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Dublin Christmas Markets 2022: 6 Likely To Return

Dublin Christmas Markets 2022: 6 Likely To Return

So, there isn’t one main Dublin Christmas Market – there are several… usually!

The capital has been severely lacking when it comes to festive markets, but a few recent additions have given the city Christmassy boost.

And, while the last few years have been a bit of a mess, there’ll likely be several Christmas Markets in Dublin in 2022!

Quick need-to-knows about the Dublin Christmas markets 2022

Christmas markets in Dublin 2022

Photos via Mistletown Dublin

If you’re looking to visit Christmas Markets in Dublin in 2022, take 10 seconds to read the points below, first:

1. Don’t believe what 90% of websites are saying

So, if you Google ‘Dublin Christmas Market 2022’ you’ll find a load of websites listing off markets that no longer take place, e.g. the Dublin Flea Christmas Market or the market at the IFSC – they’re using very dated info.

2. Nothing have been confirmed

At the time of typing, there are no Christmas markets in Dublin in 2022. Will that change? Most definitely. But just keep in mind that no dates have been announced yet, so if you’re visiting from afar hold off on booking your flight just yet.

3. Ones very likely to return

We can say with some confidence that the Dublin Castle Christmas Market will return, as it ran for the last two years, even with everything going on. It’s also likely that the new Mistletown market will go ahead, as it’s been in the works for several years. More info below.

6 Christmas markets in Dublin likely to return

Dublin at Christmas

Photos via Shutterstock

Again, please remember that there are currently no Dublin Christmas markets confirmed for 2022 (there are plenty of Christmas markets in Ireland going ahead, though!).

Below, you’ll find the markets we think are likely to go ahead – we’ll update this guide when we hear more.

1. The Dublin Castle Christmas market

Christmas market in dublin castle

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

A couple of years back, the Dublin Castle Christmas market arrived out of nowhere (it was first mentioned in the news in mid-December) and it went down reasonably well.

It was one of the only Christmas markets in Dublin that went ahead over the last two years and, although small, it’s set in the impressive grounds of Dublin Castle.

In previous years, the castle was finely decked out in fairy lights and the entrance to the castle grounds was lined with 100+ Christmas trees.

The main market was held within the courtyard where there was all of the usual stalls selling festive bits and bobs, a carousel and an open-air bar.

The dates are still TBC but, if we go off last years dates, it’ll likely run from around Tuesday, December 8th to Wednesday, December 21st.

2. Mistletown

smithfield market

Photos via Mistletown Dublin

The Mistletown Christmas market was first announced a couple of years back and it was set to be the largest indoor Christmas market in Ireland.

Due to be held inside the iconic wholesale fruit and vegetable market near Smithfield, Mistletown should run over several weekends in December.

We’ve high hopes for this one, mainly due to the very neglected venue that has heaps of potential. If it runs, this could be a stand-out Dublin Christmas market going forward.

As they’ve been working up to launching this for well over two years now, we’d be very surprised if it didn’t go ahead in 2022.

Although still TBC, if the dates for this year’s market follow what was proposed for previous years, it’ll run between December 3rd and 23rd.

3. The Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market

Dun Laoghaire Christmas market

Photos via

The Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market is one of the longest-running Christmas markets Dublin has to offer.

It has been on hiatus for the last few years, but it’ll hopefully be back up and running for 2022, especially as it’s so easy to get to from the city centre.

Here, you usually find all of the usual stalls offering hand-made gifts, festive treats, gourmet sausages and all of that craic.

It also has a very random feature: the Ferris Wheel from the movie Grease… yes, Grease! There’s also a vintage funfair, a tonne of lights and Santa’s Post Box.

If they return this year, the dates for the Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market should be roughly Saturday, November 26th to Friday, December 23rd, 2022.

4. The Guinness Storehouse Christmas market / Winterval

guinness winter market

Photos by @alenamelo

The Guinness Storehouse Christmas market is arguably not really a market. And they didn’t sell it as such last year.

Known as ‘Winterfest’, last years festive offering was included as part of the regular Guinness Storehouse tour, so it was more of an add-on than a stand-alone event.

There was a show-stopping Christmas tree curated by award winning graphic designer Annie Atkins, festive menus and several live performances.

Potential wise, the Storehouse could be a great venue for a stand-out Dublin Christmas market, but we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for 2022.

The dates (and the event in general!) are TBC but, if it does go ahead and if it follows last year’s dates, it’ll run from November 26th to January 1st.

5. Swords Castle Christmas market

Christmas market swords castle

One of several Christmas markets in Dublin that went ahead last year on a small scale was the Swords Castle Christmas market.

Set inside the grounds of the castle right on the main street, this market was fairly low-key and there was limited info available online.

If you live locally (like myself), you only heard chatter about it from people that happened to pass by. The reviews were good but we wouldn’t recommend travelling from afar to visit.

If it goes ahead, this Dublin Christmas market is likely to run on the second and third weekends of December.

6. Mini Dublin Christmas markets

Christmas Market at the National Botanic Gardens

Photo left: Botanic Gardens. Right: Shutterstock

If you’re looking to visit a Christmas market in Dublin and you’re not bothered about the big wooden chalets, there’s plenty of mini-markets/fairs that take place.

Over the years, the likes of the fair in Clontarf Castle, the Terenure Christmas Festival, the Christmas Craft Market at the National Botanic Gardens and many more have been held in towns across Dublin.

Most tend to be more of a traditional craft fair rather than a German-style event like some of the Christmas markets in Dublin mentioned above, but they’re worth nipping into.

Spending Christmas in Dublin? Here are 5 festive things to do!

clontarf castle in dublin

Photo via Clontarf Castle

OK, there are only a few markets above, so I’ve whacked in some other festive things to do at Christmas in Dublin this year.

I’ll add more to the list below when pantos, carols, and other events are announced closer to December (find loads more things to do in the city in our guide on what to do in Dublin).

1. Have a ramble around the city and check out the lights

Dublin at Christmas

Photos via Shutterstock

Like many of Ireland’s towns and cities, Dublin is completely lit up during the festive period. However, the Christmas light switch on in Dublin has gone a*se ways over the years.

For a number of years, there was a big switch on that people travelled in to see. However, those running the event couldn’t control the crowds, and it was cancelled.

Grab a cup of coffee and take a little stroll around O’Connell Street, Henry Street, Grafton Street and just follow the lights. Finish the festive ramble off with a bite to eat in one of the best restaurants in Dublin.

2. Catch a festive flick on a screen the size of 2 double-decker buses

Fancy watching the Santa Clause, ELF, Home Alone or Love Actually on a big aul screen from the comfort of your car?

Retro Drive-In is an outdoor cinema that takes place at Leopardstown each year, and there’s no reason it won’t be back in 2022.

If it’s lashing rain and you don’t fancy getting drenched while sauntering around a Dublin Christmas market, take refuge in your car and catch a festive flick.

3. Visit a panto

Christmas events dublin

Photo By TanitaKo on Shutterstock

If the Christmas Markets in Dublin aren’t you’re cup of tea, you can kick-back with some live entertainment at one of the many pantos taking place.

4. Kick-back to some Christmas carols

There’s an absolute tonne of different Christmas carol events you can visit in Dublin at Christmas, with a mix of free and ticketed events on offer.

As it’s still early in the year, these have yet to be announced, but we’ll update this guide as soon as they are.

5. Christmassy pubs

hole in the wall dublin

Photos via the Hole in the Wall on FB

Dublin’s home to many a pub, but some go all out during November and December with Christmas decorations.

The Hole in the Wall pub is one of those places that you need to visit at Christmas if you haven’t nipped by already.

The folks here go all out decorating from November, and the result is incredibly special! Find loads more bars to visit in our guide to the best pubs in Dublin.

Christmas markets Dublin 2022: What have we missed?

Although I’ve spent (literally) 7 hours researching what Christmas markets Dublin may have returning to it in 2022, it’s been a pain.

Most websites are outdated and many leave providing further information until the last minute, which doesn’t help visiting tourists. Have a market to recommend? Shout below!

FAQs about Dublin at Christmas

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘What’s the most German-like Christmas market in Dublin?’ to ‘Which are free?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

Are there any Christmas markets in Dublin in 2022?

While not one Christmas market in Dublin has been confirmed, it’s highly likely that the one in Dublin Castle and Mistletown will take place.

What Dublin Christmas markets are worth visiting?

In out opinion, the Dun Laoghaire Christmas Market, when running, is worth dropping over to as is the one in Dublin Castle, as it’s nice and central.

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Donika Burdette

Monday 18th of November 2019

Heard there's a new Christmas Market this year that just got announced --Christmas at the Castle (Dublin Castle). Probably worth a mention!


Wednesday 20th of November 2019

Cheers! Added!

Caroline Stephenson

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I was going to say the Craft Fair at the RDS!! Especially in the absence of the Christmas Flea Market the craft fair is worth supporting and definitely a Christmas institution in Dublin. Festive and atmostspheric and if you look carefully there are bargains to be had. Should be compulsory Christmas shopping in Ireland as it is supporting irish crafts and goods. And thus a feel good factor for Christmas presents.

Eric K

Thursday 7th of November 2019

There's also the RDS Christmas market in Dublin between Dec 4-8th - over 400 Irish vendors are taking part. I went last year and it was amazing! Theres an entry fee, but all the vendors get complimentary tickets so if you know anyone who is taking part (or even just reach out to some of the exhibitors on the website), they might be able to get you in.


Wednesday 6th of November 2019

The Made in Stoneybatter Christmas Market is a great one that;s been running for many years now. Now that Time Out has listed Stoneybatter as the hippest spot in Dublin, it should be on your list!

Antoinette O Grady

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Went to Christmas fair in Botanic Gardens in 2018. Well worth a visit and bought some amazing locally made decorations and food!

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