11 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants Dublin Has To Offer

best Chinese in Dublin
Photo left : By Yang’s. Photo right : By Kites Chinese

Looking for the best Chinese in Dublin? You’ve landed in the right spot?

When it comes to Chinese restaurants in Dublin, visitors are spoilt for choice. Actually, when it comes to restaurants in general, there are LOADS to choose from (see our guide to the best restaurants Dublin has to offer).

There’s a tonne of great Chinese restaurants ranging from authentic venues that serve classic mouth-watering dishes to elegant eateries where you can enjoy fine dining.

In the guide below, you’ll discover what are, in our opinion, the best Chinese restaurants Dublin has to offer.

The best Chinese in Dublin

  1. Chai-Yo
  2. Golden Elephant Asian Restaurant
  3. Yang’s
  4. Hang Dai Chinese
  5. Lee’s Charming Noodles
  6. Duck
  7. Sichuan Chilli King
  8. M&L Szechuan Chinese
  9. Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant
  10. Kites Chinese Restaurant
  11. Xian Street Food Dublin

1. Chai-Yo

Chai-Yo chinese restaurant in dublin
Photos vie Chai-Yo restaurant on Facebook

I’m not a fan of trendy Asian fusion restaurants, but Dublin’s Chai-Yo restaurant and its Teppanyaki cooking really blew me away.

This is actually a Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dining venue that offers tasty delicacies like chicken and sweetcorn soup and vegetable chow.

Fish specialities, like browns and sea bass, are also worth trying. If you wish to experience a social atmosphere book a chair at their Teppanyaki tables. 

If you, like me, tend to base where you eat off the back of online reviews, according to Tripadvisor, this is the best Chinese in Dublin (#1 at the time of writing).

2. Golden Elephant Asian Restaurant

Golden Elephant Asian Restaurant
Photo via Google Maps 

Opened back in 2009, the Golden Elephant Asian Restaurant is all about made-to-order Chinese dishes prepared from fresh local produce.

They use traditional recipes with lots of oriental spices and offer a wide range of sizzling dishes like prawn Malaysian sambal sauce and fillet beef black bean.

I had the signature steam seabass in ginger scallion a while ago and it was extremely tasty. They also do takeout!

3. Yang’s (the best Chinese in Dublin – outside of the city)

Yang’s is home to some of the best Chinese in dublin
Photos via Yang’s restaurant on Facebook

Next up is what’s arguably the best Chinese in Dublin – outside of the city centre! Located just a short walk from Dublin’s St Anne’s Park on Clontarf Road, Yang’s Chinese Restaurant is definitely one of my favourite dining venues on this list.

If you wish to have an authentic Chinese dining experience and sample traditional foods while enjoying some pretty amazing sea views, look no further than Yang’s.

On the menu, expect to find everything from crispy duck and double-fried beef to pepper ribs. Compliment your meal with something from their extensive selection of top-quality spirits and cocktails.

4. Lee’s Charming Noodles

Lee's Charming Noodles
Photos via Lee’s Charming Noodles restaurant on Facebook

Lee’s Charming Noodles is simply one of the must-visit Chinese dining venues when visiting Dublin.

It’s extremely popular with both Dubliners and tourists alike because of their signature dishes, roast duck soup noodles and chow mein.

Expect to find plenty of other Chinese stir fry options, as well as an array of gluten-free dishes and options for vegetarians. Be aware that the portions are Lee’s Charming Noodles are generous.

5. Duck (the best Chinese in Dublin according to Google reviews)

Duck restaurant dublin
Photos via Duck restaurant on Facebook

This Hong Kong-style roasted meat deli is an-award-winning dining joint that offers authentic flavours of Hong Kong style roasted meats.

The interior with vintage posters and suspended birdcages looks spectacular and the food menu at Duck is sublime. What makes this BBQ stand out from other similar places in Ireland is the traditional Bullet Oven that they use to cook the meat. 

If you are looking for crispy skin and juicy meat with crafter sauces, you’ve definitely come to the right place.   

If you, like me, tend to base where you eat off the back of online reviews, according to Google Reviews, this is the best Chinese in Dublin (#1 at the time of writing).

6. Sichuan Chilli King

Sichuan Chilli King chinese restaurant dublin
Photos via Google Maps

A casual eatery on Parnell Street in Dublin, Sichuan Chilli King offers has everything you need for an enjoyable Sichuan dining experience.

Go for the wonton soup as a starter dish and order pork and cabbage dumplings for the main. Their signature golden mushroom with lamb pot dish promises to satisfy your taste buds.

If you are in the mood for some spicy food, I recommend Chongqing chilli chicken. As for the decor, the large wooden chairs and faux brick interior provide a perfect setting for a casual dining experience.

7. M&L Szechuan Chinese

M&L Szechuan Chinese restaurant
Photo via M&L Szechuan Chinese restaurant on Facebook

M&L Szechuan Chinese is an award-winning restaurant where you can sample some seriously awesome traditional Szechuan foods.

Whether you wish to try garlic chilli green beans and dim sums or go for shredded pork with garlic sauce, everything on their extensive menu is extraordinary.

I forgot to mention one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, the crispy duck with pancakes. You will find M&L Szechuan Chinese right off O’Connell St.

8. Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant

Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant
Photo via Google Maps

Located in the heart of Dublin just a short walk from O’Connell Street, Lao Chinese, and Korean BBQ Restaurant offers both Korean BBQ and authentic Chinese dishes. Try the crispy fried duck or order the tasty chicken curry with egg fried rice. Satay chicken skewers are also a big hit with the customers, as well as the king prawn. If you wish to sing your heart out, they also host karaoke events.

9. Hang Dai Chinese (the best Chinese restaurant in Dublin to nip into before a night out)

Hang Dai restaurant dublin
Photos via Hang Dai’s restaurant on Facebook

The very unique Hang Dai is the best Chinese in Dublin for groups of friends looking for a bite to eat before a night on the town.

An elegant spot located in the centre of Dublin on Camden Street, Hang Dai boasts a cheerful ambiance and is an ideal place to visit for a special occasion.

They specialise in the apple wood-fired duck, but also serve other delectable dishes like steamed eggplant and asparagus spring rolls. Crispy duck dumplings can be found on their snack menu and there is a carefully crafted cocktail menu to enjoy.

10. Kites Chinese Restaurant

Kites Chinese Restaurant restaurant
Photos via Kites Chinese Restaurant on Facebook

To enjoy the rich flavours of Sechuanese cuisine in Dublin, head out to the popular Kites Chinese Restaurant. Spread across two floors with elegant interiors, it is one of the best Thai and Chinese dining establishments in the city. Local Dublin foodies rave about the Thai and Chinese fusion cuisine at Kites and note that it pleases all palates. Thanks to its central location, Kites is usually packed with customers, so make sure to make a reservation before visiting.

11. Xian Street Food Dublin

Xian Street Food restaurant
Photos via Xian Street Food restaurant on Facebook

I’ve heard a lot of people say that this is the best Chinese in Dublin if you’re in search of an authentic feed (it’s also said to be one of the best value spots!). 

If you wish to skip fusion foods and fancy restaurants with shiny tablecloths, pay a visit to Xian Street Food Dublin where delicate aromas and a reasonably priced menu await.

From pan-friend dumplings and Xi’an meat burger to gong bao chicken with spicy peanut sauce and the popular biang biang noodles, every bite of their food is mouthwatering. 

The best Chinese restaurant Dublin has to offer: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally missed out on some great places for Chinese in Dublin in the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll check it out! 

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