauce, their 100% Irish beef patties are juicy, indulgent and satisfying. 

The Southern Fried Chicken Fillet burger is also a winner and don’t sleep on their Deluxe Hamburgers either. Veggie’s are catered for too and should get stuck into The Imposter or the Beyond Truffle Veggie. 

Other very popular spots for a great burger in Dublin

As you’ve probably gathered at this stage, there’s an almost endless number of great burger restaurants in Dublin on offer.

If you’re still not sold on any of the previous choices, the section below is packed with some more highly-reviewed burger places in Dublin.

1. Farmer Browns Rathmines

Farmer Browns

Photos via Farmer Browns Rathmines on Facebook

Rathmines is a lively part of town and, if you’re in need of a feed while here, don’t hesitate to head to Farmer Brown’s. While they also serve up some excellent steak and tacos, the burgers here are more than decent and offer a few varieties that separate them from the rest. 

The Roscommon Wagyu, for a start! Covered in Dubliner Irish cheddar, Ballymaloe relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion & house dill pickle, their 5oz Irish wagyu beef patty is as tender as anything and is rightly the priciest burger on the menu.

There are some other cracking options on the menu, but I’d definitely give this one a whirl. If you’re the best burger in Dublin outside of the city centre, give this place a crack.

2. BóBós Burgers – Dame Street


Photos via Bóbós Burgers Restaurant on Facebook

These guys are arguably one of the longest running burger restaurants in Dublin, and they have been keeping Dublin’s locals away from McDonald’s and Burger King since 2006 and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

The first BóBós was opened on Wexford Street, but we’d say get over to the joint on Dame St due to its convenient central location. The Dame St spot is bright and airy inside and has room for eating outdoors during the summer months.  

Passionate about gourmet Irish burgers, all their beef burgers are 7oz (200g) patties made from top quality prime young Heifer meat under 24 months old supplied by a Master Butcher.

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3. WOWBURGER Wellington Quay


Photos via WOWBURGER on Facebook

WOWBURGER is another of the more popular burger places in Dublin, and you’ll find them dotted across the city and wider county.

Given a big splash of colourful decor, this spot is definitely all about the good times and their burgers, similar to Bunsen, come with little fuss.

Simply choose from a small selection and then throw on as many toppings as you like for free. Not a bad deal is it?

4. Mad Egg

Mad Egg

Photos via Mad Egg on Facebook

This next spot is one of the newest burger restaurants Dublin has to offer. I’ve got a total weakness for fried chicken so Mad Egg is right up my alley, I can tell you!

They’ve got a couple of locations, but the joint at Millenium Walkway will be the most convenient if you’re in the city for a weekend. 

Head up there and take your pick from seven mouthwatering chicken burgers (or tenders, if you could do without the bun). The Honey Baby is particularly tasty and features a generous helping of cinnamon rock, honey butter, candied streaky bacon, pickles and lettuce.

Burger places Dublin: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant burger restaurants in Dublin from the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

FAQs about the best burgers Dublin has to offer

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Where does the best burger in Dublin City?’ to ‘What are the cheapest burger places Dublin has to offer?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Where does the best burger in Dublin?

We’d argue that the best burgers Dublin has to offer can be found in Bunsen, PHX Bistro, BuJo and Featherblade.

What are the most overlooked burger places Dublin has to offer?

Although it’s well known, Eddie Rocket’s tends to get overshadowed by many of the newer burger places in Dublin. Their Smokestack Burger is insanely good!

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