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Welcome to County Wicklow

Located in the east of Ireland, a stone’s throw from South Dublin, County Wicklow is nicknamed the ‘Garden County’ for good reason. Home to stunning beaches, endless mountains, Wicklow has a wonderfully wild feel to it. Below, you’ll find endless things to do in Wicklow during your visit.

The best things to do in Wicklow

Below, you’ll find everything from the Sally Gap Drive and some of the finest Glendalough walks to beaches, forests and much, much more.

Hikes and walks in Wicklow

If there’s one thing that Wicklow does very well, it’s walking trails. And, the beauty of this county is that it offers a wide mix of walks, from hard to handy. Here are our favourites.

The Glendalough guide

The chances are, if you’re planning a trip to Wicklow, a visit to Glendalough is on the cards. Below, you’ll find everything you need-to-know from the parking situation to the various things to do in Glendalough.

Where to stay in Wicklow

There’s plenty of places to base yourself in Wicklow. For proximity to Glendalough, the likes of Roundwood and Laragh are good options. For a bit of seaside livin’, Bray, Greystones and Wicklow Town are good options. Here’s some inspiration for you!