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11 Of The Best Restaurants in Ranelagh To Work Your Way Through In 2024

11 Of The Best Restaurants in Ranelagh To Work Your Way Through In 2024

In search of the best restaurants in Ranelagh? Our Ranelagh restaurants guide will make your belly happy!

The lively little village of Ranelagh has become a haven for foodies seeking out a tasty bite, regardless of the time of day.

Home to mighty breakfast and brunch spots and endless stunning eateries for an evening meal, there’s restaurants in Ranelagh to tickle every tastebud.

In the guide below, you’ll discover the best Ranelagh restaurants on offer, from Dillinger’s and Host to some delicious hidden gems!

Our favourite restaurants in Ranelagh


Photos via Ritas Pizza on Facebook

The first section of our guide to the best restaurants in Ranelagh tackles our favourite places to eat in Ranelagh.

These are restaurants and pubs in Ranelagh that we (one of the Irish Road Trip team) have munched away in at some point over the years. Dive on in!

1. Host Restaurant

Host Restaurant

Photos via Host Restaurant on FB

Just up from the Ranelagh Triangle, Host may be home to some of the best Italian food in Dublin. Everything is outstanding at this restaurant from the food to the service and the atmosphere, so you can’t go wrong.

It’s a stylish and modern place, with a range of seating options from low tables with sofa seats to long tables with high bar stools, if you’re in a group.

The menu is a selection of high-quality ingredients and creative dishes, with small plates, grill items and delicious fresh pasta all paired with an extensive wine list.

2. Antica Venezia

Antica Venezia

Photos via Antica Venezia on FB

Ranelagh is definitely not lacking in good Italian food, and Antica Venezia is another of our favourites. Just a bit further down the main street, this unassuming place is home to a cosy, dimly lit interior with a friendly atmosphere.

They serve up some exquisite Mediterranean food, but the seafood is the obvious winner here. From fresh fish to mussels and calamari, you’ll find mouth-watering dishes at reasonable prices. 

It wouldn’t be an Italian restaurant without some vino, and they have a long wine list to go with your meal.

3. Nightmarket


Photos via Nightmarket on FB

Right in the middle of Ranelagh, Nightmarket is where we go for some proper authentic Thai. The popular restaurant features a large variety of delicious starters and main meals, which are perfect for sharing in a group.

You can opt for take away but we recommend that you dine in, with a fantastic cocktail menu being an unexpected highlight and worth booking a table for a night out. The service is also something to mention with super friendly and attentive staff.

4. Gigi

Gigi restaurant in dublin

Photos via Gigi restaurant on Facebook

Just south of the Ranelagh Triangle, Gigi is all about real Italian food in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. If you’re feeling like some good comfort food, their homemade pasta is absolutely delicious with cannelloni and tagliatelle being popular choices.

For a true Mediterranean experience, they also have an organic antipasto bar serving up traditional charcuterie boards to share with your friends. 

The bare brick walls are decorated with a variety of wine bottles, showcasing the personally selected drops that can complement your meal. They also have some outdoor seating if the weather is particularly nice.

5. Ritas


Photos via Ritas Pizza on Facebook

If you’re craving some good pizza, then point your nose in the direction of Rita’s. Rita’s serves up some of the best pizza in Dublin, from right in the middle of Ranelagh.

The trendy restaurant is very popular and particularly busy on weekends, but the wood fired pizzas are worth the wait.

The simple menu has a variety of traditional and creative pizza options, with a long list of extra toppings that you can add for €2 each if you want to make your own. Plus, they have wine, beer and soft drink to finish off your meal just right. 

Other popular Ranelagh restaurants (and ones nearby)

As you’ve probably gathered at this stage, there’s an almost endless number of great places to eat in Ranelagh on offer.

If you’re still not sold on any of the previous choices, the section below is packed with some more highly-reviewed Ranelagh restaurants.

1. Dillinger’s


Photos via Dillinger’s on FB

This American style restaurant and bar in the heart of Ranelagh is an extremely popular weekend spot, as they dish up some of the best breakfast in Dublin.

Their menu is full of classic American meals including, chicken wings, waffles and nachos, with decent portion sizes of course.

When it comes to drinks, the bar serves up some wicked cocktails, particularly margaritas and bloody marys, which are easily their most popular drinks. 

2. Butcher Grill

Butcher Grill

Photos via Butcher Grill on Facebook

This intimate, candlelit restaurant is an outstanding steakhouse on main street in Ranelagh. It’s grill menu gets rave reviews, especially the rib eye steak and insanely large tomahawk steak, all cooked to perfection.

The bar also serves some classy cocktails including aperol spritz and espresso martinis. Or the extensive wine list is likely to have something that tickles your fancy.

The compact restaurant is definitely a very busy one, so it’s best to book ahead if you want to secure a table on a weekend. They’re open every night, plus for a special Sunday roast lunch each week.

3. Firebyrd


Photos via Firebyrd on FB

If you’re looking for a more casual place that still serves up delicious food, Firebyrd is the perfect spot. The classic American-style diner is well-known for its chicken. From wings to chicken sandwiches and burgers, it’s comfort food at its best.

Their sides are equally with a rave review, with tater tots, mac and cheese and fries all popular choices. 

Overall, the prices are very good value for Ranelagh standards, with specials throughout the week, including all you can eat wings on Mondays and a free drink with any order of wings on Sundays. 

4. Michie Sushi Ranelagh

Michie Sushi Dublin

Photos via Michie Sushi on FB

Just tucked down a side street from the centre of Ranelagh, this small Japanese restaurant is worth checking out for some sushi and noodle dishes.

Open every day from lunch til late, except Mondays, it’s a popular choice for both take away and dining in, as many believe that it dishes up the best sushi in Dublin.

With limited seating, it’s a simple place for no fuss meals at reasonable prices. But if you’re a sushi lover, then it’s a must visit, with both the rolls and sashimi often considered some of the best in the south of Dublin.

5. The Wild Goose Grill

the Wild Goose Grill

Photos via the Wild Goose Grill on FB

Towards the lower end of the main strip, the Wild Goose Grill is a modern, luxurious restaurant open every evening except Mondays. The food and service are impeccable, with quality meals presented in a truly classy fashion.

The traditional dining room has plenty of seating to accommodate a variety of group sizes. With influences from around the world, the menu features only the best local Irish produce. Some of the highlights include confit of duck, pan seared hake and their beautiful assortment of desserts.

6. La Bodega

La Bodega

Photos via La Bodega on FB

This stylish tapas restaurant is decorated in large pieces of art and candlelit tables. Open every evening til late, the atmosphere is what draws most people to this Spanish restaurant. It even has a cute back garden area, which is a lovely spot to relax with friends on an evening.

They offer a wide variety of hot and cold tapas, perfect for sharing with a group. You’ll also find an extensive wine list to match with your array of small plates, so you can easily wind up spending a couple of hours here. 

What tasty Ranelagh restaurants have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some other great restaurants in Ranelagh from the guide above.

If you have a favourite Ranelagh restaurant that you’d like to recommend, drop a comment into the comments section below.

FAQs about the best restaurants in Ranelagh

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from what are the best restaurants in Ranelagh for a fancy feed to which Ranelagh restaurants are nice and chilled.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best places to eat in Ranelagh?

In our opinion, the best Ranelagh restaurants are Nightmarket, Antica Venezia and Host. However, each of the places above are worth a look.

What Ranelagh restaurants are good for a fancy meal?

If you’re looking for restaurants in Ranelagh to mark a special occasion, Butcher Grill and Antica Venezia are both excellent.

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