The Best Brunch Dublin Has To Offer This Autumn/Winter

best brunch dublin
Photo left via L’Geuleton. Photo right via One Society. (on facebook)

In search of the best brunch Dublin has to offer? This guide will make your belly happy!

We’ve scoured the web and combined Google reviews with our own culinary experiences (both positive and negative…) to bring you a guide that’ll help you find the best brunch spots in the capital.

As you probably know, there’s no end to the number of cafes and restaurants in Dublin that are now dishing out brunch of both the boozy and traditional variety!

Below, you’ll find everything from cheap eats in cosy neighbourhood cafes to pricey bites in upscale restaurants.

The best brunch Dublin has to offer

  1. The White Moose Café
  2. Brother Hubbard
  3. WUFF
  4. Bibi’s Café
  5. The Fumbally
  6. L’Geuleton
  7. The Hungry Duck
  8. One Society
  9. San Lorenzo’s
  10. Social Fabric Café
  11. Two Pups

1. The White Moose Café

The White Moose Café one of our favourite places for brunch in dublin
Photos via The White Moose Café on Facebook

Kick-off your brunch adventure in Dublin with a visit to the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it…) White Moose Café in Phibsborough.

This brunch and breakfast style café offers an extensive brunch menu with options like chorizo filled with melted cheese and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

They also serve a delicious full Irish breakfast, as well as some sweet foods like pancakes with toasted marshmallows and Nutella. 

Quick note from the editor: I eat here regularly. The breakfast/brunch/food in general is class. It’s also pet friendly!

2. Brother Hubbard (one of our favourite places for brunch in Dublin)

Brother Hubbard restaurant dublin
Best brunch Dublin: Photos via Brother Hubbard on Facebook

With two locations (Capel St. and Harrington St.) in the city and a sign out front that says “This is the café you have been looking for”, Brother Hubbard is one of the best places for brunch in Dublin.

Their Middle Eastern-inspired menu offers signature dishes like halloumi sabiche, Moroccan pancakes, and Turkish eggs with cinnamon buns.

Craving something sweet? The café’s French toast with coconut mascarpone and white chocolate will be your sweet morning fix.

Everything you order at this café is made from scratch and brunch is available until 4 pm.


WUFF restaurant dublin
Photos via WUFF on Facebook

Welcome to WUFF in Smithfield, a cosy neighbourhood bistro with a divine seasonal brunch menu.

Judging by the doggy based décor (and the name, obviously!) the owner of this joint is definitely crazy about pooches!

The dining room is probably one of the best I’ve visited in Dublin and the staff is charming and always more than happy to recommend some of the brunch favourites.

Go for the Wuff BLT with melted cheese or order poached eggs with asparagus and chorizo.

4. Bibi’s Café

Bibi’s Café restaurant dublin
Photos via Google Maps

You will find the popular Bibi’s café in a quiet residential area in Portobello where it’s been dishing out tasty treats for over 10 years.

Run by sisters Maisha and Petria, this charming neighbourhood café takes their brunch offerings very seriously.

From Dublin brunch classics like roasted squash eggs and French toast to innovative gourmet sandwiches and smashed avocado, there are plenty of delicious brunch dishes to look forward to at Bibi’s Café.

Keep in mind that this is one of the busiest brunch places in Dublin (in our experience), so be prepared to wait at times (the wait will be worth it – promise!).

5. The Fumbally

The Fumbally restaurant in dublin
Photo left via Google Maps. Photo right via The Fumbally

The Fumbally at Merchants Quay is one of the more popular places for brunch Dublin. On the weekends, expect long queues to order your favourite brunch dish, but, like Bibi’s, it’s worth the wait.

The brunch menu here is spectacular in every way with seasonal and hearty dishes like greens eggs and ham, sourdough with lightly scrambled eggs, and plenty of vegetarian specials.

I love their open-plan kitchen, as well as the Mediterranean-inspired interior. 

6. San Lorenzo’s (arguably the best brunch in Dublin City Centre)

San Lorenzo’s restaurant dublin
Best brunch in Dublin City: Photos via San Lorenzo’s on Facebook

The mighty San Lorenzo’s is another restaurant that’s said to dish out some of the best brunch Dublin has to offer (it’s also one of our favourite Italian restaurants in Dublin).

This is, unsurprisingly enough, an Italian restaurant that cooks with a New York flair.  Booking here is an absolute must!

As for the menu, expect to find everything from coco pops crunchy French toast and the signature brunch of champions to delicacies like brunch tacos and Belgian waffle sundaes.

If you wish to splash out, go for the lobster benedict. They also have an extensive cocktail list if you don’t mind drinking early in the day.

7. L’Geuleton

L’Geuleton restaurant in dublin
Photos via L’Geuleton on Facebook

The French have one of the most famous cuisines in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the French-inspired brunch menu at Dublin’s L’Geuleton is a big crowd-pleaser.

Hungry patrons come here to eat delicacies like fried potato has, grilled sea bass, French-inspired vanilla crepes with caramelised banana, maple butter, and butterscotch sauce.

The homemade beef burgers are also a popular option with customers, as well as gnocchi with hazelnuts, greens, sundried tomato, and mozzarella.

8. The Hungry Duck

The Hungry Duck restuarant dublin
Photos via The Hungry Duck on Facebook

After reading features on the Hungry Duck in both the Irish Times and the Sunday Independent, I decided to mosey down to this Dublin brunch spot at the start of the year.

I wasn’t disappointed – the brunch menu here is a real delight. From Chorizo scrambled eggs on sourdough to the French toast with vanilla-infused mascarpone, maple syrup ‘n’ berry compote, everything on the menu is simply mouthwatering.

If you miss brunch, their a la carte Friday evening dinner menu is also well worth trying (there also tends to be live jazz, so you can bop away while you eat!).

9. One Society

One Society restaurant dublin
Photos via One Society on Facebook

You’ll regularly see One Society top guides to the best brunch in Dublin, and for good reason. The food on offer in this Lower Gardnier St. haunt is the absolute business.

Order their “not so classic Irish breakfast” and you’ll be full for the rest of the day! Yes, the portions here are generous, but they’re also reasonably priced.

Recent visitors with a sweet tooth rave about their house-made brownie and the mixed-berry crumble.

Did I mention the imported pizza oven from Naples? The garlic prawn white pizza with Parma ham, cherry tomatoes, and chilli is incredibly tasty.

10. Social Fabric Café

Social Fabric Café restaurant dublin
Photos via Social Fabric Café on Facebook

Situated inside a former post office in Stoneybatter, one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Dublin, Social Fabric Café is one of the best-looking brunch joints in this guide.

From the superb artwork that decorates the walls to the inviting cushions, the interior of the Social Fabric looks magnificent.

As for their brunch offerings, I recommend opting for the full social Irish breakfast or getting the sourdough bread with avocado mash and ham.

11. Two Pups (one of the few dog-friendly brunch places Dublin has to offer)

Two Pups restaurant dublin
Photos via Two Pups on Facebook

Last but by no means least is Two Pups on Francis St. This is one of the few dog-friendly brunch joints in the city and it has a spectacular seasonal brunch menu.

I loved their avocado toast with garlic peanut butter and chillies. Yes, it sounds like a weird combination, but it’s extremely tasty.

Jerusalem artichokes with chorizo and poached eggs are also worth spending your cash on, as well as the flatbread with mushroom ketchup and marinated halloumi.

While you are in the area, make sure to check out the nearby vintage shops on Frances Street.

Other note-worthy places for brunch in Dublin

Since publishing this guide, we’ve had a number of emails with suggestions on everything from the best brunch in South Dublin to the best Sunday Brunch in Dublin.

We’ve checked these recommendations out and compiled them under a number of different headings below.

The best brunch Dublin has to offer (according to Google reviews)

  1. ALMA
  2. Urbanity
  3. WUFF
  4. SLICE
  5. The Fumbally
  6. Crow St. Restaurant
  7. Farmer Brown’s
  8. Wolf+Spoon
  9. Tasty 8
  10. Legit Coffee

The best Sunday brunch in Dublin

  1. Brother Hubbard
  2. San Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant
  3. Dillinger’s
  4. Balfes
  5. Thundercut Alley

The tastiest brunch in Dublin City Centre

  1. Herbstreet
  2. Coppinger Row
  3. SLICE
  4. Angelina’s
  5. Clever East

Best places for brunch in Dublin: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some great places for brunch in Dublin City Centre and beyond in the guide above.

If you have a brunch spot that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

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