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Around Ireland In 18 Days: A Coastal Road Trip Of A Lifetime (Full Itinerary)

Around Ireland In 18 Days: A Coastal Road Trip Of A Lifetime (Full Itinerary)

Day 3. Waterford

Today is going to include a nice physical challenge that’ll immerse you in some of Waterford’s most spectacular scenery.

Get a good breakfast into you in Faha Lodge and pack for a hike (you’ll need plenty of water, snacks and the appropriate walking gear). Get up for 8 and on the road for 8:45.

1. The Coumshingaun Lake Walk

Coumshingaun Lake

Photo by Dux Croatorum/

The trip from the Faha Lodge to Kilclooney bridge won’t take any longer than 10-minutes in the car (arrive at 9:05 – the coordinates for the bridge on Google Maps are 52.255038, -7.489252).

For this road trip, we’re going to recommend (fitness and weather dependent) that you give the Lake Walk a crack.

The views are incredible on a clear day. Here’s a full guide to the Coumshingaun Lough Loop Walk that you can follow.

2. The Magic Road

When you finish up the hike, take the 10-minute spin from Kilclooney bridge to the Magic Road (I’m going to slot in 5 hours for the long lake walk, which would mean that you’d arrive to the Magic Road at about 14:20)

I heard about the Magic Road in Waterford on my old school bus. One of the lads had been in Waterford and his dad had taken them to it. When he told us what happened, we didn’t believe him.

It didn’t make sense then, and it definitely doesn’t make sense now. You’ll find the Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains as you make your way to Mahon Falls.

When you reach the cattle grid in the road, keep a look out for two stones inscribed with ‘Magic Road’. If it’s safe to do so, stop your car and stick it in neutral.

Your car will then, magically, start to roll backwards up the hill. Watch the video above and have your mind blooooown!

3. Mahon Falls

Mahon falls

Photo by Tomasz Ochocki (Shutterstock)

Next up is Mahon Falls. You’ll find them a handy 5-minute drive (Spend 20 minutes at the Magic Road and arrive at the waterfall for 14:50) away from the Magic Road.

Hop back into the car and head straight for the car park at Mahon Falls where you’ll be treated to your first glimpse of the waterfall. Your legs are probably screaming at this stage, but bear with me, this’ll be worth it!

The walk from the car park up to the waterfall is facilitated by a gravel path and takes around 20 minutes.

As you move higher up the path, the roar of the water gets louder and louder, willing weary walkers to keep going.

When you reach a point that you’re happy with, kick-back, soak up the natural beauty in front of you and let the melody of water crashing against rock ring in your ears.

4. The Comeragh Drive

waterford comeragh drive

Photo via Google Maps

When you finish up at Mahon Falls you’ll be a short 25-minute drive from our base for the night – Dungarvan. Allow yourself an hour at Mahon Falls. This would mean you’d arrive in Dungarvan at about 16:15.

At this point you’re probably pretty wrecked – fear not, however, we’re going to finish off the day with a drive that boasts views that’ll knock you sideways, before heading to Dungarvan for the evening.

We’re going to do part of the Comeragh Drive. If you didn’t do the hike earlier in the day, definitely look at doing the full Comeragh route.

When you leave the car park, turn right and continue up the hill until you reach the top. Park the car and enjoy the spectacular views from the Comeragh Heights overlooking the Mahon River Valley to the east and the Tay Valley to the west.

When you’ve had your fill, hop back into the car and continue on the same road as it winds down the hill.

We’re heading for Dungarvan, so pop it into the sat nav/Google Maps and head off on your merry way.

5. Dungarvan for the night

Dungarvan harbour wexford

If you’ve gotten this far, fair play! It’s time to check into your accommodation, grab a nap and the head for food and a couple of drinks.

I’m going to recommend that you stay in the Park Hotel, but where you sleep is completely up to you.

Grab a few hours rest and head on down to The Moornings for a bite to eat and a few well-earned pints.

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Adrian Scullion

Tuesday 29th of November 2022

We are planning for a three week trip using your 18 day guide which has been really useful. We will be travelling in our 7.2m Motorhome. Are there any roads on the route that you think we should avoid. Thanks Adrian and Sheila


Thursday 29th of September 2022

How many miles in total?

Mark Vanstone

Wednesday 24th of August 2022

Great guide Keith - we are planning a 10 day trip in a motorhome with our dog Max, I don;t see anything related to some of the locations as to whether they are dog friendly or not e.g. if a visitor attraction do they let dogs in or if beaches are you allowed to walk your dog on it (or between certain dates only) etc...I understand you may not have a dog but any guidance you can provide would be well received - thanks

Kim Medcalf

Wednesday 17th of August 2022

Looks like a great itinerary, thank you. Can you tell me the total average number of km a person would drive on this trip? I am trying to get an idea of what gas would cost. We would rent a small car. Thanks


Saturday 16th of July 2022

Loftus House is closed while it’s being turned into a luxury hotel.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.