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The Best Coffee In Dublin: 17 Cafes In Dublin That Knock Up A Fine Brew

The Best Coffee In Dublin: 17 Cafes In Dublin That Knock Up A Fine Brew

The topic of the best coffee shops in Dublin is one that stirs (shocking pun, I know…) up a fine bit of debate online.

There’s some stiff competition between old-school cafes in Dublin, many of which have been keeping the city caffeinated for decades, and funky new comers that are racking up rave reviews online.

Below, you’ll find where we think does the best coffee in Dublin, with a mix of well known spots along with some often missed coffee shops in Dublin.

Our favourite places for coffee in Dublin (comfy + slightly random spots)

one of our favourite spots for coffee in dublin

Photos via the Marlin

The first section of our guide tackles our favourite places for coffee in Dublin. Now, this is a mixed bag, and there’s not one cafe…

In fact, a lot of these locations will look out of place in a guide to the best coffee shops in Dublin, but bear with me – we’ve included each one for good reason.

1. The Gallery at the Westbury

the westbury

Photos via The Westbury

OK, so it isn’t technically a cafe, but the plush Gallery at the Westbury (one of the 5 star hotels in Dublin) is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle in style!

Located just off busy Grafton Street, it’s an ornate place to settle in on comfy sofas and chairs for a coffee while watch the world go by.

When you arrive, head up the stairs until you reach the area in the photo on the left above. Although you won’t find the best coffee in Dublin here, the setting is impossible to beat.

2. The Bank

the bank

Photos via The Bank on FB

Again, The Bank definitely isn’t one you’d expect to find in a guide to the best coffee shops in Dublin, but bear with me.

It’s inside this beautiful old building on College Green that you’ll find a fine little area that’s home to comfy chairs, lots of space and where you’ll also get great views of the building’s architecture.

It’s on the upper floor of The Bank, and you’ll find 7 – 10 tables here. As this is a pub, you’ll want to nip in during the afternoon, and not when the evening is in full swing.

3. One Society

One Society dublin

Photos via One Society on FB

One Society on Lower Gardiner St. is an absolute peach of a spot. And, as you can see above, it’s one of a few coffee shops in Dublin that does insanely good food, too.

Here, you’ll find a fine bit of seating both inside and outside. If you’re visiting solo, you’ll find small tables where you can kick-back with a book and a coffee.

If you’re visiting with pals for a yap, there’s plenty of space for a group of 4 – 5. One Society is also home to some of the best brunch in Dublin!

4. The Marlin

one of our favourite cafes in dublin

Photos via the Marlin

Our next spot is The Marlin Hotel up on Stephen’s Green – yep, another random one! The reason the lounge area here is one of our go-to spots for coffee in Dublin is simple:

  1. It’s big, spacious and there’s always free seats
  2. There’s a good mix of comfy couches and chairs along with tables
  3. The coffee is decent

One of the biggest issue I have with cafes in Dublin is that it can be tricky to nab a seat. You’ll never have that problem here. A fine spot for a sip and a yap.

The best coffee in Dublin

Not that we have our favourite spots for coffee in Dublin City Centre out of the way, it’s time to see what else the capital has to offer.

Below, you’ll find cafes that are well know for pouring some of the best coffee in Dublin, from Kaph and Two Boys Brew to The Fumbally and more Dive on in!

1. Kaph


Photos via Kaph on Facebook

You can tell from the large windows and the charcoal-black signage that Kaph on Drury Street is achingly cool.

A great little spot in Dublin’s Creative Quarter that keeps decor to a minimum and focuses on the quality of their products, Kaph also acts also as an event hub for culture-craving locals and visitors. 

Head to their joint on Drury Street and see why it’s one of Dublin’s best cafes for escaping the hum of the city centre.

2. Two Boys Brew

Two Boys Brew restaurant dublin

Photos via Two Boys Brew on Facebook

As you might tell by the name, here’s a couple of lads who take their coffee seriously! After growing their passion for coffee while living across the world in Melbourne, they returned home and set up Two Boys Brew in hipster-favourite Phibsborough

Head over to their relaxing spot on the North Circular Road and settle in with some of the city’s finest coffee, alongside products and ingredients fresh from local producers.

They’re open on weekends from 9-3:30, but, as this is one of the most popular cafes in Dublin, it gets busy, so get there earlier to avoid the queues.

3. Shoe Lane Coffee

Shoe Lane

Photos via Shoe Lane Coffee on Facebook

While they also have spots down in Dun Laoghaire and Greystones, check out the Shoe Lane Coffee on Tara Street in central Dublin.

The quirky name is derived from this area’s history as it was once the home of Dublin’s cobblers and you’ll see evidence in the windows of its shoemaking heritage. 

But you’re not here for a new pair of Doc Martens, so head inside and sample some of their superb single-origin coffee either in the back or upstairs looking out over the street. 

4. The Fumbally

Fumbally cafe dublin

Photos via the Fumbally

Since opening in 2012, The Fumbally’s been a popular neighbourhood spot for residents of Dublin 8 who enjoy its unpretentious vibes and ethically sourced food.

Located on the corner of Fumbally Lane and New St, there’s plenty of room here to come in and relax as you’re blanketed by a ton of natural light from the large windows. 

They also do evening dinners on Saturday nights where the chefs will put together a select menu and you’ll have a choice of wines from eighty natural wine producers each week.

The Fumbally is one of a very small number of cafes in Dublin that we’d happily take a long detour to get to. A mighty spot.

5. Two Pups

Two Pups restaurant dublin

Photos via Two Pups on Facebook

Look out for the bright red awnings on the corner of Francis St and you’ll see Two Pups. There’s a load of choice here whether you want to enjoy a meal or just relax with a warm cup of coffee. 

Alongside their excellent filter coffees, they also do their best to partner with small and organic local businesses who provide them with the seasonal ingredients used in their lovely food.

Definitely a spot to check out, though they don’t take bookings so get there early to avoid queues for tables.

6. 3fe

3fe coffee dublin

Photos via 3fe on FB

3fe is said to do the best coffee in Dublin. And, as many of the team here get it ordered to their homes each month, we can confirm that this really is a tasty drop.

With numerous locations scattered across the city, you’re rarely too far from a 3fe (they even have their own roastery!).

The coffee here changes by season as, according to their website, they, ‘tend to deal with smaller producers and work through their produce while its fresh and tasty’.

7. Bear Market Coffee Stillorgan

bear market

Photos via Luke Fitzgerald


With seven locations scattered throughout Dublin, you’re sure to have stumbled across Bear Market. Stephen and Ruth, ex-architects turned coffee roasters, have brought their keen eye for unique design to each shop, ensuring no two are the same.

Located inside a beautiful old church, their Stillorgan Roastery is something special and just about as Irish as it gets. It is the heart of the company’s philosophy to “deliver exceptional coffee from green bean to cup”.

Their specialty coffee changes seasonally, but their ethos doesn’t. Bear puts an emphasis on only buying high quality, ethically sourced single-origin coffee. Their coffee can be purchased in stores, or online.

Quirky coffee shops in Dublin worth nipping into

The final section of our guide to the best coffee in Dublin takes a look at the many Dublin coffee shops that err on the quirkier side of things.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from Lemon Jelly Cafe and The Cake Cafe to The Tram Café and more.

1. The Cake Cafe

The Cake Café

Photos via The Cake Café on FB

Talk about a hidden gem – this place is located down the side street of a side street! But then, that’s part of the charm of The Cake Cafe.

Its secluded spot off Camden Street Lower is ideal for escapism and their leafy courtyard is the perfect place to relax in the middle of a busy city. 

And of course, there are the cakes! Though, while their cakes are great, don’t forget to sample their all-day brunch too. 

2. The Tram Café

Tram Café

Photos via the Tram Café on Facebook

Now, here’s an interesting way to step back in time! After finding it by accident in a field in County Cavan, Dave Fitzpatrick converted his archaic turn-of-the-century tram into a cracking cafe on Dublin’s northside and hasn’t looked back since. 

Located on the east side of Wolfe Tone Park, you can sit inside the cosy wooden interior or take a seat outside and watch the world go by. 

If you’re looking for unique cafes in Dublin where the location, the coffee and the sweet stuff are all top-notch, get yourself to The Tram.

3. Vice Coffee Inc

Vice Coffee

Photos via Vice Coffee Inc on Facebook

Head inside the shared space Wigwam on 54 Middle Abbey St to discover some of Dublin’s finest coffee. Sitting alongside the equally tempting (depending on the time of day!) Rum Bar, Vice Coffee Inc is a very cool place for a brew. 

Perhaps because of their neighbours, they also have a strong focus on serving great Irish Coffees and the blend their creations with Kilbeggan Whiskey. Maybe save those coffees for a little later in the day I’d say!

4. Beanhive Coffee

Beanhive Coffee restaurant dublin

Photos via Beanhive Coffee on Facebook

South of the river, however, Lemon Jelly has some serious competition in the breakfast stakes! Located just north of Stephen’s Green on Dawson St, Beanhive Coffee offer a cracking Full Irish Breakfast as well as a hearty vegan version for the same price. 

If you’re not in the mood for a full breakfast, they do a great range of wraps and sandwiches too.

Beanhive also operates as a bakery and you can take away some super fresh bread to go with your coffee. This is regarded as one of the best breakfasts in Dublin for good reason.

5. Brother Hubbard (North)

Brother Hubbard

Photos via Brother Hubbard Cafes on Facebook

The coffee is great at Brother Hubbard (North), but the food here is on another level. They’ve got some cafes in other locations around the city, but make a bee-line for their shop on Capel Street in the city centre.

They make all of their food from scratch in-house and they try to use locally sourced seasonal produce wherever possible.

Check out their Baba Bida Eggs to spice up your brunch (their own take on Baba Ganoush). Food aside, you can nab some of the best coffee in Dublin here, too.

6. Bewley’s


Photos via Bewley’s Ireland on Facebook

A lovely spot to stop for a tea or coffee, Bewley’s on Grafton Street is the most iconic of the many cafes in Dublin, and it has been a fixture in Dublin life for almost 100 years.

First opening way back in 1927, it’s well-known for its gorgeous decor and the stunning Harry Clarke stained-glass windows in particular. 

Whether you’re coming in for a quiet coffee or a spot of lunch, you know at Bewley’s it’ll be in some of Dublin’s most sumptuous surroundings. If you are planning to eat, then don’t miss their mouthwatering signature Opera Cake.

7. Lemon Jelly Cafe

Lemon Jelly Cafe

Photos via Lemon Jelly Cafe on FB

If you need a good feed before attacking the day in Dublin, then Lemon Jelly Cafe might be the place to do it! Situated prominently in the busy Millennium Walkway, it’s bright inside and has seating outside too for those warm summer days. 

Get yourself set up for a day of exploring by ordering their Full Irish Breakfast alongside a hot coffee.

If you’re looking for cafes in Dublin that can accommodation a large group, there’s loads of room inside and the outside area seats up to 60. 

The best coffee shops in Dublin: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant cafes in Dublin City Centre and beyond from the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

FAQs about the best coffee in Dublin

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from what are the best coffee shops in Dublin for kicking back with a book to what’s the best coffee in Dublin City.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Where can you get the best coffee in Dublin?

In my opinion, the best coffee shops in Dublin are The Fumbally, Shoe Lane Coffee, Two Boys Brew and Kaph.

What are the best cafes in Dublin to visit with a book?

It’s hard to go wrong with any of the places mentioned above, but (and these aren’t really cafes) The Gallery in The Westbury, The Bank and The Marlin’s Lounge are good shouts.

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