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16 Places Dishing Up The Best Brunch In Dublin In 2024

16 Places Dishing Up The Best Brunch In Dublin In 2024

This guide to the best brunch Dublin has to offer only contains spots that we have visited 3+ times and that we have found to be consistently brilliant.

There’s a mix of long-time Dublin brunch favourites, like Tang, and some more recent additions, like Ebb & Flow, that have racked up rave reviews.

So, regardless of whether you’re after a beaut of an eggs Benny, an adventurous Aubergine Baba Ganoush or a bitta bottomless brunch, you’ll find something to whet your appetite below. Enjoy!

The best brunch in Dublin

This guide is packed with a mix of new and old Dublin brunch spots that consistently delight diners, and it’s updated regularly. 

Below, you’ll find everywhere from Bread 41 (there’s seating upstairs!) and As One to Bibi’s and some of the more unique places for brunch in Dublin City.

1. Bread 41 (Pearse St.)

Bread 41

Photos via Bread 41 on FB

Although it’s best known for its bakery, Bread 41 on Pearse St. has seating for 40 people upstairs and a beaut of a brunch menu that runs Wednesday to Sunday.

Some of the highlights include the Breakfast Croissant (toasted croissant, cheddar, bacon, fried egg and ketchup) and their French Toast (pan fried with orange curd, chocolate ganache, crumble and fresh orange).

There’s also some adventurous options like the Puy Lentil Dahl (coconut dahl with roast cauliflower, lime yogurt, herb oil, pickled carrots, cashews and toasted sourdough) and simple dishes like the Mixed Grain Porridge.

You can reserve a table: Yes, you don’t have to worry about queues – you can book a table at Bread 41 in advance!

2. Tang (Multiple Locations)

Tang Dublin

Photos via Tang on FB

Boasting locations on Cumberland Place, Dawson St. and Abbey St. you’re rarely too far from some of the best brunch in Dublin at Tang!

With a great emphasis on sustainable dining, everything at Tang, with the exception of the bread, is made from scratch!

There is a reassuringly small brunch menu on offer here and it’s the Cilbir Eggs (poached eggs, roast garlic yogurt, roast squash, fresh herbs and sourdough) and the Shakshuka (eggs baked in harrisa and chopped tomatoes, dukkah, feta, tzatziki and sourdough) that steal the show.

There’s also everything from hummus eggs and mushrooms on toast to granola, buckwheat pancakes and more.

Why we keep going back: Tang is hard to bate if you’re looking for a tasty, healthy brunch in Dublin City

3. Two Pups (Multiple Locations)

Two Pups

Photos via Two Pups on FB

With locations in The Liberties and Fairview, Two Pups is one of the more popular spots for brunch in Dublin.

We have two go-tos here; the first is the very tasty Seasonal Hash (garlic roasted spuds, poached eggs, herb yoghurt, pickled fennel and parsnip hash browns).

The second is their Mexican Eggs (eggs served on top of a spiced black bean stew and served with crispy tortilla chips). 

Or, if you fancy something handy and hearty to-go, the Breakfast Bap (sausage and black pudding patty, hash brown, one egg cheese omelette and confit garlic roast spuds) is worth a bash.

A fine feed and great coffee: Although it’s the food that keeps us coming back, Two Pups also pours some of the best coffee in Dublin!

4. Alma (Portobello)


Photos via Alma on FB

Although we’ve been raving about Alma in our regularly updated guide to the best breakfast in Dublin, this Portobello favourite whips up a mighty brunch, too!

At Alma, delicious Argentine flavours collide with local Irish produce to craft a menu packed with both simple and adventurous options.

If you fancy something savoury, try the Smokey West Corkey Pancakes (with goat’s cheese cream, smoked salmon, poached eggs, fennel and radish) or the Sweet Potato and Harrisa Eggs.

There’s also a Vegan Hummus Toast (with roasted garlic portobello mushrooms), their Choripan Argento (Argentinian style sausage on organic sourdough) and plenty more.

A handy tip: As Alma is one of the more popular Dublin brunch spots it’s worth booking online before you go! 

5. Brother Hubbard (Multiple Locations)

brother hubbard

Photos via Brother Hubbard on FB

Dishing up some of the best brunch Dublin has to offer for many-a-year now, Brother Hubbard has locations on Capel St. and Harrington St. and in both Arnotts and Ranelagh.

Their Middle Eastern-inspired menu has signature dishes like The Famous Pulled Pork (14 hour slow cooked pull pork served with greens and crispy onions on sourdough).

There’s also everything from a Aubergine Baba Ganoush (with potato, pickled cabbage and a flatbread) and a Harissa Chicken Sandwich (with lemon-garlic aioli and greens).

Or, if you fancy something sweet, give The Frenchie: Banoffee Edition a crack – it’s a homemade Brioche moulded into a bread and butter pudding style French Toast.

A long-standing Dublin brunch spot: Operating since 2012, Brother Hubbard is one of the few spots for brunch in Dublin that has been consistently good for such a long period.

6. Bibi’s Café (Portobello)

Bibi's Café

Photos via Bibi’s Café on IG

Bibi’s Café in Portobello is one of the newer additions to our guide to the best brunch Dublin has to offer, and for good reason.

A cosy spot run by Chef and owner Maisha Lenehan, there’s seating for 38 inside and, on those often rare fine days, there’s outdoor seating, too.

Now, it’s worth noting that the menu changes here – one of our favourite brunch bits from here over the last year has been the French Toast (tartine brioche with bacon and maple syrup).

However, the squash eggs (poached eggs with roast squash, garlic yogurt and chill butter on sourdough) and the toasties (the last one we had was the char-grilled chicken with red pepper, cheddar and chilli mayo) have also been pretty damn good!

Don’t take our word for it: With 4.6/5 from 1,002+ reviews on Google, Bibi’s could go toe-to-toe with some of the best restaurants in Dublin review-wise

7. One Society (Lower Gardiner Street)

One Society dublin

Photos via One Society on FB

One Society on Lower Gardiner St. is another great spot for brunch in Dublin, especially if you’re after a hearty feed!

Served from Wednesday to Sunday, the brunch menu here is packed with sweet and savoury options, from a simple granola to a hefty full Irish.

There’s also 8 types of pancakes (yes, 8), a grilled halloumi burger (with roast potatoes) a gooey cheese and nduja toastie (served on sourdough with caramelised onions) and plenty more.

If you’re taking the car: There’s a Q-Park around a 5-minute walk from One Society (here on Google Maps)!

8. As One (City Quay)

As One

Photos via As One on FB

Our guide to the best brunch Dublin has to offer is now into its 4th edition and many places that once featured have since been removed. However, one that’s stood strong over the years is As One.

Located on City Quay in a bright and airy space, the folks at As One take pride in creating ‘Food With Purpose’ (you can read about their process here).

On the weekend brunch menu, there’s some tasty small plates, like grilled gambas, blueberry and feta toast and seasonal corn on the cob.

There’s also large plates, including their breakfast (sausages, pudding, potato cake and eggs), the Irish Mushroom Muffin (with pesto, eggs and salsa) and the Hash Up (with chorizo, poached eggs and spring onion).

A handy weekend option: As One, in our experience, is generally busy mid-week thanks to the surrounding offices. It’s usually easier to nab a seat come the weekend!

9. Social Fabric Café (Stoneybatter)

Social Fabric Café

Photos via Social Fabric on FB

Another of the more popular spots for brunch Dublin has to offer is Stoneybatter’s cozy Social Fabric Café.

If you, like me, tend to play it safe, the Social Fry (sausage, rashers, black pudding, poached eggs, potatoes hash, Ballymaloe relish and sourdough toast) will be a clear winner.

Other popular options include the Social Shakshuka (sourdough, poached eggs, chorizo and feta) and the Buffalo Chicken Hash (with hot sauce, bacon, cherry tomatoes, fried egg, and more).

You’ll also find some brunch favourites like eggs Benedict, house granola, pancakes, brekkie burritos and veggie options.

You can bring the pooch: This is one of only a handful of pet-friendly brunch places in Dublin

10. WUFF (Smithfield)


Photos via Wuff

Although we generally tend to head here for breakfast, Wuff in Smithfield is a fine spot for a bitta brunch!

On the sweet side, there’s waffles (with hazelnuts, fruit and chocolate sauce) and crepe pancakes with all the trimmings.

If you like to keep things simple, there’s eggs every way imaginable (Benedict, royale, Florentine) and the standard full Irish. 

However, if you fancy a change from the traditional brunch items, try one of the toasties (spicy chicken chorizo, 3 cheese and ham and the goat’s cheese) which are served with chips or a mug of soup.

You can book a table: Yep, this is one of the few spots for brunch in Dublin that allow you to book (note: walk-ins only at the weekend)

11. Farmer Browns (Multiple Locations)

Farmer Browns

Photos via Farmer Browns on FB

Another spot dishing up some of the best brunch Dublin has to offer is Farmer Browns, with locations in Rathmines, Kilternan and Clonskeagh.

I’ve been here (the Rathmines one!) more times than I can remember, mainly to grab the breakfast tacos and fries (3 corn tacos with scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, ranch and crispy black beans).

However, there’s plenty more on offer, from the Starvin Marvin (a full Irish with bretzel batch toast and fries) and the pancake stack (4 fluffy pancakes with toppings) to their fried chicken and waffles.

There’s also ‘The Healthy Option’ (brown bread with avocado and feta smash, poached eggs and greens), cauliflower wings, salads and regular chicken wings.

You can reserve a spot: If you’re looking for the best places for brunch in Dublin and you don’t fancy queuing, you can book a table here in advance!

12. Urbanity (Smithfield)


Photos via Urbanity

We’ve raved about Smithfield’s Urbanity plenty of times on this site, and for good reason – the food here is consistently great.

The folks here have created a peach of a menu using locally sourced, fresh ingredients that are whipped into delicious dishes!

On the weekend brunch menu, you’ll find plenty of adventurous options, like the roast baby potato (with chorizo, greens and poached eggs on tartine sourdough) and the wild mushrooms (with green curry, rice and peanut crumb).

There’s also ‘The Bear’ (scrambled eggs, cream cheese, sour cream and chive house crisps on sourdough) and Belgian waffles (with toasted marshmallow and chocolate ganache).

Keep in mind: There’s a standard lunch menu midweek and then a brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday 

13. Platform 61 (South William St.)

Platform 61

Photos via Platform 61

You’ll find Platform 61 tucked away in a basement on South William Street. A good option for groups, it takes bookings online and is known for its buzzy atmosphere.

Two of the menu highlights here are The Stun Bun (grilled chicken fillet in a brioche bun with guac, relish, greens and roast baby potatoes) and the Huevos Ranchers (with fried eggs, tomato relish, guac, melted cheese and roast baby potatoes).

There’s also an open steak sambo (with olive focaccia, caramelised onion and chilli baby potatoes) their French toast (with dulce de leche, strawberries and orange mascarpone) and plenty more.

Fancy a boozy option? Platform 61 is one of the few places still doing bottomless brunch in Dublin City Centre

14. Ebb & Flow (Camden St.)

Ebb & Flow

Photos via Ebb & Flow on FB

Ebb & Flow on Camden St. is another of the new additions to this guide of the best brunch Dublin has to offer (we’ve been three times in the last 4 months…).

On-the-go since 2021, Ebb & Flow has a dedicated weekend brunch menu that’s packed with old reliables and funky dishes.

On the funky side, there’s a nduja crostini (with spinach, poached eggs and spicy hollandaise) and Korean chicken French toast (with spicy veg slaw, onion and a fried egg topped on brioche).

There’s also pancakes, a spiced potato and bacon hash, ‘fancy’ beans on toast (they come with roasted shallot and red pepper sauce, parmesan and a poached egg) and loads more.

Can be quiet early on the weekend: Many food spots on Camden St. tends to be buzzing Monday to Friday and then relatively quiet early in the mornings come the weekend!

15. Balfes (Balfes St.)


Photos via Balfes on FB

Balfes off Grafton Street used to be a go-to spot for brunch in Dublin for many but, for some reason, seems to have fallen out of favour with some.

However, this is a bit of an ‘old-reliable’ when it comes to a Saturday or Sunday brunch in Dublin, with a range of healthy and hearty options available.

I’ve had the BodyByrne Breakfast (eggs, avocado, sweet potato, turkey rashers, turkey pudding, black pudding and toasted sourdough) several times and it never disappoints.

The crispy chicken and waffles (with pancetta, hot sauce and yogurt) and the Mediterranean eggs (with hollandaise, kale, spinach and cherry tomato) are also very tasty.

Balfes is central, so book ahead: I’ve been turned away from here plenty of times, without realising you can book online

16. Slice (Stoneybatter)


Photos via Slice on IG

The last spot in our guide to the best brunch in Dublin is the brilliant Slice in Stoneybatter.

Boasting a fine aul mix of sweet and savoury options, there’s something to tickle most tastebuds on their weekend brunch menu.

Two of the stand-out options are the Brunch Hash Brownies (poached eggs, hollandaise, greens and maple bacon) and the buttermilk pancakes (with caramel, fruit and lemon and vanilla ricotta).

There’s also a hearty spiced sausage scramble (with avocado and pea guac, lemon creme fraiche and more) and a simple eggs and greens option.

Good for groups: If you’re looking for brunch places in Dublin that’ll take group bookings, you can give them a call and they’ll take a booking!

Dublin brunch FAQs

Since publishing the first version of our Dublin brunch guide many years back, we’ve been asked everything from ‘Where does the best bottomless brunch in Dublin?’ to ‘Where’s the best for groups?’.

Below, you’ll find the most FAQs. If you have any favourite Dublin brunch spots that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!

What Dublin brunch spots can be booked?

Some of the best brunch Dublin has to offer (WUFF – Smithfield, Alma – Portobello and Bread 41 – Pearse St.) can be booked in advance.

Where does bottomless brunch in Dublin City?

Platform 61 (William St S), Beef & Lobster (Parliament St) and Cleaver East (Essex St) dish up some of the best bottomless brunch in Dublin City Centre.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.