The Best Restaurants in Dublin: 21 Tasty Places to Try Tonight

A guide to the best places to eat in Dublin

The Best Restaurants in Dublin: 21 Tasty Places to Try Tonight
Photo left via Bunsen. Photo right via RIBA. (on Facebook)

If you’re in search of the best restaurants in Dublin, you’ll find plenty of mouth-watering options below!

The food scene in Dublin never disappoints (if you know where to look). From casual establishments to fine dining spots and almost every cuisine you could possibly imagine, you’re really spoiled for choice in the Irish capital.

It can be tricky to navigate the restaurant scene in Dublin and deciding where to head for dinner can be a tricky choice.

So, whether you’re after a good burger, the best Italian pizza or delicious vegan food, we’ve rounded up 21 tasty restaurants in Dublin for you to try tonight.

The Best Restaurants in Dublin: First Up – Our Favourites

The first section of this guide tackles what we regard as the best places to eat in Dublin. These are spots that we know and love and that (hopefully…) you’ll enjoy too!

Below, you’ll find what we believe are 5 of the top restaurants in Dublin. If you disagree, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

1. Chapter One

Chapter One restaurant dublin
Photos via Chapter One on Facebook

As far as fine dining establishments go, Chapter One is arguably the best that Dublin has to offer. This place is a Michelin-starred restaurant set in the basement of the Dublin Writers Museum.

While it’s housed in an elegant and modern dining room, the atmosphere in Chapter One is surprisingly relaxed. The menu is a combination of French and modern Irish, with ingredients sourced from the best producers in the country.

It’s definitely pricey but for a high-end dinner, you won’t be disappointed. For better value, you can try their lunch or pre-theatre menu.

This is the best restaurant in Dublin for: Special occasions, celebrations and for those that enjoy a fine feed and that aren’t afraid to part with a few Euro.

2. Bunsen

Bunsen burger
Photo via Bunsen on Facebook

Simple yet delicious, Bunsen is the only place to go if you’re craving a good burger. The menu in this Dublin restaurant couldn’t be more straight forward with hamburgers, hand-cut fries and a couple of drink choices.

It’s so popular that you can now find them at a few locations across the city and around the country (they’ve even opened a location in Barcelona!)

The dining area is casual, the food is good value and the burgers are unbelievably tasty. Get in, get fed and make your belly happy.

This is one of the top restaurants in Dublin for: Quick, delicious and very pocket-friendly food with friends.

3. Eathos

Eathos restaurant dublin
Photos via Eathos on Facebook

Eathos Café is a healthy and wholesome foodie experience. This daytime favourite is passionate about good food with top-notch ingredients used and creative plates dished out.

It’s all about clean eating, but they certainly don’t compromise on flavour. The colourful salads and array of offerings from their patisserie line the window display.

Virtually every dietary requirement is covered here with vegan, gluten-free, paleo, raw and nut-free options. The all-day brunch menu is a massive hit with smoothie bowls, buckwheat pancakes and an Irish-style cooked breakfast.

This is one of the best places to eat in Dublin City during the day if: you fancy a tasty, clean feed and a fine cup of coffee. 

4. Hang Dai

Hang Dai restaurant dublin
Photos via Hang Dai on Facebook

If you’re in search of cool restaurants in Dublin, look no further than Hang Dai. This Chinese restaurant has one of the funkiest interiors in the county.

The neon lighting and table booths are designed to look like the inside of a train carriage. Plus, the fully stocked bar and DJ set make it one of the trendiest places to eat in Dublin.

Aside from the interior, the food is also insanely delicious. Contemporary takes on classic Chinese with plenty of sharing plates and options for vegetarians. You’ll want to make a reservation here to ensure you get a seat or you can opt for their takeout menu instead.

This is one of the best restaurants in Dublin for: Laid back eating that’ll get you in the humour for a night spent mooching around some the best pubs in Dublin.

5. Klaw

Klaw restaurant dublin
Photos via Klaw on Facebook

Right in the middle of the lively Temple Bar area, Klaw by Niall Sabongi is simple and rustic and often considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Dublin City Centre.

It’s better described as a seafood shack with a small dining area, view of the open kitchen and a menu simply scrawled on the wall in chalk.

Locals come here for the oysters or lobster roll, with some dishes changing daily depending on the market. It’s not the cheapest option for a late-night dinner, but for excellent seafood you can’t go wrong with the value.

This is one of the best Dublin restaurants for: anyone that’s fond of a fishy feed. There’s also an Oyster Happy Hour between 17:00 and 18:00.

Restaurant in Dublin known for their steak

The second section of the guide takes us to places to eat in Dublin that are known for dishing out a mighty steak.

Below, you’ll find a number of top restaurants in Dublin where you’re guaranteed to grab a steak that’ll tantalise your tastebuds. 

1. FX Buckley Steakhouse

FX Buckley Steakhouse restaurant
Photos via FX Buckley Steakhouse on Facebook

If you’re in search of a world-class steakhouse, FX Buckley on Pembroke Street is most people’s top choice in Dublin.

For over 25 years this place has perfected their steaks with grass-fed traditional breeds and dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days.

The old world, elegant interior of this place is perfectly suited for an intimate dinner for two or even a special group occasion.

A handy tip: If you’re looking for a reasonably pocket-friendly feed, nip into FX Buckley in the afternoon – they tend to have good value lunch offers.

2. Brookwood Dublin

Brookwood Dublin restaurant
Photos via Brookwood on Facebook

Brookwood is a standout restaurant along Baggot Street in Dublin. This is the perfect culinary destination for top-class food and cocktails.

The menu features the finest Vintage Reserve Irish dry-aged beef all sourced from the same butcher. It’s not all about steak here though – there’s excellent seafood here, too.

Brookwood is also known for its sophisticated cocktail list, as well as its stock of wine and craft beer varieties. Whether you’re just in for a drink or waiting for a steak, this stylish place is a treat every time.

This is one of the best restaurants in Dublin for: a get-together with friends at the weekend. Steak followed up with cocktails and chatter. It’s hard to beat. 

3. Featherblade

Featherblade restaurant dublin
Photos via Featherblade on Facebook

Featherblade is another of the best places to eat in Dublin for steak and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the exceptional value for money, too.

The menu is limited but changes depending on what’s available, with the staple feather blade cut being the main constant.

The delicious and reasonably priced sides are equally popular, with many people raving about the truffle mac and cheese. The clean and modern interior strikes a perfect balance between casual and high end.

4. Boeuf

Boeuf restaurant dublin
Photos via Boeuf on Facebook

Boeuf is a French-inspired casual steakhouse with top-notch Irish beef. Their dry-aged meat is cooked to your liking and served on a cast iron plate.

They have one of the most extensive lists of steak enhancements you could possibly find with toppings, sauces and crusts, as well as, a variety of potato-based sides.

For something a little different, you can try their brunch menu on a weekend with their delicious steak sandwich being a local favourite.

This is one of the top restaurants in Dublin if you’re looking for: a place for brunch but you’d rather something heartier than the usual poached eggs.

The best Italian restaurants in Dublin

Our next section tackles the best Italian restaurants Dublin has to offer. Below, you’ll discover the best spots for authentic pizza and pasta dishes, fine wine and lots more.

There’s everything from relatively new restaurants in Dublin to eateries that have graced the city for 20+ years.

1. La Gustosa

La Gustosa restaurant dublin
Photos via La Gustosa on Facebook

This underrated gem of a restaurant is right on the waterfront in the Bayside area. It’s a small neighbourhood Italian restaurant but their wood-fired pizza is worth the trip.

The menu’s ingredients are all sourced from local producers and cooked with a real authentic Mediterranean flavour.

Most come here for the pizza, but you can also find pasta and a range of other typical Italian mains on the menu. There’s no bar but it’s worth knowing that you can bring your own wine for a corkage fee.

2. Da Mimmo

Da Mimmo restaurant dublin
One of the best restaurants in Dublin for Italian food: Photos via Da Mimmo on Facebook

Da Mimmo is a casual Italian restaurant that is often considered one of the best restaurants in Dublin. It’s located to the north of the centre on North Strand Road.

This family-run restaurant has been open for 10 years and is well known for their excellent wood-fired pizza, authentic pasta and an extensive Italian wine list.

It’s perfect for a family dinner or casual meal with friends or you can grab takeaway if you prefer.

3. Il Vicoletto

Il Vicoletto restaurant dublin
Photos via Il Vicoletto on Facebook

Right in the heart of Temple Bar, this classic Italian restaurant brings the best of Irish ingredients and Mediterranean dishes.

Open for dinner every night of the week, you won’t be disappointed with the food and wine at Il Vicoletto.

The focus is on Central-Northern Italian cuisine with a range of mains that aren’t just pizza and pasta.

This is one of the best restaurants in Dublin for: those looking for an intimate Italian meal with a moderately priced menu (the three-course set menu works out best).

4. RIBA Italian Restaurant in Dublin

RIBA Italian Restaurant Stillorgan
Photo via RIBA on Facebook

RIBA offers a simple Italian inspired menu with home-made pasta, dry-aged beef and fresh seafood being the main highlights.

You’ll find the restaurant located across from the Stillorgan Village shopping centre. If you’re in for an early dinner, then you can go for their early bird two or three-course specials which are excellent value.

Don’t pass on the wine list either, as their extensive options are some of the best from small artisan winemakers.

The best Indian restaurants in Dublin

We’re diving into the best Indians in Dublin, next, and there’s plenty to choose from, with prices ranging from cheap and cheerful to pretty damn pricey.

Below, you’ll find some of the best places to eat in Dublin if you’re hankering for a belly full of Indian cuisine, from favourites, like Pickle, to lesser-known spots just outside of the city.

1. Pickle Restaurant

Pickle Restaurant dublin
Photos via Pickle Restaurant on Facebook

Pickle Restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Dublin for authentic Northern Indian food. No matter what you choose off the menu, it’s all mouth-wateringly good.

You’ll find favourites like Butter Chicken, Biryani and Chicken Tikka, as well as, more traditional North Indian dishes like Laal Maans and Murgh Mandi Wala.

Make sure you book a table in advance, though, as Pickle is usually busy (and for good reason).

2. Konkan 

Konkan restaurant dublin
Photos via Konkan on Facebook

This contemporary Indian restaurant is perfect for an intimate dinner in Harold’s Cross. Konkan is the name for the south-west coast of India, and this is where much of the menu gets its inspiration.

You’ll find speciality dishes like Goan Fish Curry and Malabar Chicken Curry, as well as, typical favourites like Tikka Masala and Biryani.

The menu is reasonably priced with generous portions and you can always get it takeaway as well.


ANANDA restaurant dublin
Photos via ANANDA on Facebook

For a more contemporary and fine dining experience, this stylish Indian restaurant serves up creative dishes from their bespoke menu.

You’ll find the much-loved ANANDA located in Dundrum Town Centre, making it one of the top restaurants in Dublin for a pre-movie (or post-shopping!) dinner.

The restaurant prides itself on exquisite Indian cuisine from high-quality local ingredients. Their seasonal tasting menu is a real hit with an interesting combination of savoury and sweet dishes.

4. 3 Leaves Restaurant

3 Leaves Restaurant dublin
Photos via 3 Leaves on Facebook

3 Leaves Restaurant is just off the main street in Blackrock. This trendy, casual Indian restaurant is run by a passionate husband and wife team who serve up seriously delicious curries from an ever-changing menu.

Each dish is always beautifully presented with a range of dishes inspired from all over India. They also have a taster menu which is raved about by most customers for being great value for money.

The best vegan restaurants in Dublin

Our next section tackles places to eat in Dublin that’ll suit those of you in search of restaurants known for dishing up tasty vegan and vegetarian eats.

There are many new restaurants in Dublin popping up that cater exclusively for vegans and vegetarians, while many of Dublin’s ‘old-school’ eateries also ofter tasty veggie options.

1. Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant

Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant dublin
Photos via Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant on Facebook

This is one of Dublin’s most loved vegetarian restaurants and is centrally located in Wicklow Street. The old-style Georgian dining rooms at this long-standing favourite have plenty of space for small tables up to large groups.

The wholesome, fresh and plant-based menu changes daily with a range of options for any meal of the day.

The mains are particularly creative with options like potato, cauliflower and cashew cakes and fennel and courgette pie and mouth-watering vegan desserts to finish.

2. Sova Vegan Butcher

Sova Vegan Butcher restaurant dublin
Photos via Sova Vegan Butcher on Facebook

This sophisticated restaurant in Portobello is all about the best vegan dishes that balance taste with healthy nutrients.

As the name suggests, there’s plenty of vegan ‘meats’ such as soya chicken and seitan steak with everything on the menu being 100% vegan.

Other dietary requirements are also catered for, especially gluten intolerance with plenty of options for everyone.

This is one of the best restaurants in Dublin for: vegans in search of brunch options where there’s plenty of tasty dishes to choose from.

3. Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel restaurant dublin
Photos via Umi Falafel on Facebook

Who doesn’t love a good falafel? This vegetarian restaurant has some of the best falafel in the city.

You can choose between a falafel sandwich or ditch the bread for a falafel salad and add any sides from the Middle Eastern-inspired menu.

Umi Falafel is a casual restaurant and is located right in the Temple Bar area. It’s extremely popular with their takeaway option a good alternative if the place is full. 

4. Govinda’s Restaurant

Govinda’s Restaurant dublin
Photos via Govinda’s Restaurant on Facebook

Govinda’s is a very affordable Indian restaurant that has a completely vegetarian menu with plenty of vegan options, too.

It’s located just on the north side of the river near Arnotts Department Store. The best part about this restaurant is their daily plates. For a very affordable price, you get a generous portion of whatever’s cooking on the day, with delicious curries and dahl being the main staples.

There’s also plenty of sweets and a selection of drinks from herbal teas to vegan lassi in this casual restaurant.

The best places to eat in Dublin: where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out many other top restaurants in Dublin city and beyond. Have a place that you’d like to shout from the roof tops about? 

Let me know in the comments section below! The topic of the best restaurants in Dublin tends to cause a lot of debate, so we’re keen to hear your favourites!

FAQS about finding good restaurants in Dublin

We’ve had hundreds of emails over the years asking for recommendations on where to eat in Dublin, from people looking for everything from fine dinging to cheap eats.

Below, we’ve popped in some of the most FAQs that we’ve received. 

What are the best new restaurants in Dublin?

  1. V-Face (Stoneybatter)
  2. Dive Tru (Glasnevin)
  3. Full Moon Thai (Temple Bar)
  4. BAH33° (Dawson Street)
  5. Volpe Nera (Blackrock)

What are the best restaurants in Dublin city centre for steak?

  1. FX Buckley
  2. Boeuf
  3. Featherblade
  4. Brookwood

Can you recommend any cool restaurants in Dublin for a night out with friends?

  1. Hang Dai (Chinese)
  2. Featherblade (steak)
  3. Sova Vegan Butcher (Vegan)
  4. Da Mimmo (Italian)

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