The Skellig Ring: One Of The Best Drives In Kerry Long Before George Lucas Came Knocking

The Skellig Ring Drive Road Trip

the skellig ring of kerry
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The Skellig Ring received a whole load of hype a few years ago, when it was plastered across a good chunk of the worlds major news outlets.

Unsurprisingly, this hype was all spurred on when it was revealed that the Skellig Islands would feature heavily in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Naturally enough, the whole area was placed beneath the Hollywood microscope, with numerous movie themed business opening up to cater for the hundreds of thousands of fans who flocked to the area.

skellig michael views
Photo by Caspar Diederik (@storytravelers) via Tourism Ireland

Then the buzz seemed to die.

Yes, people are still crazy to experience Skellig Michael, but from the many, many, many people that I speak to each week that are looking to plan a trip to Ireland, the Skellig Ring is rarely on their Ireland Itinerary.

This is usually down to a handful of things, like:

  • They’ve favoured the Ring of Kerry drive instead
  • They’ve been made believe that the Skelligs are the only attraction worth seeing in the area and if they can’t get a ticket for one of the tours, they’re not bothered visiting

Ladies and gents – this is absolute f*****g MADNESS.

The Skellig Ring is home to one of the best drives in Ireland

skellig ring drive county kerry
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the skellig ring drive
Via Google maps
skellig drive kerry ireland
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skellig ring drive
Via Google maps

Voted ‘Best in Travel 2017‘ by Lonely Planet, the Skellig Ring is one of the best coastal drives on the island of Ireland.

For those of you that have never heard of it, or that were considering skipping it, lend me your eyes for a couple of minutes.

About the Skellig Ring

The Skellig Ring envelopes an area to the west of the Ring of Kerry, between the towns of Cahersiveen and Waterville.

Those that drive or cycle along this glorious route can expect an unspoiled peninsula with windy roads, gorgeous towns and a backdrop of mountains and islands that’ll make you want to stop the car (or bike) at every turn.

kerry ireland skellig ring
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the skellig ring drive
Photo via Google Maps
Via Google maps
the skellig ring drive ireland
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‘Eh, is it really one of the best drives in Ireland though?’

For me, places like the Skellig Ring are what make Ireland the absolute gem that it is.

The area is remote, isolated and surrounded by some of the most stop-you-in-your-tracks scenery that you’ll experience.

If you’re anything like me and you enjoy taking every random little turn that tickles your fancy, the Skellig Ring is going to be absolute paradise.

the skellig ring kerry
Via Google maps
Via Google maps
skellig ring kerry ireland
Via Google maps

It’s almost as if every bend and turn hides a new view that’ll knock you sideways, and make you feel like you discovered something immensely special.

This route takes you down narrow lanes, through tiny villages and up steep and narrow cliff roads where you’ll hear the music the emits from wind gushing over the Atlantic and powerful waves crashing against cliff face.

Please do this. It’s brilliant. But be careful, drive slow and only stop when safe to do so.

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