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Killiney Hill Walk: A Quick And Easy-To-Follow Guide

Killiney Hill Walk: A Quick And Easy-To-Follow Guide

There are 3 versions of the Killiney Hill Walk and, while each varies massively, all 3 treat you to glorious views of Dublin and Wicklow.

  • The short walk: Starts from Killiney Hill car park, is 700m long and takes 30 minutes
  • The long walk: Starts from the same place but follows a 2.5km loop and takes 50 minutes
  • For those taking public transport: You’ll start the walk from the Vico Road

The views from the top are incredible, with Killiney Beach and the Wicklow Mountains on one side and a panorama of Dublin City on the other. Find a map for each walk below.

Some quick need-to-knows about the Killiney Hill Walk

Killiney Hill

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Let’s start with some quick, handy info about Killiney Park that you need to be aware of in advance.

1. Location

Killiney Hill is located within Killiney Hill Park in, unsurprisingly enough, Killiney! There’s another hill in the park, too – Dalkey Hill.

2. Parking

The main Killiney Hill car park (here on Maps) will present you with the least hassle (although it gets very busy at the weekend). There is also very limited parking at the Killiney Hill Tea rooms.

3. For those taking public transport

Take the DART from the city to Dalkey and then walk towards the Vico Baths. There are several different entrances to the park. You can enter the park here (the Cat’s Ladder) or from here, just up across from the public toilets.


An overview of the Killiney Hill hikes

Arguably some of the best walks in Dublin, the trails up and around Killiney and Dalkey Hill are hard to beat.

You’ll find an overview of each trail below along with links to car parks and trailheads on Google Maps. Enjoy!

1. The short walk


The short Killiney Hill Walk starts off in the main car park. From the car park, follow the path until you see some stone steps (on the left) that lead up into the trees.

It’s from here that you’ll make your ascent to the summit of Dalkey Hill.

Now, make sure to keep an eye to your right as you ascend the steps, as there are some often hidden viewing points here where you’ll get mighty views of the Wicklow Mountains.

After a couple of minutes of walking up the steps through Killiney Hill Park, the ground levels out, and the view opens up, with Dublin City ahead of you and Wicklow behind you.

You can then take it handy, soak up the views and head back to the car. Or you can walk across to the obelisk (around 15 minutes).

2. The long walk


The long Killiney Hill Walk starts from either the tea rooms or the main car park (the main car park is less hassle).

This trail can be walked in either direction but, personally, I prefer to do it clockwise.

The reason for this is that you walk towards the views of Wicklow from just before the 1/2 way point.

This trail stretches for around 2.5km and takes around 50 minutes depending on pace.

3. For those taking public transport

vico baths dublin

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So, this one is for those of you getting to Killiney / Dalkey via public transport. It’s a good bit longer than the two above, as you’ll have to walk up towards the Vico Road and then climb the hill.

I’ve plotted the walking route that you can take on this Google Map.

The walk to the top is pretty straightforward and you’ll get a good eyeful of some very swanky houses en route.

You’ll want to allow at least 1 hour to do the longer Killiney Hill Walk route (factoring in time to soak up the views).

Things to do near Dalkey Hill

One of the reasons that Killiney Hill Park is one of the best places to visit in Dublin is due to the sheer volume of places there are to visit nearby.

Below, you’ll find a handful things to see and do a stone’s throw from Killiney Hill, from historic sites to great places to eat.

1. Sorrento + Dillon’s Park

The entrance of Sorrento Park is easily missed as you walk towards Killeny Hill. However, it’s worth keeping an eye out for, as the views out over Dalkey Island are mighty. Nearby Dillon’s Park is arguably one of the most picturesque parks in Dublin.


2. The Vico Baths

The Vico Baths are one of Dublin’s more unique swimming spots. Once a ‘Men only’ bathing place, the Baths now attract young and old alike. You don’t need to dive in to appreciate the history that surrounds this place.


3. Post-walk food in Dalkey


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If you’ve worked up an appetite after the Killiney Hill Walk, there’s some decent restaurants in Dalkey to grab a bite to eat. When you’ve finished, ramble through the picturesque little village. You can grab a drink, if you like, visit Dalkey Castle or head up the coast to Dún Laoghaire.


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