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Welcome to County Cork

Located in Munster and occupying a big aul chunk of the southwest of Ireland, Cork boasts a glorious mix of breath-taking scenery, postcard-perfect villages and endless things to do. Discover the best of it below.

The best things to do in Cork

There’s endless things to do in Cork… and we mean endless. From walks and quirky tours to mighty mountains, whale watching and more, you’ve plenty to keep you occupied.

Towns and villages in Cork

You’ll stumble upon countless postcard-perfect villages and towns in Cork as you explore the county. Here’s some of our favourites.

Walks and beaches in Cork

Cork is arguably best explored on foot. For leisurely strolls, many of the beaches in Cork are a fine place for a ramble. For a more strenuous hike, there’s plenty of tough walks in Cork. Here’s some suggestions for you.

Glorious islands in Cork

Cork’s many islands are arguably some of the county’s most under-explored areas by visiting tourists. However, those that stray a little off-the-beaten-path will be rewarded with a very unique experience.

West Cork

There are few corners of Ireland that can go toe-to-toe with the beauty of West Cork. Loved by locals and tourists alike, it’s home to stunning beaches, mighty walks and endless scenery.

East Cork

East Cork is regularly overlooked by those exploring the county, despite the fact that it’s home to countless adventure opportunities. Here’s a few suggestions for you.

Cork City

The buzzy city of Cork is packed with historical sites, lively pubs, excellent restaurants and plenty to see and do regardless of the time of day. Here’s some guides to get you started.


So, it’s rare that we’d give a town it’s own section, but we get more emails and comments asking about Kinsale than anywhere else in Cork, so here we are…

Places to stay in Cork

There’s some great places to stay in Cork, regardless of whether you’re after glamping, camping or 5-star stays. Here’s some guides to help you on your way.