The Celtic Symbol For New Beginnings Is Completely Made Up

An internet invention

Celtic symbol for new beginnings
Photo left: Alexander Lysenko. Right: Lightspring (Shutterstock)
Yes, unfortunately, the Celtic Symbol for new beginnings is completely made up.

If you’ve read our guide to the most notable Celtic Symbols and their meanings, you’ll have heard me rant about the Celtic Symbol for new beginnings before.

Although many online businesses that sell merchandise featuring this ‘symbol’ would like you to believe otherwise, this symbol doesn’t come from the Celts.

In the guide below, you’ll learn why it isn’t a real symbol from the Celts along with where we believe it may have come from.

The Celtic Symbol for New Beginnings

celtic symbol for new beginning
Photo left: Thinglass. Right: Lightspring (Shutterstock)

I first heard mention of the Celtic symbol for new beginnings in an email that clattered into my inbox back in July of 2018.

It was sent by a lad from New Jersey and the subject line was ‘Tattoo Design Question’. Usually, I ignore this kind of email as they tend to be spam.

However, curiosity got the better of me in this case and I opened it. It read: ‘Hey – read your Celtic Symbol guide. It left out the Celtic new beginning symbol. What a joke!’

When I read the email I thought crap, that’s a serious lapse in judgement on my part. Then I started to research the symbol. And I realised that it doesn’t actually exist. 

Well. That’s not entirely true. It exists, but there definitely isn’t a Celtic symbol for new beginnings! Even if thousands of people have it tattooed on their skin…

The Celtic New Beginning Symbol: An Internet Invention

Despite the alarming number of websites out there that state otherwise, there is no such thing as a Celtic symbol for new beginnings; it is entirely fictitious.

Now, if you’ve just had this symbol tattooed on your neck, I’m sorry to be the one who has had to tell you this.

Celtic symbols are ancient. And there’s a very finite number of them that exist. The Celts are no longer around. So, there hasn’t been a new symbol for many years.

From what I’ve been able to find from digging around online, the Celtic symbol for new beginnings allegedly originated with an artist called ‘Zibu’. But it’s hard to confirm.

Regardless of where it came from, there is no Celtic new beginnings symbol, unfortunately! 

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