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A Guide To The Best Castle Hotels In Galway (And Castle Airbnbs)

A Guide To The Best Castle Hotels In Galway (And Castle Airbnbs)

Yes, there are several castle hotels in Galway where you can live like a king or queen for a night!

As you may know, the are many Irish castle hotels where you can, for an often (but not always!) sizable fee you can kip for a night or two!

Now, just to clear something up in advance – there are only 3 or 4 castle hotels in Galway, however, there are plenty of actual castles that you can rent to yourself.

In the guide below, you’ll discover a mix of castle Airbnbs and castle hotels in Galway where you can step back in time on an unforgettable break.

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Castle Hotels in Galway

castle hotels in galway

Photo via Ballynahinch Castle

In section 1, you’ll find the best castle hotels Galway has to offer, from swanky stays in the magnificent Ballynahinch, to more pocket-friendly nights away, in the Abbeyglen.

Note: if you book a hotel through one of the links below we’ll make a tiny commission that helps us keep this site going. You won’t pay extra, but we really do appreciate it.

1. Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch castle

Photo via Ballynahinch Castle

Located in the heart of Connemara and on a private 700 acre estate that offers walks, woodlands and the sound of rivers to wake up to is one of Irelands finest luxury castle hotels, Ballynahinch Castle

You can spend the day exploring the surrounding landscape and then enjoy an evening relaxing by an open log fire in the hotel.

Rooms are spacious, beautifully decorated and come with gorgeous window views (at no additional cost).

What makes this stay truly unique is that there are expert guides available to help tailor your time with help on a whole range of activities available.

Check prices + see more photos here

2. Abbeyglen Castle Hotel Galway

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Photos via

Next up is one of the more affordable castle hotels in Galway. Located just outside of Clifden, is the wonderful 4-star Abbeyglen Castle hotel, which was built back in 1832. 

The encapsulating atmosphere is the second thing you will notice on arrival, the first being the stunning landscape of Connemara that surrounds the hotel.

The charmingly stylish rooms are spacious, well-insulated and offer a TV, hairdryer, tea/coffee making facilities, toiletries, en suite bathroom and shower facilities. The Castle Suites come with open fires and claw-foot baths for added luxury.

There is also a wellness and relaxation centre and guests get treated to free canapés and champagne at the piano bar before while learning about the hotel’s history and area.

Our Beautiful, Luxury Suites are bound to make you feel like a King or Queen of the Castle so why not book that 4 Star Luxury Accommodation and treat yourself to this amazing experience!

Check prices + see more photos here

3. Glenlo Abbey

Glenlo Abbey Hotel

Photo via Glenlo Abbey Hotel

The final of the 3 castle hotels in Galway in our guide is the incredible Glenlo Abby – one of the finest 5 star hotels in Galway.

This enchanting 5-star lakeside estate is nestled close to Lough Corrib and dates as far back as the 18th century. It’s home to the infamous Pullman Restaurant, two former carriages from the Orient Express refurbished into a unique dining experience.

The elegant rooms are spacious, stunningly decorated and will make you feel like royalty. Home to a 138-acre golf estate, you can spend the day trying to get a hole in one or learn to play if you can’t.

Archery, horse riding, boating, tennis and fishing can also be arranged on-site as well as the ancient sport of falconry are all on offer here.

Check prices + see more photos here

Castle Airbnbs that’d go to-to-toe with the best castle hotels in Galway

castle hotels galway

Photo by mark_gusev (Shutterstock)

Right – section two is packed with castles in Galway that are available to book on Airbnb and that, according to reviews, would go toe-to-toe with the best of the castle hotels in Galway.

Note: As an Airbnb Associate we make a small commission if you book via a link below. You won’t pay extra, but it helps us pay the bills (cheers if you do – we greatly appreciate it).

1. Castle Hacckett

Castle Hacckett

Photos via

Built in 1703 by John Kirwan Mayor of Galway, this historic house is a perfect getaway for anyone looking to find an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with mother nature.

There are many activities on offer here such as “quiet” yoga classes, exploring the lakes or Knockma Woods or even hiking Connemara. If you fancy simply relaxing then there is a quiet park and gardens nearby.

Rooms are tastefully decorated and cozy and  you have access to a library, dinning room, lounge area sun room and an outdoor area with a BBQ.

Check prices + see more photos here

2. Cahercastle

The exterior of the castle from afar

Photo via Cahercastle

If you ever wanted a medieval castle for a weekend then you are in luck! Cahercastle has been standing since the late 1400s.

Guests get to stay in the magical master bedroom, the highest room in the whole castle, with full private access to a living room, dining room and the turret. There is also a huge fire place to keep you nice and cosy.

In the last 10 years, the castle has undergone a complete makeover, restored to its original state through traditional materials such as limestone, local stone and oak beams, so it really feels like you have gone back in time staying there.

Check prices + see more photos here

3. Carraigin Castle

Carraigin Castle galway

Photos via Airbnb

Next up is an Airbnb that could easily go toe-to-toe with the castle hotels in Galway that we mentioned earlier.

Situated on the shores of Lough Corrib, this huge 13th century lakeside castle is a great spot for anyone looking to unwind with friends or family, made possible through the various activities available on-site.

For two centuries, the castle lay in ruins until its current owner started restoring the castle to its former glory back in the 1970s.

Guests get to have the whole property to themselves and the 7 acres of land that comes with it so it’s perfect for a big family reunion of up to 8 people.

Check prices + see more photos here

4. Kilcolgan Castle

Kilcolgan Castle

Photos via Airbnb

Kilcolgan Castle is located in a fantastic spot, close to the Burren, Aran Islands, Connemara and Cliffs of Moher.

The property has a real homely atmosphere, you feel like you are staying with family here. There is a spacious kitchen for self-catering, open fires in the reception rooms and a cute farmyard cottage on the grounds nearby.

If you get bored, there is 9 acres of fields to explore where you will certainly bump into a farm animal or two.

5. Claregalway Castle

Claregalway Castle

Photo by Borisb17 on

This fully restored 15th century Anglo-Norman tower house offers guests the choice of staying in one of three charming rooms. This is a perfect getaway for couples looking some peace and quiet which is hard to get these days.

The castle is nestled on the banks of the river Clare in the quaint village of Claregalway. It’s only 6 miles from Galway city and there is a mystical abbey within walking distance of the castle as well as restaurants and bars.

The room is comfy and adjacent to the castle tower which you are free to explore. Guests can enjoy complimentary wine, tea/coffee and a tasty continental breakfast too.

6. Cregg Castle

Cregg Castle

Photos via Airbnb

Built way back in 1648 by the Kirwin Family (a tribe native to Galway), this mystical castle is located on 180 acres of alluring woodlands and grassland.

The spacious room comes with 2 doubles and a single bed and located at the front of the castle. What’s really interesting about this property is that the large main rooms are used as space for art galleries.

Guests can explore the whole castle and there is a fully-equipped kitchen for self-catering. There also happens to be a pony (Arrow) and donkey (Houdini) on the property, important to know in case you have a fear of horses or love for them.

7. Castle Ellen

Castle Ellen

Photos via Airbnb

Dating as far back as 1810, Castle Ellen is 25 mins from Galway City and located on 33 acres of luscious land. The property boasts no mod cons so you can’t get more basic than this (though there is Wifi thankfully).

The house is situated in a wonderful woodland setting, a great opportunity to reconnect with nature. Many artists, poets and sculptors have stayed here as the location is an oasis of reflection and tranquillity. The owner wants to keep the authenticity of the house as it was in the 19th century so you really do feel like you have gone back in time staying here.

Galway castle hotels: Have your say

Have you spent a night in any of the castle hotels in Galway that we’ve mentioned in the guide above?

If so, did you think it was worth the cash? Let me know in the comments below (it only takes a sec!).

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