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15 Of The Best Walks In Wexford (Forest, Cliff + Hard Aul Hikes)

15 Of The Best Walks In Wexford (Forest, Cliff + Hard Aul Hikes)

There’s some very scenic walks in Wexford, once you know where to look!

While the glorious County Wexford coastline tends to grab much of the attention, the county is home to its fair share of inland trails.

From Mount Leinster and Croghan to Forth Mountain and Tara Hill, there’s some mighty hikes in Wexford, as you’ll discover below!

Our favourite walks in Wexford

Croghan Mountain Wexford

Photos with thanks to @one_more_michael and @ingylehue

The first section of our guide is packed with our favourite hikes in Wexford – these are trails that one or more of our team have done in the past.

Below, you’ll find everything from the Forth Mountain trails and Mount Leinster to some of the most scenic Wexford walks.

1. The Cahore Cliff Walk

Cahore Cliff Walk

Photo left @jutrzenka_majowa. Right @wellbeingwithmia

There are few things better things in life than hitting a trail to the sound of the nearby ocean while feeling the sea breeze on your face! The Cahore Cliff Walk is just that, although it’s a little gentler than some of Ireland’s more dramatic coastal rambles, making it super accessible. 

Kicking off from Cahore Point, the looped trail is 4.8km long, fairly level going all the way and should take around one hour to complete. You’ll pass by sights such as Cahore Beach, Old Bawn Beach and Cahore Castle, while in the distance you should be able to make out Wicklow Head.

2. The Forth Mountain Trail

Forth Mountain

Photo © Fáilte Ireland courtesy Luke Myers/Ireland’s Content Pool

Why settle for one cracking mountain trail when you can choose from two? Not only is Forth Mountain a fine challenge to hike, but it’s also home to a ton of significant Irish history as it was here in 1798 that the Battle of Three Rocks took place – a United Irish victory during the Wexford Rebellion against a British artillery column marching to reinforce Wexford town against anticipated rebel attack. 

The Forth Mountain Loop Walk is a 10km looped trail that should take around two and half hours to complete, while the linear Three Rocks Trail is longer at 13km and takes around four hours to finish.

If you’re looking for longish hikes in Wexford to tackle this weekend, Forth Mountain is a great shout – just make sure you’re adequately prepared.

3. The Tintern Abbey Trails

Tintern Abbey

Photos via Shutterstock

The 13th century Tintern Abbey is interesting enough as it is to visit, but there are also some cracking trails to throw yourself into while you’re here in South Wexford. Once you’ve finished exploring the old abbey, get yourself onto one of the four trails that wind through the area’s lovely landscape. 

The Gardeners Trail is best for exploring the local woodlands, while the Tintern Demesne Trail gives walkers a fine view of the river. The Bannow Bay Trail takes you to the old estate village of Saltmills, while the Foxboro Trail takes you along the Tintern river and includes climbs to some picturesque views.

4. Mount Leinster (from the Nine Stones)

Mount leinster hike

Photos via Shutterstock

Speaking of climbs! The car park alone features some of Wexford’s most spectacular views, while the climb of almost 350 metres will give your legs a real workout. But the views from the summit of Mount Leinster – the fifth-highest mountain in Leinster – are totally worth the climb. 

You’ll start from the stunning vistas of Nine Stones Viewing point and then make your way up the straightforward tarmac trail all the way to the summit (easy to spot thanks to the large TV transmitter at the top). While the gradients of almost 20% will be hard going at times, this is a relatively short walk that comes with a seriously picturesque payoff!

5. Courtown Woods

Courtown Woods Wexford

Photo left: @roxana.pal. Right: @naomidonh

For a little seaside fishing village on Wexford’s unspoilt northeastern coast, Courtown has got a ton going for it! Not content with having a fine sandy beach and one of Ireland’s best chippers (The Dinky Takeaway), the Courtown Woods are home to some lovely trails that anyone can enjoy. Situated just behind the beach, the woods are around a 45-minute drive from Wexford town. 

There are four trails to tackle here and all of them are easy and can be walked in less than an hour, meaning they’re suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Courtown Beach once you’re finished with these lovely woodland rambles

Other popular Wexford Walks

Now that we have our favourite walks in Wexford out of the way, it’s time to see what else the county has to offer.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from Oulart Hill and Croghan to some often-missed hikes in Wexford.

1. Oulart Hill

Oulart Hill

Photos with thanks to @pkeown

One of the more interesting walks in Wexford, thanks to the unique Tulach a’ tSolais monument residing at Oulart Hill’s summit. Built to commemorate the bicentenary of the 1798 Rebellion and, in particular, the Battle of Oulart Hill, it opened in 1999 and has been a popular attraction in County Wexford ever since. 

There are several trails to choose from here but perhaps the most popular is the Jean Kennedy Smith Walk. A 4.8km looped trail, it leaves from the tiny village of Oulart before making its way up the hill and winding towards the famous monument. You’ll also be surrounded by some gorgeous views of the rolling Wexford Countryside. 

2. Tara Hill

Tara Hill Wexford

Photo left @femkekeunen. Right: Shutterstock

Not to be confused with Meath’s Hill of Tara, this Tara Hill is home to a couple of cracking trails. While not as famous as its namesake in Meath, Tara Hill’s isolated location means that it dominates its surrounding landscape and gives some deadly views of Wexford and the nearby coast!

Tara Hill’s two main trails offer some nice variety depending on your levels of fitness and experience. The 5km Red Trail is a relatively simple loop around the hill that shouldn’t pose too many problems if you don’t walk often. The 5.5km Blue Trail is similar in length but requires climbing Tara Hill itself, so it would be considered a more strenuous walk. 

3. Croghan Mountain

Croghan Mountain Wexford

Photos with thanks to @one_more_michael and @ingylehue

I’d argue that Croghan is home to some of the most overlooked walks in Wexford! Straddling the Wicklow and Wexford border, Croghan Mountain is situated at the far southeastern end of the Wicklow Mountains (parts of Croghan Mountain actually creep into Wexford in places!). Reaching a height of 1,988 ft, Croghan Mountain (or Croghan Kinsella, as it’s also known) is the 211th–highest peak in Ireland according to the Arderin scale.

With three different trails to tackle, there’s plenty of variety to be found at Croghan. All three begin at the spot (the Raheenleagh Forest Car Park), but offer a range of ascents, formats and degrees of difficulty.

Though not the longest of the walks, the Bann River Trail is the one that is probably the most challenging of the three.

4. Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill

Photo left: Courtesy Visit Wexford. Right: Chris Hill. Via Ireland’s Content Pool

So, this can be made into a long or short walk, depending on your start point. There’s a car park at Vinegar Hill, and it’s a short ramble from there to the top where you’ll have lovely views on a clear day.

If you fancy a longer walk, you can always park up in the town, grab a coffee and then take a leisurely ramble (45 minutes) to the top.

This is famously the site of the Battle of Vinegar Hill and the area is steeped in history. You can visit Enniscorthy Castle, after, or nip into one of the many fine restaurants in Enniscorthy for a post-walk feed.

5. Raven Point Wood

Raven Point Wood

Photos courtesy of @simondillonkelly

When I talked earlier about Wexford’s variety, Raven Point Wood is a case in point! Home to dense woods, sand dunes, lagoons and a ton of wildlife, Raven Wood Nature Reserve isn’t any old nature reserve and this mix of landscapes sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Situated on a wide sand spit to the east of Wexford Harbour, there’s a cracking walk here you can take on that’ll show you all sides to this unique spot. 

A 6.8km looped trail, the Raven Wood Walk should take around 90 minutes to complete and you’ll get some lovely views along the way when you reach the sand dunes. 

6. The Askamore Loop

Askamore Loop

Photo by Deirdre OFlynn on Shutterstock

If you’re looking for some less-trodden walks in Wexford, our next ramble may tickle your fancy. A trip to Askamore really allows you to get stuck into Ireland’s great outdoors and gifts visitors with four cracking trails. The landscapes around here are beautiful and every trail offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery. 

The Askamore Loop is the shortest of the four, but even that is a solid 6km and will take around an hour and a half to complete! The biggest challenge is reserved for the 12km Slieveboy Loop. With a 300m ascent and 3 hr 30 completion time, it isn’t one for the fainthearted. 

Family-friendly walks in Wexford

The final section of our guide takes a look at Wexford walks that are suitable for families (or for those looking for a gentle stroll).

Below, you’ll find everything from Lacked Hill and the Rosslare Harbour Trail to several easy-going walks in Wexford.

1. Lacken Hill

Overlooking the historic Norman town of New Ross, Lacken Hill is a lovely spot to bring the family on a little weekend excursion. The four trails are well paved and will take you through forests rich in flora and fauna and along picturesque country roads and historic streets. 

Of the four trails, the only one to take you right to the summit of Lacken Hill is the Lacken Hilltop Trail and the walking time is one hour and fifteen minutes. From the 193m high summit, you’ll be welcomed by panoramic views of the south-east including the Comeragh Mountains, Brandon Hill, the Blackstairs Mountains and the Barrow estuary.

2. Enniscorthy Riverside Walk

Enniscorthy Castle history

Photos via Shutterstock

There are few family walks better than a gentle riverside trail. With a simple straightforward route and minimal gradient changes, riverside trails are usually easy and often just as pretty as any other walk. 

And the Enniscorthy Riverside Walk is no exception! A 3km linear trail along the western bank of the River Slaney south of Enniscorthy town, you’ll follow a level pathway that’s dotted with tons of benches along the way if you want to stop for a moment and take in the tranquil scenery.

And best of all, you’ll get to finish the walk in one of Wexford’s prettiest towns so treat yourself to a good feed afterwards! 

3. Edenvale

Edenvale walk

Photo by Stan Prucha on Shutterstock

Anyone heading from Wexford town to either Raven point or Curracloe Beach will probably pass by Edenvale without knowing that there’s a great little woodland trail right under their noses!

A peaceful walking trail running alongside the River Sow, it’s a great spot to bring the family due to its serenity and the kids will love the nature and wildlife surrounding them. 

It’s also super easy and flat to navigate. At around 2.5km in length, the trail can be completed in about 20-30 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to head to the coast or drive back to Wexford. 

4. Rosslare Harbour Trail

Rosslare Strand

Photos via Shutterstock

Famous for its ferries to Wales and France, Rosslare Harbour is also home to a couple of nice walks that offer good variety and are excellent for all ages to tackle.

With both walks starting at the Viewing Point overlooking Rosslare Ferryport, you’ll have the choice of the 2.9km Village Loop or the 3.4km Cliff walk. Both are easy, flat and take no longer than an hour to complete. 

Along the way, look out for the concrete emplacements at ground level as they are actually old WW2 observation posts/gun positions used by the Military for observation and protection!

What Wexford walking trails have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant Wexford walks from the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

FAQs about the most scenic Wexford walks

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘What trails are buggy friendly?’ to ‘Which are the longest?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best walks in Wexford?

The Tintern Abbey Trails, the Forth Mountain Trail and the Cahore Cliff Walk are thee glorious trails in the county.

What Wexford hikes offer good views?

Croghan Mountain, Mount Leinster and Mount Leinster are three Wexford walks that offer glorious views.

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