An Unforgettable 18-Day Road Trip That’s Packed With The Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Day 10 – A Rocky Drive Before Diving into Galway

Today is pretty packed.

But packed in the best possible way.

We’ll be squeezing in a lot of driving, a lot of exploring, and a tonne of raw, natural beauty.

Get a lie-in this morning and get on the road for 10:30.

Here’s everything you need to know about day 10!

What we'll be doingWhere we'll be sleepingWhat you'll need
    • The magnificent drive from Doolin to Kinvarra
    • Fooooooooood and a ramble in Galway City
    • The Quiet Man Bridge
    • The lovel road that leads to Clifden
    • The sensational Sky Road
Foyles Hotel, Clifden
  • Rain gear
  • Some snacks for the hike
  • Water

Day 10 Stop #1 – The Drive from Doolin to Kinvarra

Doolin to Kinvarra – 1-hour drive (we’re going to allow for 3 – Leave Doolin at 10:30, arrive in Kinvarra for 13:30)

So, I’ve never known what this drive is called – I’ve spent time Googling it, but I can’t tell if it’s officially called ‘the Burren Drive’ or not.

Whatever it’s called, it’s amazing. I took this route very recently (see the video below for some clips towards the end) and it’s just special.

There’s no other way to describe it. The landscape changes by the minute, there’s a multitude of stop-off points, and it’s another fantastic example of why Ireland is such a wonderful place to road trip around.

This is another drive to play by eye, and to just let your nose lead the way (it’s a straight forward drive, so you’ll stumble upon the best bits.

Some places you can add into your sat nav
  • Fanore Beach
  • The Burren
  • Ballinalacken Castle
  • Poulnabrone Dolmen
  • Aillwee Cave

You’ve three hours to explore as far and wide as you fancy (I’d recommend getting out in the Burren for a nosey around as the landscape is like something you’ll have never experienced).

Day 10 Stop #2 – Galway City for Lunch and a Wander

Kinvarra to Galway City – 45-minute drive (leave Kinvarra at 13:30, arrive in Galway City for 14:15)

Tigh Neachtain pub galway
Photo via Tigh Neachtain on Facebook

This is the only time that we’ll be in Galway City on this trip, so I’m keen for you to get as good a sense for the place as you can in a couple of hours.

dough bros galway
Via Dough Bros on Facebook

For food, we’re heading straight for Dough Bros. It’s pizza. And it’s CLASS (aka amazing if you’re not familiar with Irish slang).

After you’re full to the brim, take a walk towards the City’s bustling Latin Quarter, take in the colourful pubs and shops, and bask in the City’s soundtrack that is chatter mixed with a good dash of street music.

Day 10 Stop #3 – The Quiet Man Bridge

Galway city to the Quiet Man Bridge – 44-minute drive (leave the city at 16:15, arrive at the bridge for 17:00)

This one is for everyone that’s watched the movie The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

the quiet man bridge in ireland
Photo by KFCSpike / Flickr

The Bridge is located around 5 miles past Oughterard, on the N59 heading west.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, this is a real chunk of what I’d call ‘old world Ireland’ that’s worth checking out.

Day 10 Stop #4 – slow down and take it all in

The Quiet Man Bridge to Clifden – allow an hour with stops, but take longer if needed (leave the bridge for 17:10, arrive in Clifden at around 18:10)

Ok, so this isn’t really a stop.

After leaving the Quiet Man Bridge, you’ll be driving along the N59 road towards Clifden.

The mountainous, ever-changing landscape that you’ll pass through over the course of this stretch of road is simply superb.

n59 connemara
Photo via Google Maps

Drop the windows (hopefully the rain isn’t hopping down), dial up the radio and just cruise and take it all in.

We’re in no rush. Just soak up the magic of Connemara.

Day 10 Stop #5 – The Skyroad, Clifden

Clifden village to the Skyroad viewing point – 11-minute drive (arrive at the viewing point for 18:22 – allow plenty of time to stop… it’s amazing)

Grab a cup of coffee to go from one of the cafes in Clifden and drive along the Sky Road at your leisure.

driving along the sky road
Photo by Christian McLeod

The Sky Road is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Connemara region. It’s a circular route around 11km long that takes you out west from Clifden.

The scenery you’ll be treated to as you spin along the Sky Road will etch itself upon your mind.

There are few places in Ireland that can go toe-to-toe with the raw beauty and vast range of scenery that those who drive along the Sky Road experience.

sky road in clifden
Photo by Chris Hill

As you travel away from Clifden, the Sky Road splits into a lower and an upper road. The lower road will give you a close-up gander of the landscape, while the upper offers views out over the entire area.

You can park your car at the highest point of the road and step out and soak of the glorious scene that lays in front of you.

If you visit Ireland during the winter months when the sun sets early, leave this drive until the morning.

Day 10 Stop #7 – Clifden for the evening

Your base for the second night is the bustling little town of Clifden.

OK, first things first – let’s grab a bed for the night.

For this trip, I’m going to recommend Foyles Hotel as it’s extremely central, the reviews are exceptional and a bed for the night and a full Irish in the morning will set you back around €99.

clifden town connemara
Photo by Chris Hill

For a bite to eat, nip into Guys Bar & Snug for fish and chips (or whatever you fancy, obviously).

It’s a short stroll from your hotel and the reviews speak for themselves.

Next, we’re heading to Lowry’s Bar for drinks and live music.

At this stage, you’ll have driven and walked a fair amount, so you should be wrecked.

Kick-back, listen to the music and soak up some chill time.

Where the road trip will take us on day #11 (Connemara and one of the best drives in the West of Ireland)

Some of the best places to visit in Ireland are rarely mentioned in tourism campaigns or on social media.

They’re the gems that are a little off the beaten track and that aren’t as easily accessible.

We’ll be visiting a couple of places like this on day 11.

Move onto page 12 below to check them out!