Major props to any of you that were slick enough to bring your better half up the Wicklow Mountains on Valentine’s Day to check out this beauty.

Fair enough, given the barmy weather we’re having at the minute, you’ve probably condemned them to a couple of weeks on the UniFlu, but I’m sure it was worth it…

Say Hello to Lough Ouler

You’ll find Lough Ouler in the Wicklow Mountains, at the side of Tonelagee Mountain, the 33rd highest mountain in Ireland.

It’s one of a handful of lakes that sit at a high altitude within the mountains that were created by glaciers during the Ice Age.

And it looks all kinds of deadly

If you fancy giving this hike a bash and seeing the lake for yourself, here’s how the lads at Wicklow Walks describe the difficulty of the hike;

“A more challenging walk with great views over the surrounding hills and beautiful heart-shaped Lough Ouler. Although there are paths along the full route, these are often remarkably hard to find and so in practice much of the route can end up being off-path, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your inclination.”

Worth the hike ❤ #wicklowmountains #Mullaghcleevaun #Tonelagee #Loughouler #Ireland 🍀

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And that's a wrap!
Been here before? Let me know how you found the hike in the comments below!