A well-captured video has the ability to convey what it’s like to experience an environment, in a way that words just can’t.

It’s near impossible to get across to someone the feeling you experience in the moments that your eyes first begin to consume the enormous sight of the Cliffs of Moher for the first time.

You can a person pictures – hundreds of them – but a visit to the Cliffs taps into all of the senses, and dramatically so.

Thankfully, some clever folks have made high-quality drone technology more accessible and some other folks with lots of money have bought them – meaning tonnes of eagle eye videos hitting the web every day.

Here are three mesmerising videos of the Cliffs of Moher shot from the eyes of a drone!

1 – The sun only blazing on the Clare coast

2 – Warning: may cause nosebleeds

3 – A cracking wallop of 4k footage showing the Cliffs along with Maharees from the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula

And that's a wrap!
Have you visited the Cliffs of Moher? Or are you planning on heading to see them soon? Let me know in the comments below!