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This Secret Cave in Kerry Looks Like It Was Plucked Straight From Thailand (Video)

All the wanderlust!

Ireland’s full of world-renowned landmarks, both natural and man-made.

Many of these attractions have racked up thousands of reviews on the likes of TripAdvisor, and are easily found after bashing a couple of words into Google.

It’s rare that a place on our little island remains a secret. Rare, but not unheard of.

hidden cave in kerry
Photo via Paul Deering on YouTube

Stumbling upon a hidden gem is a surreal moment; the knowledge that you’ve discovered a place that hasn’t felt the patter of a million footsteps or heard the echo of a thousand camera lenses is something few of us have experienced.

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Enter Paul and a recent spin along Kerry’s coast.

Paul Deering stumbled upon the cave in the video below while on a surfing trip in County Kerry.

Kick back, hit play below and

Speaking about the find, he said;

“Myself and a few mates headed down to Kerry in the hope of finding some waves at the popular surfing beach Ballybunion however it was flat so we headed out the coast road. We stopped at a small secluded beach and headed out for a paddle.

While paddling along the coast we noticed an opening to a small cave. We paddled into it and it opened up into the incredible cavern you can see in the picture. Surprisingly there was also a small wave you could surf through the entrance of the cave. It was a great find can’t wait to head back!”

Think you know where the cave is?

Pop your guess into the comments below!

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