The Best Bottomless Brunch In Dublin: 11 Places For A Tasty Boozy Brunch

best bottomless brunch in Dublin
Photo left : By Platform 61. Photo right : By The Revolution.

When it comes to bottomless brunch Dublin is home to its fair share of restaurants that offer a boozy brunch that packs a punch.

Whether you want to sample homemade granola with a bloody mary or eggs benedict with mimosas, the capital of Ireland is a Bruncher’s (is that even a thing…?) paradise.

In the guide below, you’ll find 11 of the best places for a bottomless brunch in Dublin, from traditional pubs and quirky boutique cafes to a number of the best restaurants in Dublin.

Bottomless brunch in Dublin: Our favourite spots

  1. Thundercut Alley
  2. Beef & Lobster
  3. Platform 61
  4. Cleaver East
  5. The Square Ball
  6. Wigwam
  7. Bow Lane Social
  8. The Revolution
  9. Bon Appetit
  10. House Dublin 

1. Thundercut Alley

Thundercut Alley bottomless brunch
Photos via Thundercut Alley restaurant on Facebook

With its charming graffiti décor, Thundercut Alley is one of the most popular places for a boozy brunch in Dublin. This buzzy spot offers a perfect setting for a memorable bottomless brunch experience.

The restaurant’s Mexican-inspired fare with options like cheesy nachos with pork or chicken and tacos with scrambled eggs and bacon is paired with a variety of cocktails including bellinis, bloody mary’s and mimosas.

If you are looking for a place with a casual vibe that serves Mexican brunch favourites alongside some seriously awesome cocktails, make sure to pay a visit to Thundercut Alley in Dublin.

2. Beef & Lobster (the perfect place for an indulgent bottomless brunch in Dublin)

beef and lobster boozy brunch dublin
Our favourite bottomless brunch in Dublin: Photos via Beef & Lobster on Facebook

Located on Parliament Street, Beef & Lobster focuses on the surf and turf cuisine and is known for its amazing bottomless brunch that is available from Thursdays to Mondays.

For about €19, you can get the main course together with two hours of bottomless mimosas and bellinis.

On their food menu, you will find everything from buttermilk fried chicken and waffles to freshly-caught lobsters and steaks and black pudding. The crisp duck wings are also a big crowd-pleaser, as well as the mouth-watering burgers.

3.  Platform 61

Platform 61 brunch
Photos via Platform 61 restaurant on Facebook

Platform 61 is an intimate restaurant located on South William Street and it’s one of the more overlooked places for a boozy brunch in Dublin.

Open for bottomless brunch six days a week, this New York subway-inspired dining establishment is a great place to enjoy bottomless brunch even on weekdays.

Their creative menu is packed with plenty of meat and vegan options like steak sandwiches and pea ravioli. The food is delicious and pairs perfectly together with unlimited Mimosas.

4. Cleaver East Bottomless Brunch

Cleaver East bottomless brunch
Photos via Cleaver East restaurant on Facebook

Welcome to Cleaver East, one of my favourite bottomless brunch venues on this list. Run by Irish chef and restaurateur Oliver Dunne, this place boasts a very tasty brunch menu.

Those that visit can expect dishes like bacon and cheeseburger served in a brioche bun, mac ‘n’ cheese ball, spiced sweet potato rosti, and pulled beef short-rib tacos.

Wash all that tasty food down with two hours of unlimited bellinis and mimosas for just 18.95 euros. Bottomless brunch at the Cleaver East is available on Saturdays and Sundays.

5. The Square Ball

The Square Ball
Photos via The Square Ball restaurant on Facebook

The bottomless brunch at the Square Ball is not to be missed. They actually have 2 deals on the menu (make sure to check that they’re still running in advance of your visit).

The first option includes bottomless wings, while the other includes one dish, board games, and bottomless drinks. Go for the breakfast burger that melts in your mouth or order the pork belly benedict.

As for the drinks menu, expect to find everything from Peroni and Moscow mule to bellini and prosecco. 

6. Wigwam

Photo left: Google Maps. Photo right: Wigwam

Wigwam is another solid option for bottomless brunch in Dublin. A whole range of breakfast dishes like granola bowls, crispy fried chicken, and vegan nachos is available on their bottomless brunch menu.

For just €30, you can enjoy all these tasty foods and have unlimited drinks including beers, cocktails, and prosecco. In case you wish to have something sweet, go for the waffles served with maple syrup.

7. Bow Lane Social

bow lane brunch
Photo via Google Maps

Located a stone’s throw from Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Bow Lane Social is one of the most popular venues for a boozy brunch in Dublin.

Although this is a late-night bar where people come to dance the night away, Bow Lane Social is famous for their bottomless brunches on the weekends.

Whether you are craving eggs Florentine or wish to go for fares such as dahl curry and crab cakes, their bottomless brunch menu has got you covered. As for the drinks, feel free to enjoy prosecco, margaritas, bloody mary’s, and the signature bow lane boomerangs.

8. The Revolution (an often-overlooked spot for a boozy brunch in Dublin)

The Revolution restaurant
Photos via The Revolution restaurant on Facebook

Offering bottomless brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, Rathgar’s Revolution is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy food delicacies like pulled pork eggs benedict, breakfast burrito, and mushroom tacos.

Make sure to try their signature pasta with meatballs. Bottomless cocktails with unlimited mimosas for two hours are available for only €15. The Revolution also has an extensive craft beer menu.

9. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit restaurant malahide
Photos via Bon Appetit on Facebook

With its amazing seasonal food menu, the French-themed Bon Appetit in Malahide in North County Dublin also offers excellent deals on bottomless brunch.

Pair dishes like duck wings with blue cheese, chicken quesadilla, and a lamb burger with free-flowing brunch cocktails including bellinis and Mimosas for a memorable weekend dining experience.

Everything your order here is made from scratch and boozy bottomless brunch is available on the weekends. 

10. House Dublin

house restaurant dublib
One of the most popular bottomless brunches in Dublin: Photos via

House is arguably one of the best know places for a bottomless brunch in Dublin. A cosy boutique restaurant, House Dublin is famed for its wide-ranging bottomless brunch menu that is available every Saturday and Sunday between 12 pm and 4 pm.

Whether you wish to go for lighter options like granola and eggs benedict or enjoy a variety of sandwiches and chicken dishes, you won’t be disappointed with the high-quality food that they serve here in House Dublin.

They also have a few vegan brunch options on the menu to choose from. Get the best deal with two hours of bottomless artisan cocktails.

Bottomless brunch in Dublin: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally missed out on some great places for bottomless brunch in Dublin in the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll check it out!

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