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15 Great Things To Do In Wicklow For Families For A Day Out

15 Great Things To Do In Wicklow For Families For A Day Out

Although there are plenty of great things to do in Wicklow for families, many articles online begin with ‘Take them to Glendalough’

Now, don’t get me wrong, the various walks in Glendalough are great and they’ll suit many families, but Wicklow has a lot more to offer!

From active days at The Avon to fairy trails, easy-going forest walks and the brilliant Splash Valley, there’s plenty of great ways to have a family day out in Wicklow.

Below, you’ll discover a heap of things to do in Wicklow with kids, with a mix of seasonal and open-all-year-round attractions!

Great things to do in Wicklow for families

The first section of this guide looks at the more popular things to do in Wicklow for families, like Greenan Maze and Squirrel’s Scramble.

The second section looks at active things to do in Wicklow in kids, with plenty of handy trails and cycle routes to tackle.

1. The Greenan Maze

greenan maze

Photos via Greenan Maze on FB

Although the name might suggest otherwise, The Greenan Maze is much more than just a maze – there’s a farm museum, farm animals, wild nature walks and a coffee shop, too.

You’ll find it in Ballinanty around a 30-minute spin from Wicklow Town. There are two mazes here – the tricky ‘Celtic maze’ and the handier ‘Solstice maze’.

There’s also three museums (the Barn Museum, the Bottle Museum, and The Old Farmhouse Museum), a nature walk, animals and plenty more!

Attraction type: Seasonal. Greenan Maze closes from October to March

2. The Avon Activity Centre

the avon

Photos via The Avon on FB

The Avon Activity Centre in Blessington has long been one of the most popular active family days out in Wicklow.

There are water actives (stand up paddle boarding and kayaking) and there is the indoor centre where you can try archery or the challenging climbing wall.

There are also land activities, like Wacky Races (you’ll build a pedal push Go-Kart), an old-school sports day and plenty more team based activities.

You can also rent bikes and tackle the Blessington Greenway, if you fancy!

Attraction type: Seasonal-ish. The activity centre is open for group bookings only during the winter

3. Sea Life Bray

Sea Life Bray

Photos via Sea Life Bray on FB

Although there are plenty of things to do in Bray, it’s Sea Life that tends to be one of the more popular things to do in Wicklow for families.

Visit the Black Tip Reef Sharks and the Lesser Spotted Dogfish which are found in the Northeast Atlantic, right off the coast of Ireland.

Explore coral reef ecosystems and learn about some of the frightening creatures like Red Lion Fish that you don’t want to stumble upon in the ocean!

Attraction type: Open year round. Note: It has been announced that Sea Life will close at the end of 2023

4. Killruddery House

Killruddery House

Photos via Killruddery House on FB

One of the more unique family days out in Wicklow can be found at the Squirrel’s Scramble at Killruddery House.

Here you’ll find 16 ziplines as well as rope bridges and treetop platforms ranging from 2m above ground all the way up to 12m.

The course is suitable for children as young as 5 but all children under 8 must be accompanied by one adult each.

Tickets give you access to the adventure park for 1.5 hours which is more than enough time try out all of the ziplines.

Attraction type: Open all year.

5. Splash Valley Aqua Park

Splash Valley Aqua Park

Photos via Splash Valley on FB

A visit to Splash Valley Aqua Park is arguably one of the most unique things to do in Wicklow with kids.

Part of the Hidden Valley resort, it’s home to a 1,800 square metre aqua park that boasts 30 challenging obstacles to conquer!

If you don’t fancy getting wet, Hidden Valley is also home to laser tag, an outdoor adventure park and kayaks and paddle boats!

Attraction type: Seasonal. Open from late may to last September

6. Clara Lara

clara lara wicklow

Photos via Clara Lara on FB

Few family days out in Wicklow deliver a nostalgic blow like Clara Lara, which has been on the go for well over 20 years.

Here you’ll find obstacle courses, rope swings, go carts, radio controlled boats, mini golf, canoes and just about anything else that you can think of.

This fun park is located about 6km outside of Glendalough right between the villages of Laragh and Rathdrum.

Attraction type: Seasonal. Open on weekends from 29th April and daily from 30th May to 3rd of September

7. Avondale Forest Park 

Avondale Forest Park

Photos by Coillte via Failte Ireland

One of the more popular things to do in Wicklow for families is Beyond the Trees at Avondale Forest Park.

It’s home to the relatively new Treetop Walk and Viewing Tower. The Treetop Walk takes you up 23m above the forest floor and gives you mighty views of the surrounding countryside.

The walk takes you along a wide flat boardwalk suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. The Viewing Tower also offers incredible views from 38m above the forest floor and has the highest slide in Ireland.

Attraction type: Open all year round

8. Glenroe Pet Farm

Glenroe Pet Farm

Photos via Glenroe Pet Farm on FB

Glenroe Pet Farm is located just outside of the village of Kilcoole. The farm is a family run working farm that has been owned and operated by the Toner family for generations.

Some visitors might recognise the farm as the filming location for the series Glenroe, Moon Boy, and Podge and Rodge.

Glenroe is home to horses, cattle, sheep and goats as well as some other additions including sika deer, guinea pigs, gerbils and chinchillas. 

There’s also an outdoor (and a covered!) playground, a nature walk complete with fairy garden, a Maize Maze and a coffee shop.

Attraction type: Seasonal. Closed November, December, January and February

9. Fairy Trails at Russborough House

Russborough House

Photos courtesy Joanna Barry via Fáilte Ireland

There’s plenty of things to see and do at Wicklow’s Russborough House. The popular Fairy Trail has racked up some great reviews online and it’s easy going for little legs.

After visiting the fairies, try your luck at the hedge maze. Just keep in mind that it’s 2km long, so it might take a while!

There’s also several finely manicured gardens to saunter around, an adventure centre, a playground and a birds of prey centre, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained!

Attraction type: Open all year round

Active things to do in Wicklow with kids

The second section of this guide is packed with active things to do in Wicklow for families.

Below, you’ll find some brilliant family friendly walks in Wicklow to cycle routes and more.

1. The Blessington Greenway

Blessington Greenway

Photos courtesy Celtic Routes via Fáilte Ireland

The Blessington Greenway consists of 5.8km of trails linking Blessington town with Russborough House.

The trail is wide and generally fairly flat underfoot making it suitable for walkers, cyclists and prams.

It is well signposted with either a green arrow or a graphic of a walking man. Make sure to stop along the way and explore the lake shore.

It generally takes walkers around 1.5 hours to walk from end to end.

2. Forest walks 

Avoca Red Kite Loop

Photos courtesy Celtic Routes via Fáilte Ireland

There are dozens of forest walks in Wicklow ranging from handy woodland trails to hardy hikes.

One of the most impressive is arguably the Devil’s Glen, which includes a fine big waterfall.

The Ballinastoe Woods Walk can be kicked off just off the Sally Gap Drive while the Djouce Woods Walk has a range of trails.

There’s also the Red Kite Walk, the Crone Woods Loop and the Glen of the Downs.

3. Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall

Photos via Shutterstock

Powerscourt Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Ireland, cascading down from 121m. While the waterfall is obviously a big draw, the area has a lot more going for.

There’s a playground, some handy walks, a sensory trail and a snack bar. There are also plenty of picnic tables and BBQ pits for visitors.

One of the biggest drawbacks here is, if you visit during the summer months, you’ll find the place a buzz with millions of midges!

4. Glendalough 

the spinc hike Ireland

Photos via Shutterstock

A visit to Glendalough is one of the most popular things to do in Wicklow for families, regardless of the time of year.

There’s a mix of hard and handy walks in Glendalough. If you’re visiting with kids that aren’t able for a long ramble, walk from the car park to the lake and soak up the views.

If they’re OK to walk an hour or so on flat ground, the Lake Walk (follow the path to the right of the upper lake) should suit.

If they’re well able for a lengthy hike, the Spinc Walk is arguably one of the finest in the area.

5. Beaches galore

Brittas Bay Wicklow

Photos courtesy Celtic Routes via Fáilte Ireland

There are some mighty beaches in Wicklow and, while many are packed come summer, the majority are relatively quiet in autumn and winter.

Wicklow has three Blue Flag Beaches where lifeguards are stationed during the summer months – Brittas Bay North, Brittas Bay South, and Greystones South.

If you are looking for a spot off the beaten track where you can enjoy the seaside and spot some wildlife, head to Clogga Beach and keep an eye out for seals just offshore.

Have a family day out in Wicklow you’d recommend?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve missed some great things to do in Wicklow for families in the guide above.

If you have any go-to activities for a family day out in Wicklow, shout in the comments section below!

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