An Unforgettable 18-Day Road Trip That’s Packed With The Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Day 7 – My Favourite Place in Ireland and lots lots more

Day 7 is one that I’ve been looking forward to for the entire trip.

It takes us through a corner of Ireland that I fell in love with many years ago, and that I revisit as often as physically possible.

Get some breakfast into you and prepare your mind for the beauty that awaits.

Here’s everything you need to know about day 7!

What we'll be doingWhere we'll be sleepingWhat you'll need
    • Visiting Valentia Island (one of the best places to visit in Ireland in my opinion)
    • Fooooooooood
    • The Rossbeigh Loop Walk (the view from the top is insane)
    • Lunch by the beach
    • Saying ‘howaya’ to a dolphin in Dingle
Pax Guest House, Dingle
  • Hiking boots
  • Rain gear
  • Some snacks for the hike
  • Water

Day 7 Stop #1 – One of my favourite places in Ireland

Portmagee to Valentia Island – 2-minute drive (leave Portmagee at 9, arrive to Valentia for 9:02.. handy or what)

Ah, Valentia Island – easily one of my favorite places in Ireland.

geokaun mountains kerry
Image © The Irish Road Trip

Connected to the little town of Portmagee by the Maurice O’Neill Memorial Bridge, Valentia Island is one of Ireland’s most westerly points.

Here’s a guide, and a tonne of photos, of Valentia Island – visit it, it’s deadly!

Our first stop-off is the car park near Bray Head.

bray head valentia island

For those of you that fancy an early morning walk, you can do the Bray Head Loop Walk if you like, but for this trip we’re going to just admire the view below, out towards the Skellig Islands.

From here, make your way up to the Geokaun Mountain and Cliffs (€5 entry fee), and start the steep ascent (it’s insanely steep – keep the car in first gear the entire way up) towards one of the best views in Ireland.

valentia island lighthouse
Valentia Lighthouse: By Chris Hill

I’ve done a reasonable amount of travelling outside of Ireland, and there are very few places that I’ve been to that offer a view as spectacular as the Geokaun Mountain and Cliffs.

Kick-back, relax and just soak up what lies before you.

Day 7 Stop #2 – the Rossbeigh Hill Loop Walk

Valentia Island to Rossbeigh Beach (aim for the car park) – 50-minute drive (leave Valentia at 10:20, arrive at the beach for 11:10)

We’ve a bit of walking up next.

Aim the car in the direction of Rossbeigh Beach Car Park – the starting point for the Rossbeigh Hill Loop Walk.

rossbeigh hill loop walks
Photo by @adrian_heely (follow him on Instagram here)

This walk will take you between 3 and 4 hours depending on your fitness levels, and it offers a magnificent view out over the surrounding countryside.

The view of Rossbeigh Beach that you’ll be treated to is worth the trip alone.

Day 7 Stop #3 – lunch by the sea

Rossbeigh Beach to Inch Beach – 49-minute drive (leave beach 1 around 14:30, arrive at beach 2 for 15:20)

We’re going to stop off at Inch Beach for a spot of lunch and a strong cup of coffee.

At this stage, you’ve packed in a lot already.

inch beach county kerry
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

Take some time to kick back and relax while gazing out at the waves.

If you’re not too fatigued, spend a bit of time walking along the shore – you usually get a good crowd of surfers here tackling the waves.

Day 7 Stop #4 – Checking out a dolphin in Dingle

Inch Beach to Dingle – 26-minute drive (leave Inch at 16:20, arrive in Dingle for 16:50)

Our last activity of the day will see us hop on a little boat (it’s a 1-hour trip and boats leave regularly)

If you’ve never heard of him (or her…) Fungie is a wild Bottlenose Dolphin that lives in the waters around Dingle.

fungie the dolphin kerry
Photo via Failte Ireland

He has been in the area for around 32 years and according to experts, he has a lifespan of between 40 and 50 years.

The boats leave Dingle Pier at regular intervals during the day, all year round (weather permitting).

This is a nice unique experience to round your day off in style.

Day 7 Stop #5 – Dingle for the night

The Fungie tour takes around an hour, so your feet should be safely back on dry land for 18:00.

I love Dingle.

It’s a cracking town packed with buzzy pubs and brilliant restaurants.

dingle kerry sunset
Photo © The Irish Road Trip
dingle town kerry
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

We’re staying in Pax Guest House (mainly for the amazing views) this evening, so get checked in and chill for a while.

Check out 20 of the best places to stay in Ireland if you want an out-of-this-world view.

I recently ate in John Benny’s Pub and I’m going to recommend it for this evenings meal. Once you’ve been fed, head to Dick Mac’s Pub for a few and then on to Foxy John’s.

Two of my favourite pubs in the country.

Enjoy the food, the drink and the craic.

Where the road trip will take us on day 8 (stop 8 is the only road in Ireland that’s ever made me nervous…)

We’ve another adventure-packed day planned for tomorrow.

From spinning along the Slea Head Drive to navigating our way along a road that’s unlike anything I’ve ever encountered, day 8 is all systems go from start to finish.

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