5 Lovely Little Pubs In Kerry That You Need To Sink A Pint Or 6 In

Every once and a while I’ll pop out a post on Instagram asking the Irish Road Trip community for their recommendations.

It could be for guidance on things to do in a particular county, the location of some off the beaten track gems to discover or, as was the case in this instance, pubs to visit on a trip to County Kerry.

Hundreds of people responded and the list below was born.

It also helped to give birth to our interactive map of the best pubs in Ireland – simply open it up, zoom in on the place that you want to grab a drink in and voilà, a list of all the best pubs in that area.

Anyway… I’ll shut up now

Here are 17 pubs in Co Kerry that the Irish road trip community thinks you should sink a couple of pints in after a hard day of exploring.

1 – Dick Macks Pub, Greene Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry

dick macs pub dingle
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

2 – Foxy Johns, Main St, Dingle,
Co. Kerry

3 – South Pole Inn, Main Street, Annascaul, Co. Kerry

The south pole inn dingle
Photo by valentinvdb (Creative Commons licence)

4 – Kate Kearney’s Cottage, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Co. Kerry

kate kearneys cottage gap of dunloe
Photo via kate kearney on Facebook

5 – O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub, The Mall, Dingle, Co. Kerry

O'Sullivan's Pub dingle
Photo via O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub
And that's a wrap!
As always, I’m keen to hear what you think below! Is there a pub you’ve been to that should have made the list?


  1. I would like to buy a tee shirt or swear shirt from everyone one of these pub’s is they say Kerry Ireland in it. How would I go about that ?

    • Stephen – how’s the form?

      So, I know many of the more touristy pubs in Ireland sell t-shirts on their websites. It could be worth Googling some of the pubs on this list, visiting their websites, and then seeing if they have any on sale?




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