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Port Beach In Louth: Parking, Swimming + Things To Do

Port Beach In Louth: Parking, Swimming + Things To Do

Port Beach (aka Lurganboy Beach) is one of the most popular beaches in Louth for good reason!

One of County Louth’s longest beaches, Port Beach is a beautiful sandy spot that’s perfect for families (and just about anyone really!) to enjoy.

With gorgeous sunsets and stunning views of the Mourne Mountains, you might need to be dragged away from Port Beach! 

In the guide below, you’ll find info on everything from where to get parking to what to do while you’re there.

Some quick need-to-knows about Port Beach

walking along Port Beach

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

Although a visit to Port Beach is fairly straightforward, there are a few need-to-knows that’ll make your visit that bit more enjoyable.

1. Location

Port Beach is located just north of the Clogherhead Headland and about halfway between Dundalk and Drogheda on the east Louth coast. 

2. Parking

There’s a car park right next to the beach that you can find just off Coast Road as it turns south to follow the coastline (here on Google Maps). Avoid parking along the road itself as that makes it hazardous to walkers. 

3. Swimming

With pristine waters and lifeguards available throughout the summer (though do check local notice boards), Port Beach is a beautiful place to go for a dip (always use caution when entering the sea). 

4. Blue Flag

Those gorgeous waters mean that Port Beach has earned itself Blue Flag status, given to beaches with excellent water quality and high safety standards. Needless to say, if you take a dip in Port Beach you won’t need to worry about getting dirty! 

5. Toilets

You’ll find public toilets in the main car park next to the beach. When we visited here last (Jan 2022), they weren’t in great nick, so keep that in mind!

6. Water safety (please read)

Understanding water safety is absolutely crucial when visiting beaches in Ireland. Please take a minute to read these water safety tips. Cheers!

About Port Beach in Louth

port beach

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

The first thing to know about Port Beach is that it’s long! And though its golden sands stretch out for over a mile, with the hazy views of the Mourne Mountains to the north and the Clogherhead Headland to the south, it feels even longer. 

Having alluring sights like the Clogherhead and the Cooley Peninsula on either side of Port Beach also means that it’s remained relatively secluded and unspoilt. In other words, it’s an ideal escape, especially if you’re visiting from a busy town or city. 

The natural area behind the beach supports plenty of flora and fauna and keep an eye out for the bright purple Marsh Orchid. 

With its Blue Flag status, gorgeous sandy expanse, cracking views and proximity to nearby towns, Port Beach is a fine escape in Ireland’s smallest county!

Things to do at Port Beach

There’s a handful of things to do in and around Port / Lurganboy Beach for those of you debating a visit.

Below, you’ll find a fine spot to sit and soak up the views and info on the beach walk.

1. Grab some food from nearby and picnic with views of the Mournes

Port Beach car park

Photo via Google Maps

With loads of room and plenty of soft sandy dunes, Port Beach is perfect for a family getaway. And with all that space, the kids are bound to get tired after a while, so make sure to have brought some food along for a perfect picnic. 

There are plenty of towns nearby to get food from (Dunleer is only a 10-minute drive) and when you get back, you can sit back and enjoy beautiful views of the Mourne Mountains in the hazy distance. And if you want to get a little decadent, grab a pizza from the excellent La Pizzeria in Clogherhead!

2. Followed up with a saunter along the sand

walking along Port Beach

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

There’s only one way to walk off that food and it’s to see the full expanse of Port Beach!

As I mentioned, this is a long beach so flick off your shoes and go for an easy saunter along its golden sands. Its secluded location means that you’ll be treated to a real soothing silence within just the gentle sound of the breaking waves for company. 

The sand dunes provide a habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna and look out for birds wheeling about above your head. And if the sun’s out at the end of the day, make sure to grab some stunning sunset photos. 

3. Or brave the chilly water and head for a dip

port beach

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

Yes, this isn’t the Mediterranean but that shouldn’t stop you from going for a dip! Ok, so if you do brave these chilly waters then you’re going to get cold but surely there’s nothing more refreshing? Also, cold water swimming improves your circulation and boosts your immune system. 

And don’t forget that Port Beach is the holder of Blue Flag status, so you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of its waters either. It can get quite busy here in the summer but with the length of Port Beach, crowding shouldn’t be an issue when you brave the waters. 

Places to visit near Port Beach

One of the beauties of Port / Lurganboy Beach is that it’s a short spin away from many of the best things to do in Louth.

Below, you’ll find a handful of things to see and do a stone’s throw from Port Beach (plus places to eat and where to grab a post-adventure pint!).

1. Clogherhead Cliff Walk (8-minute drive)

Clogherhead Cliff Walk

Photos via Shutterstock

As the only high, rocky headland on the east coast between the Mourne Mountains and the Howth peninsula, Clogherhead is a pretty unique spot that you can actually see from Port Beach! The Clogherhead Cliff Walk is pretty short and good for people of most fitness levels. The Clogherhead Beach walk is a little easier, if you fancy a very handy stroll.

2. Annagassan Beach (10-minute drive)

Annagassan Beach

Photos via Shutterstock

Believe it or not, this quiet beach was once the violent heart of Viking Ireland! Though it ceased to be a Viking raiding port over 1000 years ago, that famous history hasn’t been forgotten and it’s just a 10-minute drive north from Port Beach. Annagassan Beach also offers some cracking views across the water towards the Mourne Mountains.

3. Monasterboice High Crosses (20-minute drive)

Monasterboice high crosses

Photos via Shutterstock

With iconic high stone crosses and 1000-year-old round tower, Monasterboice has been a site of interest for hundreds of years and is only a 20-minute drive from Port Beach. 

Part of the excellent Boyne Valley Drive, it’s thought that the monastic settlement was founded in the late 5th century by Saint Buithe, however, the site fell into ruin around the 12th century. 

4. The Cooley Peninsula (30-minute drive)

Cooley Peninsula Drive

Photos via Shutterstock

A 30-minute drive north from Port Beach, the Cooley Peninsula offers some serious bang for your buck! In a relatively small area, it’s full of things to do as well as being one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. With gorgeous hikes, historic sites, vibrant towns and opportunities for cycling and boating, the Cooley Peninsula is an overlooked gem of the east coast.

FAQs about visiting Port Beach in Louth

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘How long is Port Beach?’ to ‘Are there public toilets?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Is Port Beach worth visiting?

Yes. If you’re in the area, this is a gorgeous place for a stroll (especially if you get a clear day and can see the Mournes in the distance).

Can you swim at Port Beach in Louth?

Yes, but always use caution when entering the sea. Port Beach is a beautiful place to go for a dip but note that lifeguards are only on duty during the summer.

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